13 Best Marketing Project Management Software.

Marketing project management software is an application with functionalities for primarily collaborating and tracking the delivery of marketing projects.

In planning, project management software offer companies with campaign planning, task management, workload management, time tracking, and team collaboration among others.

The right tool is capable of replacing the other SaaS tools you have used for marketing project management. You might be called upon for various subscriptions, such as time tracking, project management, file sharing and project communication.

Marketing project management tools help with the management of tasks as well as streamlining the workflow. It reduces the number of tools to be used and offers the maximum required functionalities in one platform.

For marketing projects, a lot of tasks need to be managed. The best project management tool will help run the marketing department smoothly.

The tool should be well equipped such that it can provide a clear project overview for complete transparency of the project status. It should also have the capabilities of easy to use draft sharing, customized workflow, marketing reporting, and simple review and approval processes.

Any sized marketing team can use marketing management software. These include Digital marketing agencies, internal marketing teams, marketing consultants, freelancers, designers, brand management firms, and advertising agencies.

The functionalities required by marketing teams are campaign planning, client communication, baseline management, time tracking, and team collaboration.



This Marketing project management software is best for managing tasks, campaigns, docs, and clients.

It offers features and functionalities for planning promotion, measuring ROI, outlining processes, rescheduling reminders, tracking initiatives, and managing workloads among others.

With ClickUp you can link tasks and lists to a central source of truth. It will let you plan, manage and track the quarterly initiative goals.

ClickUp can be used in various use cases like project management, sales et al. It provides a facility for viewing the campaign results by building custom widgets.

You can reschedule the reminders and you will get all the daily tasks, reminders and google calendar in one place.

Key Features for ClickUp.

-Features for forecasting the schedule of promotions on the calendar.

-While forecasting the promotion, you can store details like discounts, durations and other details.

-It offers functionalities for outlining the processes

-The tool will let you collaborate in real-time, assign comments and create new tasks.

-For efficient workload management, it offers time tracking features.

Price overview:

*Free plan

*Unlimited-$5 per member per month

*Business-$9 per member per month

*Enterprise-get quotation

2.Monday. com

Monday. com is a Marketing project management software that offers a custom solution for marketing and creative teams:- Monday Marketing. It’s best for collaboration and marketing campaigns.

All your work is centralized in one shared workspace. It offers easy access to information and you can visualize the work in different ways.

The board offers customizable tools that can be used for any workflow like campaign tracking, social media calendar and others.

The tool also has functionalities for customizing workflow, which make it suitable for managing high volumes of work.

It can be integrated with other work tools like Gmail, and messaging apps, among others. Monday Marketing makes visualization of important data easier and you can optimize your campaign spend as it helps in identifying bottlenecks.

It increases visibility across teams and you can use the tool to gain agility and for scalable processes. On top of that, its flexibility lets the team work faster and in dynamic ways.

Key Features for Monday.com.

-Tracks everything that your team is working on.

-It has collaboration features.

-Its automation features make working easier because it could send notifications and prioritize tasks.

-Its dashboard gives the bigger picture and can give you an overview of the projects and teams.

Pricing overview:

*Free plan

*Standard-$10 per seat per month

*Pro-$16 per seat per month

*Enterprise-get quotation

A free trial is available in the tool.


This tool is best designed for marketing project management as it gives complete visibility across all the campaigns. It gives cross-departmental collaboration and powerful automation. It is customizable and can fit any organization.

It has custom dashboards and workflows and helps with team specific automation and streamlining processes. The solution has enterprise grade security and provides templates that make it easier to start and get the most out of marketing project management.

This solution can be integrated with tools you are already using like Google, Box, and JIRA, among others.

You can perform various activities like monitoring social channels, tracking results, and communicating, all from one place. It’s also possible to tailor this platform to work your way.

Key Features for Wrike.

-Provides end to end visibility.

-Provides a facility of real-time commenting and notifications, live editing, and dynamic reports, among others.

-It gets you quick performance insights, clarity for all projects, automating approval, and simplifying asset publication, among others.

-It offers functionalities for collaboration across teams.

Pricing overview:

*Free plan

*Professional-$9.80 per user per month

*Business-$25.80 per user per month

*Enterprise-get quotation


This is a feature packed marketing tool that allows teams to manage their marketing tasks, content and people from one platform.

The platform helps you to set strategies and get real-time visibility into insights that can be leveraged to make better decisions.

