13 Best AI Recruiting Software.

What is AI Recruiting Software?

An AI Recruiting software is a platform that helps you hire someone for a certain job. When you purchase or have this platform, you will input your job requirements, and important questions among other requirements, and the AI Recruiting Software will follow these instructions in your absence.

These platforms are developed by AI Software Development Tools.

What AI Recruiting Software can do?

1.Screening: You can use AI recruiting software to screen candidate.

This is done in different ways depending with provider.

However, when we think of AI interview, we are thinking of a chatbot that will ask a series of questions depending with the job category.

The AI will interpret the candidate answers and vet them to the role.

2.Video interviews: Video interview platforms are growing every day and many companies prefer these platforms during recruiting.

In this case, the AI recruiting software will first understand the key characteristics of a candidate, ask questions and analyze their response to determine the best candidate.

3.Tech screening: The idea of using automated tech assessment came up as a step forward to hr personnel. This offers a great way to screen specialist.

AI recruiting software will do this to figure out the quality of a candidate’s answers.

4.Scheduling: AI recruiting software will also perform this aspect. It gives a candidate a real-life experience and saves your recruiting team headaches.

5.Referrals: AI recruiting software is a great tool for referrals. It uses your req and looks at your employees’ networks and make suggestions for you on who your employees should refer.

6.Career site conversion: You have seen most websites have this feature where you can hold a conversion about what type of recruitment you need.

A chatbot on your career site allows job seekers to ask questions and get answered. This leads to higher conversions into your ATS of quality candidate.

Best AI Recruiting Software.


Arya is a ground-breaking AI hiring tool that finds better employees more quickly.

The business has created a simple-to-use application that uses artificial intelligence to link you with great talent and uncover candidates you’ll adore.

Recruiters may spend less time finding candidates and sorting through resumes thanks to Arya, which frees up more time for them to concentrate on conducting interviews and selecting the finest candidates.

The business gives recruiters the resources they need to locate the ideal candidate quickly and without putting in countless hours of work.

Arya is undoubtedly a tool to think about if you want recruitment to be done correctly the first time.

Key features for Arya.

  • Find the best talent quickly (faster than your rivals) so that you may quickly hire the best people.

  • Allow Arya to handle all of your work to save you time from having to look through resumes.

  • In order to free up more time for interviewing, Arya offers solutions to swiftly and simply find excellent personnel.

  • Using this hiring software, locate individuals with the necessary skills who are comparable to your present applicants.

  • To make better, quicker, and more accurate hiring decisions, create pipelines of top candidates that are prepared to move and are automatically engaged with personalized messaging.


Hiretual is a job search engine that links recruiters with the top talent in their fields. By identifying excellent applicants from a wide network of more than 50 million resumes and profiles, the company has assisted more than 5,000 top recruitment teams in making faster and more informed hiring decisions.

Based on skill sets, experience, location, academic background, and other elements considered crucial by businesses, Hiretual’s unique matching technology matches resumes to jobs.

Key features for Hiretual.

  • You’ll get the correct personal emails, business emails, phone numbers, and social media links thanks to their contact-finding success record of roughly 85%.

  • Because Hiretual rejects crowded data, they keep your applicant data accurate across all the systems you use, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent data.

  • Hiretual includes all you require for the ideal candidate experience – there are no hidden costs or charges.

  • We’ll protect your info. Hiretual has obtained certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield program, the CCPA, the GDPR, and SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 standards. All of this indicates that Hiretual is dedicated to maintaining client confidence and data security.


To locate the finest applicants for your organization, TurboHire uses a collaborative, organized, and data-driven hiring process.

For you to feel confident in every applicant you hire, the TurboHire platform interacts with your current CRM program, hiring website, and other systems.

This means that you will use AI to significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend interviewing candidates.

With no need for resumes or job interviews, the TurboHire platform enhances the conventional hiring process by employing an advanced algorithm to connect suitable candidates with jobs based on their talents, interests, and availability.

With a collaborative approach that meets hiring managers halfway through the interview process, TurboHire enables more effective candidate assessments while providing them the ability to express themselves in ways they have never been able to before.

Key features for TurboHire.

  • Learn how the hiring process works from above so you can plan your hiring well in advance.

  • To ensure that your company can expand, develop a talent pipeline for all of your open positions.

  • Put a candidate at ease with a tailored interview process that accommodates them by letting them finish the procedure from any location.

  • Engage all parties on the same platform, monitor your recruitment pipeline, and generate effective hiring reports.


Fetcher is a tool for recruiting automation that encourages inclusivity and diversity. They give an internal staff that analyzes your data and combines AI with human monitoring to ensure a diversified pipeline of qualified, interested prospects in no time at all.

Then you may construct an effective candidate funnel using the data from their training and validation. The secret to speeding up the hiring process is to develop your talent pipeline.

Without it, you will have to spend more time interviewing candidates and sorting through more resumes, and you won’t know for sure if you’re picking the appropriate one.

With the help of a platform for hiring like Fetcher, you can be certain that you will be considering employees who are more diverse and of higher caliber.

The candidate discovery and outreach steps of the recruitment process, which take up the most time, are automated by the headhunting tool called Fetcher.

It provides all-inclusive assistance for hiring management, contractor management, tracking skills, and onboarding in one location.

It uses a clever approach to hiring and recruiting that is built on big data, automation, and metrics. To find and engage people who meet a company’s employment criteria, it combines AI and human skills.

When it comes to hiring, automation eliminates biases and connects companies with the best prospects, regardless of whether they are actively seeking employment or not.

To find possible applicants and ways to get in touch with them, it searches across a variety of web channels, including LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and Dribble.

Key features for Fetcher AI Recruiting Software.

Simplified Sourcing: Companies spend many hours looking for applicants to fill open positions. Fetcher compiles information on potential candidates from online sources, such as social and professional networks.

It compiles current candidate profiles that are simple to access. It increases an organization’s sourcing efforts and creates a pool of competent and interested workers without taking up a lot of time.

Optimizes Reach: It improves reach and attracts qualified applicants who aren’t actively hunting for work. Hiring managers have the option of selecting personalized messages for outreach and sending them right to the inbox of the applicant.

It automatically sends qualified candidates follow-up emails as well. Users can pick from the variety of personalized templates available and send the ideal message or email at the ideal time.

Hires Top Talent: Fetcher fosters teamwork and pushes hiring teams to surpass their hiring objectives. To increase an organization’s size and productivity, it automates applicant targeting and lead generation.

Organizations can concentrate on grooming, engaging, and employing qualified applicants by automating top-of-funnel tasks.

Increases Candidate Diversity: It increases candidate diversity by eliminating the prejudices inherent in conventional headhunting techniques.

The hiring process is conducted without the involvement of humans or their prejudices thanks to its AI-powered candidate search.

Because of its fully automated mode, which creates a candidate pool based on the needs of the client and contacts them directly, the candidate pools it produces are the most diversified.

The client’s potential prejudices are eliminated by this procedure because they are not selecting which prospects to contact by hand. Its AI-based programs present candidate searches that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Intelligent Recruiting: Fetcher, an intelligent recruiting platform, is made to assist teams limited by manual sourcing and controls their external hiring strategy.

It seeks talented individuals through a variety of professional networks, obtains their contact information, and creates customized emails and messages.

Your outbound recruiting strategy is also actively managed and automated. Automation, big data, and data analytics significantly minimize the need for new hires.


In order to identify the most qualified, varied candidate pool at scale, Humanly is a unified conversational AI for recruiting platforms where automation and people collaborate seamlessly.

By automating processes like interview scheduling and prospect screening, recruiters can save time with Humanly.

They can also make better judgments thanks to automated insights on candidate experience scores.

All of this results in an abundance of different candidates at the top of the funnel.

Key features for Humanly.

  • Humans may improve diversity by design through fair screening automation and interview insights. Humanly can assist you in minimizing the amount of time you spend on administrative duties so that you can devote more of your time to the demands of the business.

  • Recruit from a wider range of candidates who represent the greatest talent on the market.

  • Using Humanly, hiring managers may also gain insight into how applicants are interacting with their online applications. This enables your recruiting managers to focus on candidates that most closely align with your company’s values and make smarter judgments.

  • The selection of better and more impartial applicants is made easier by next-generation AI interview analytics, enabling you to locate the best employees for your business.

6.ICIMS (Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems).

The cloud-based ICIMS recruitment suite consists of three products that can be used jointly or independently and can be integrated with existing HR or ATS systems.

Its goal is to assist medium-sized and large organizations in finding and hiring qualified applicants for unfilled positions inside their businesses.

It may speed the hiring process from beginning to end by helping with each phase, including application screening and onboarding of new hires.

An easy-to-use interface makes it easier for users to grow their teams with the greatest talent and makes it simple for candidates to identify and apply for open opportunities.

Key features of ICIMS AI Recruiting Software.