It also facilitates real-time reporting, which helps marketing teams to forecast business tasks, find the best people to spearhead a project, and ensure project budget and schedule are on time.

This platform also allows you to easily manage, store, and share files at scale in a number of different formats.

It is a great project management solution for businesses that have multiple marketing projects to manage and can suit businesses that want to manage their workflows and improve collaborations.

Key Features for Smartsheet.

-Get real-time reports on strategy performance.

-Centralize and automate processes integral to your marketing project.

-Store and share files at scale.

-Accelerate content review and approval.

-Supports integration with several platforms like JIRA, Slack,and Google workspace, among others.

Pricing overview:

*Pro-$7 per user per month

*Business-$25 per user per month

*Custom plan available.


This tool is best designed for improving collaboration and campaign planning and has capabilities that make the lives of marketing teams easier.

The platform can help marketing teams automate processes and workflows associated with their marketing tasks. It goes beyond the borders to improve team collaboration by providing a single tool to spearhead, execute, and communicate on the tasks.

It offers a list template that allows users to repeat their most crucial processes. It also allows teams to leverage past data in a bid to set timelines that are more realistic to achieve.

It can be good for marketing teams to help them manage, track, and all of their marketing tasks from a single intuitive platform. Teamwork streamlines all processes associated with marketing, thus simplifying tasks such as content production and campaign planning.

Key Features for Teamwork.

-Easy resource management.

-You can visualize tasks with chat and board.

-It manages budgets.

-It tracks profitability.

-It accommodates unlimited client users.

Pricing overview:

*Free plan

*Deliver-$10 per user per month

*Grow-$18 per user per month

*Custom plan-Contact teamwork to go for it.

6.Zoho Projects.

Zoho projects offer a variety of tools that can help marketing teams manage, automate, and track their tasks. It’s best for simplifying marketing processes.

The platform facilitates clear planning by breaking down campaigns into tasks, subtasks, milestones, and task lists. It’s also possible to assign descriptions and add comments to each of the elements when using Zoho.

The dashboard also gives the marketing teams a clear view of the marketing projects, allowing them to access key insights into the campaign’s performance, budget, and much more.

This solution also provides marketers with templates that are very useful when it comes to saving time while creating blueprints for tasks. Soho projects effectively arms marketing professionals with nearly all the tools they need to automate and manage their tasks.

It Can help them create, plan, and track the progress of their campaigns in real-time. On top of that, Zoho’s ability to integrate with several Zoho and other third party applications makes it one of the best project management solutions available today for marketing.

Zoho projects Features.

-It offers task management and automation.

-It offers time tracking.

-Team collaborations.

-Supports integrations with multiple third party applications.

-Issue tracking and SLA

Price overview.

*Free for up to 3 users

*Premium -$4 per user per month

*Enterprise-$9 per user per month


Adobe Marketo Engage is a marketing automation platform that is best for automation. It enhances email marketing, lead management, and revenue attrition on top of autonation.

It offers the functions for building and scaling automated marketing campaigns and helps with engaging the right customers by tracking their behavior.

It helps with personalized campaigns and provides insights into the marketing dashboard that have advanced filters and segmentations and can automatically connect and unify data.

Key Features for Marketo

-It has built-in intelligence and capabilities of providing rich behavioral data that can be used to track customers behavior.

-It has features of content personalization, automation, marketing impact analytics, marketing data environment, and cross channel engagement, among others.

-It provides email marketing features that help to attract customers with engaging conversations.

-It offers lead management features and functionalities to attract customers.


Hubspot MarketingHub is a place where you will get all your marketing tools and data in one place. It’s a powerful yet easy to use solution with over 850 custom integrations to sync with.

It is an all-in-one marketing software that is flexible and provides complete control with customizable objects to match CRM data to your business.

It allows naming the objects, determining the properties, and deciding the objects association with other objects.

Key Features for Marketo.

-It offers features such as email marketing found, landing pages, live chat, content management, and ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others with a free plan.

-With the Starter plan, there are additional features for landing page reporting, multiple currencies, and simple form follow up, among others.

-The Professional edition provides features for marketing automation, SEO, blogs, social media, and custom reporting, among others.

-The Enterprise edition contains the capabilities of account based marketing, adaptive testing, predictive lead scoring, multi-touch revenue attrition, and much more.

Pricing overview:


*Starter-$45 per month




Asana provides a marketing management platform to assist marketing teams with streamlining and automating their processes.