  • Google integrations: Contact potential employees directly. To cut costs and enhance the overall application experience, ICIMS links via the well-known search engine.

  • White Labeling: All candidate communications are supported by the system’s white labeling feature. Utilizing Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, users can submit resumes as well as import data from their social media accounts.

  • Job Posting: Post as many jobs as you like to various job boards. To discover the top prospects, recruiters can easily post jobs via one-click posting on a variety of websites.

  • Mobile: Employers may take advantage of the advantages of text messaging, live chat, and artificial intelligence with the Advanced Communications Suite. Users can centralize all communications with this functionality.

  • Onboarding: Automating onboarding is possible with iCIMS Recruit by saving and tracking forms. I-9 forms and e-verify submissions for new hires are also made easier by the technology.

  • Reporting and Analytics: By giving users 360-degree visibility into the recruiting and recruitment process, it enables users to gain knowledge of which processes are effective for the firm and which processes need to be changed.


An AI-driven platform for hiring and managing staff members is called eightfold.

It combines personnel data, recruiting, and machine learning into a single adaptive talent network under the previous name of VolkScience.

While matching candidates to the appropriate jobs, users can manage current contractor and employee information at the enterprise level.

Key features of EightFold AI Recruiting Software.

  • AI Intelligence: Deep learning enabled by AI can help you understand the potential of your employees. Using global CV data, generate abilities that are likely to be present, mastered, or lacking, even when they are not specifically listed in a resume.

  • Adaptive Maps: Use self-refreshing visual data sets that always display the most recent, most pertinent information to avoid using out-of-date talent maps.

  • Talent Network: Employ the right people with the help of a talent network and an integrated career portal. With a customized hiring CRM that offers end-to-end solutions for quick requisition, offers, onboarding, and ROI turnaround, you can rediscover existing talent and screen new applications.

  • Employee mentoring: Based on a unique growth strategy, identify possibilities for reskilling, pair mentors and mentees, and assign assignments with opportunities for progress.

  • Ongoing Education: With the integrated Talent University, employees and supervisors may keep learning. Earn a Talent Intelligence certification by completing video courses and exams.

  • Workforce Competitively: Evaluate a workforce’s talent pool in comparison to industry standards. Targeted growth areas and people who meet or surpass industry standards.

  • DE&I: Leverage AI functions based on Equal Opportunity algorithms to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. By making the recruiting process anonymous and putting an emphasis on ability rather than gender, color, ethnicity, or personal past, unconscious prejudices can be eliminated.

  • Relevant Information: Utilize diversity analytics to address current inequities at work. Measure the necessity for and effectiveness of possible equity efforts while identifying issue areas.

  • Security: Use SOC 2, ISO27001, GDPR, CCPA, OFCCP, FedRAMP Ready, and Cyber Essentials compliant security protocols to safeguard sensitive employee data. Utilize scalable authentication and data encryption to control that has access to necessary information.


By employing clever features to make job posts more effective, Textio recruiting software improves candidate engagement.

With helpful suggestions, the system makes your writing better and highlights any language that can turn off potential prospects.

Candidates are more likely to reply to and apply to your adverts if they believe that your workplace is kind and respectful.

You can use Textio straight from your web browser as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

Key features of Textio AI Recruiting Software.

A language that is welcoming.

Textio uses language to support an inclusive employee journey. Age, gender, and cultural inclusion-related expressions that can unintentionally reject suitable candidates are identified using a color-coded method.

It will provide suggestions for alternative wording to make the text more objective and thorough.

The satisfaction, retention, and productivity throughout your whole workplace can be improved by taking actions to eradicate both conscious and unconscious bias.

Recruitment marketing.

Advertising for hiring the solution takes advantage of brand language’s potential to enhance your marketing initiatives.

You may significantly enhance candidate responses by eliminating words that are known to turn off job searchers, such as stuffy business jargon.

Predictive writing tools.

The program continuously examines millions of job postings to determine how specific words and phrases affect the response rates of job advertisements.

Similar-sounding words, like “committed” and “faithful,” or “build” and “craft,” may have entirely different meanings to applicants.

These language data insights are part of the program since it has been scientifically demonstrated that they increase applicant engagement.

Simple composition: Textio Flow in the program increases your writing productivity. Writer’s block is lessened as it provides quick and practical tips to help with the writing process.

Simply begin writing, and Textio Flow will provide words and phrases that will facilitate speedy and effective content creation.