It’s best for planning, organizing, and executing marketing activities from start to end. It helps to create a clear path of action and set a marketing strategy.

It’s available in three editions; Basic, Premium and Business. Asana’s Basic edition is for individuals and teams who are just starting project management.

Premium edition helps the team with project planning, whereas the Business edition helps teams and companies with work management across initiatives.

Key Features for Asana.

-It offers easy to use templates for creative requests, an editorial calendar, and event planning among other things.

-It can be integrated with apps you are already using.

-It offers functionalities to jumpstart projects, map out plans, balance workloads, automate processes, review and approve, and much more.

Pricing overview:


*Premium-$10.99 per user per month

*Business-$24.99 per user per month


Hive Marketing project management software offers a platform for faster management of projects and collaboration with teams. It is best for streamlining marrying initiatives from planning to execution.

It provides complete transparency for management and contains capabilities for organizing projects in different layouts, task creation, collaboration, time tracking, and much more.

It’s easier to plan the campaigns with the help of Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, calendars and others.

This powerful project management and collaboration tool is suitable for marketers because it gives functionalities for creative planning and execution as well as complete transparency to management.

Key Features for Hive.

-You can create a reusable action template that helps with assigning the tasks to the right people at the right time.

-Collaboration features will let your team share campaign assets for proofing and approval hence speed up the review process.

-It provides the reports and analytics of all projects.

-The actionable insights provided by the Hive are fully customizable according to your requirements.

Pricing overview:

*Hive Solo-Free

*Hive Teams-$12 per user per month

*Hive Enterprise-get a quote

11.Toggl Plan.

This is a team project planning software. It has a drag-and- drop interface which makes it easier to drag the tasks and schedule. It contains the capabilities of checklists, easy sharing, color coding, zoom levels, comments and mentions, and reporting & data export.

It can be integrated with apps you are already using like GitHub, Google, Calendar,  and Trello, among others.

It provides one visual hub for all campaigns, team members, and marketing tasks.

It is a platform for project management, team planning and task management and its capabilities include timeline sharing, recurring tasks, and multi-assign tasks, among others.

Key Features for Toggl Plan.

-It gives an overview of the team’s progress.

-This Marketing project management software helps with resource planning.

-Its beautiful color-coded timeline makes understanding the project milestones, upcoming campaign launch and other things much easier.

-It offers functionalities for assigning campaign-related tasks and adding formats, among other things.

Pricing overview:

*Team-$8 per user per month

*Business-$13.35 per user per month

*Free trial available


This platform contains functionalities for the structured and documented review process. Marketing Teams can use the platform to simplify the reviewing and approval process for all marketing content.

The platform allows reviewers to add comments and annotations directly to the content. The feature eliminates misunderstanding and you can view the status of each review with this tool.

It lets you upload videos, documents, and images, among other things and offers a centralized and customizable platform for keeping all the proofs.

Key Features for Filestage.

-It creates transparency and helps teams with managing all reviews from one place.

-It offers all the features for incorporating standardized review processes.

-It lets you define the steps for approval for your files.

-It has functions for automating, project templates, and native integration, among others.

Pricing overview:

*Essential-$9 per seat

*Advanced-$19 per seat

*Professional-$39 per seat

*Enterprise-get a quote


Brightpod is a web-based Marketing project management software and time tracking software that is best suited for the task because it helps digital marketing creative teams with managing marketing tasks.

It is power-packed with features and gives you clarity on projects, campaigns, workflows, and tasks, among other things.

It assists with various marketing project related tasks like time estimates, workflows, time tracking, reports, and much more. It has a simple, clear, and intuitive interface.

Key Features for Brightpod.

-It can provide project progress at a glance.

-It has functionalities for organizing, managing, and tracking all SEO, social media, blog strategy and content marketing from one place.

-It provides insights into the status of the projects.

-The shared calendar will keep you updated about the content publish dates among other schedules.

-It provides SSL 2048-bit encryption on all pages once you log in.

Pricing overview:

*Professional-$29 per month

*Studio-$59 per month

*Agency-$99 pet month

*Agency Plus-$ 199 per month

A 14 day trial is available for the platform.


The right Marketing project management software streamlines marketing companies. While choosing the software, the needs of all the stakeholders and budget should be considered.

Most of the tools offer a free plan or trial and so it’s best to check the tool and scrutinize the options to find the best suited one for your business.


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