For organizations of all sizes, Zoho Recruit, a cloud-based platform, provides hiring solutions.

Depending on the size and type of the organization, users can select from three different versions.

Options are available for staffing firms, temp agencies, and businesses of all sizes.

With tools that help with job posting, filtering applicants, and customized templates, it enables customers to speed up the recruiting process.

Users get access to a complete set of HR capabilities thanks to integrations with other Zoho products.

It is capable of handling the entire recruitment process.

Key features of Zoho Recruit AI Recruiting Software.

  • Career Portal: Create a personalized career site, post job openings, and enable candidates to apply using the candidate login.

  • Resume Extractor: Using the Resume Extractor, you may automatically extract resumes as email attachments by using the Resume Inbox, or you can utilize specialized tools to extract resumes from websites like LinkedIn and other pages.

  • Integration: Integrate the platform with Google Docs, Calendar, and several other Zoho products using third-party connections. Zoho Recruit can now automate data entry activities thanks to this.

  • Mobile App: Utilize the Zoho Recruit mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android Smartphone, to schedule interviews, keep track of job vacancies, and communicate with the team.

  • Dashboards: Through the platforms’ activity dashboards, you can monitor and evaluate data, and check job statuses, interview schedules, and personnel details.


Cloud-based software called Breezy HR focuses on proactive, collaborative hiring.

It is simple to use and includes options for customization and integration.

It handles candidate sourcing, job advertising, career page development, scheduling of interviews, and more.

Key features of Breezy AI Recruiting Software.

  • Employers: Use the automated distribution feature to put your job posting in front of candidates. The technology instantly advertises your available position to numerous free job boards, like Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and others, with just one click. There are also premium job boards like Linked and Career Builder.

  • Candidate management: Are streamlined thanks to a drag-and-drop workflow and candidate profiles. The system can prescreen applicants, grade them using scorecards, and do background and reference checks automatically. Email alerts are used to establish and distribute tasks to team members.

  • Career Pages: Create fully customizable career pages that are mobile-optimized and have an embeddable widget or API. Provide one-click applications from job boards, as well as testimonials from employees in the form of images or videos. On this page, you can also include a referral site.

  • Candidate Sourcing: Look for prospects using Talent Search, and when you come across an intriguing possibility on LinkedIn or another website, utilize the Chrome Extension to add their profiles.

  • SMS and email capabilities: Utilizing read-receipts, which inform you when your candidate has seen your email, send emails and messages to candidates directly from their profile. To automate communication with large groups of candidates as they travel through your pipeline, you can design templates and questionnaires that you can customize.

  • Interviewing and scheduling skills: A drag-and-drop calendar that syncs with Google or Outlook calendar is available for the entire team. You can have candidates respond to questions in video format or hold video meetings, and candidates can schedule themselves into the time windows you make available to them. Interview guides can be made.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Data analysis and reporting Access information such as hiring funnels, source reports, and time to fill reporting. Through Amazon Redshift, more sophisticated custom reporting is accessible.


A recruiting and candidate tracking system called Paycor Recruiting, formerly known as Newton Software, was created by hiring specialists for hiring teams.

For both candidates and hiring managers, it makes the hiring process simple and uncomplicated.

A user-friendly interface allows users to keep track of open openings, interview schedules, hiring history, and who is where in the hiring process.

Additionally, it helps customers maintain compliance with a variety of requirements and offers thorough reporting for useful insights and information that is readily available.

All things considered, it enables users to improve the effectiveness of their hiring procedures and streamline HR operations.

Key features of Paycor AI Recruiting Software.

  • Applicant tracking: Enhance all essential hiring procedures to guarantee precise and effective hiring. To ensure that customers never miss out on the ideal candidate for a crucial position, the ATS constantly updates information on all candidates.

  • Job applications with custom fields: Utilize built-in compliance tools to streamline the application process and access applications in both Spanish and English.

  • Communication and Referrals: The scheme compensates staff members who recommend job candidates. It contains a basic feature that enables team members and employees to rapidly post job openings on social media.

  • Compliance Reports: Keep up with OFCCP and EEO laws while automating the tracking of rejected candidates, hiring offers, and flow records.

  • Recruitment Dashboards: Pre-built dashboards for recruitment offer all of the essential overview pages that hiring managers require. Teams may see their forthcoming responsibilities and the pipeline of candidates.

  • Background Checks: Paycor Recruiting transfers all confidential hiring information to an expert team and away from the organization. Applicants can examine their information through a secure login, and all background check findings are password-protected for added security.

  • Reports on hiring: The system automatically corrects and maintains proper formatting for all reports to ensure that decision-makers receive the most current and accurate information about candidates.

  • Robust analytics: Convert complex data into understandable visualizations to forecast trends and make business decisions that can significantly affect the workforce and the organization as a whole.

  • Scorecards: Based on how well candidates performed during the onboarding process, assign grades to the candidates.


A surge of talent acquisition tools, such as Jobvite AI Recruiting Software, has made HR simpler in recent years.

Jobvite is well-rounded recruiting software.

Although they do not make managing human resources completely simple, time-effective methods can help with many problems.

A candidate’s qualifications can be checked, and an applicant tracking system (ATS) can monitor their progress through testing and other qualifications as well as backlink checking to see which agency referred them to the application.

Key features of Jobvite AI Recruiting Software.

  • Mobile Hiring Team App: A candidate may apply for a job fast and without having to be linked to a computer with the help of the mobile hiring team app, which has been designed with teams in mind and is mobile-friendly. Additionally, ensuring some platform agnosticism, makes it such that it will function regardless of the platform (or combination of platforms) that your business and the applicants choose to use. This is essential now.

  • Jobvite Onboard: Take the bite out of onboarding with Jobvite Onboard, which can quickly get new hires functioning and productive by checking workflows and worker assignments. This effective, simple tool, which so few recruitment programs offer, can cut training and orientation in half.

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): The platform makes it simple for users to gather and organize resumes as well as carry out other recruitment-related operations.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Use the CRM to source candidates, advertise open positions on job boards, and manage your talent pool.

  • Employee Referrals: Post job invitations on social networking sites and by email.

  • Social Recruiting: Using more than 300 social networks, post your current job vacancies.

  • Branded Career Sites: Easily accessible career sites can be used to establish branded career sites.

  • SMS Capabilities: With the text-based application process, use automation to use questions. As a result, the hiring process moves quickly.

  • Analytics: Visual analytics that can be integrated with other systems offer business insights that users may utilize to improve the hiring process.


The finest candidates for the job can be found, evaluated, and hired with the use of the hiring software called HireVue AI Recruiting Software.

Organizations can save time and money while hiring more effectively with the use of AI and video-based interviews.

The best candidates for a position can be found using the end-to-end hiring experience platform HireVue, which can be used to screen, evaluate, engage, interview, and hire them.

With conversational AI, video interviews, assessments, and automatic scheduling, it automates laborious and time-consuming recruiting tasks.

Pre-hire evaluations lessen selection bias by assisting in the identification of qualified candidates.

The use of conversational AI speeds up hiring and improves applicant experience by facilitating candidate engagement and automated workflows.

Key features of Hirevue.

  • Structured Interviews: Use live and on-demand video interviewing modules to assess a larger pool of candidates’ skills and potential. Facilitate structured interviews to provide candidates with a fair chance to showcase their qualifications. Give hiring managers and recruiters the tools they need to create standardized competency tests for structured interview questions using a library that has been compiled by organizational psychologists.

  • Interview assessments: You can develop and oversee talent assessments and game-based psychometric tests with the assistance of organizational psychologists. You can utilize the auto-scored code assessments even if you are a non-technical recruiter who is hiring technical talent. You can check a candidate’s performance on several criteria using HireVue’s competency library after they’ve finished their assessment.

  • Conversational AI: To speed up hiring, increase recruiter efficiency, and create a seamless experience for recruiters, candidates, and hiring teams, conversational AI is being used to drive candidate interaction and automated workflows using text, online, and WhatsApp interfaces.

  • Automated Interview Scheduling: Use the automated interview scheduling solution to schedule and reschedule interviews for candidates. Give applicants the ability to self-schedule and reschedule interviews by viewing available timeslots.

  • Workflow automation: To simplify schedule coordination, and establish guidelines for each role. Workflow automation lets you automatically advance qualified candidates to the following stage of the procedure.

  • Hiring activities: You can schedule hiring occasions in advance, such as career fairs, super days, and graduation hiring. Your candidates can self-book for the event using HireVue after you’ve set up your calendar.


Recruiting is one of the most stressful tasks in human resource.As an Hr officer, don’t fall into this trap as you have platforms to use at hand.All you need to do is to identify the one that suit you and your budget.

AI Recruiting Software have made the work of Human resource easier.Some of the Hr Outsourcing Companies use these platforms to get their work done within a very short time.

All we can say is that embrace the AI technology and you will enjoy working in this current world.


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