AI Software Development Tools.

AI Software Development Tools are applications used to carry specific internet tasks without much strain.

For example,AI development tools have been used by Website builders,Hosting services,SEO services ,IA Copywriting tools among others to achieve their users requirements.

The development of software is a complex and difficult task with the process requiring ideation, product definition, coding, strategic designing, quality assessment, and many other issues.

You just make one small error and the whole process is in jeopardy and has to be started all over again. Because of these challenges, many organizations turn to artificial intelligence {AI} and machine learning {ML} to achieve better outcomes.

Using AI platforms involves the use of machines to perform the tasks that are performed by human beings.

The platforms simulate the cognitive functions that human beings perform such as problem-solving, learning, listening, social intelligence as well as general intelligence.

AI application also involves the use of expert systems such as speech recognition and machine vision.

All platforms can be classified as either weak| or narrow AI, which is generally meant for a particular task, or strong AI also known as Artificial general intelligence which can find solutions for unfamiliar tasks.

What comprises the AI Development Tools.

Machine learning.

This is considered as a subset of artificial intelligence. It needs good and reliable data to operate.

All you need to do is establish what you want to do, identify the available data, and then machine learning will take care of your problems.

It utilizes algorithms and statistical models to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions. It just relies on patterns and influences.


This is a very important part of artificial intelligence if you want your AI to deliver fully.It is basically making software that is capable of doing things automatically, without human intervention.

By automating the manual processes, you save a lot of resources and time and this allows you to engage your staff in other meaningful operations that require a human touch.

You should ensure that you settle for an AI platform that is easy to use and doesn’t need additional skills. It should also be able to address different automation processes easily.

Natural language processing and language understanding.

These two features are critical to the full optimization of your AI solution. You need to have a system that can support full speech recognition and interaction.

This helps to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data with speech recognition, natural language understanding, and natural language generation.

It also involves image recognition, among others.

Cloud infrastructure.

This feature provides the scalability to grow and access to resources to deploy over the complex AI and machine learning solutions.

You need to combine both for you to exploit their full benefits. To ensure that the resources are available 100 percent throughout, it’s important to leverage platform as a service {PaaS} and software as a service {SaaS} when launching AI solutions.

Best AI software development tools.

1.Google Cloud AI platform.

This AI Software Development Tools helps you train your machine learning models at scale, host your trained model in the cloud and use your model to make predictions about new data.

The integrated toolchain provided by the platform ensures the development and deployment of machine learning projects, and you can build portable ML pipelines with tube flow, an open-source platform from Google.

The AI platform enables you to deploy your machine project both on-premise or in the cloud and data can be stored in various forms such as BigQuery.

Another advantage of this AI platform is pre-configured virtual machines{VMs} which help develop deep learning applications. It also has natural language processing {NLP} capabilities that help determine the meaning and structure of the text.

The platform’s API can also be used for text-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities, as well as visual capabilities to extract insights from images.

Key features.

*Helps in training, analyzing, and tuning your ML models.

*Get predictions, monitor predictions, and manage your models.

*Expedites ML projects.

*Pre-configured Virtual Machines {VMs}.

2.Microsoft Azure AI platform.

This is a platform that has been trending in the development market. It offers various customization options like domain-specific pre-trained AI models for text,  face, and speech recognition.

It is a robust platform and it is relied on by many big organizations. It has great capabilities such as object recognition, unsupervised machine learning, speech recognition, and more.

The Microsoft Azure AI has made it easier for organizations to carry out AI development. It also offers various machine learning capabilities like Azure Databricks, an Apache Spark-based big data service and ONNX, and open source model format and runtime for ML.

Key features.

*Python-based automated ML service.

*Machine translation.

*Object speech and text recognition capabilities.

*AI templates for creating jobs.

3.IBM Watson.

This is another great tool for software development. It is equipped with advanced AI capabilities including conversation interfaces, mobile app APIs, conversation interfaces, and NLP services.

IBM Watson’s robust software development tools have been deployed in many different industries like oil and gas, media and entertainment, financial services, Internet of Things{IoT}, and much more.

The platform also offers AI development services that help developers build apps with retained AI capabilities.

Some of its other features include Watson assistant, which can be integrated to build AI-powered conversational interfaces into your app, and its NLP service in the form of Watson Natural Language Understanding {NLU}.

Key features.

*Quick development and deployment of AI applications.

*Speech-to-text capabilities.

*NLP and NLU services.

*Powerful mobile app APIs


H20 is an open-source machine learning platform that has been steadily rising in popularity.

It is a powerful AI software development tool that offers a range of features like smart machine learning algorithms, statistical and generalized linear models, deep learning models, and others.

The tool also supports big data, Hadoop, and Spark|Kubrenetes clusters.H20, which allows you to use programming languages like R and Python to build models, is often used for data analysis, fraud detection, risk management, digital healthcare, and customer intelligence.

Key features.

*Includes AutoML functionality.

*Supports many algorithms like gradient-boosted machines, deep learning, and generalized linear models,  among others.

*Develop mobile apps using R, Java, and Python.


This is an open-source, numeric computational tool and machine learning library. It’s primarily used for development and research purposes and is a flexible solution while offering comprehensive tools and libraries that help accelerate AI development.

Businesses have used TensorFlow to develop and train smart ML and AI-powered applications that handle complex operations including forecasting, contract management, legal operation, customer services, and many more.

Key features.

*Seamlessly deploy AI-based solutions on mobiles,  desktops, and edge devices.

*Exclusive set of tools, libraries, and community resources.

*Deep analytics, service automation, and unsupervised training among others.

*Wide range of features and functionalities.

6. MxNet.

This is a leading and popular AI software development tool that is a deep learning framework that’s often used in research and production.

MxNet helps balance AI development with advanced natural language processing capabilities. It also offers distributed training models to AI applications.

The tool is often used in Multi-GPU and Multi Machine training as well as in writing custom layers in high-level languages.

Key features.

*Open Source deep learning framework.

*Enhances AI-based applications with NLP.

*Highly scalable framework.

*Define, train and deploy neural networks.

7. Infosys Nia.

This AI Software Development Tools enables you to build AI-powered apps. One of the best capabilities offered by this tool is Nia advanced ML, which offers a variety of machine learning algorithms that operate at speed and scale, helping build high-performing ML models.

The tool also enables you to build AI-powered chatbots, with your app providing access to the enterprise knowledge repository.

This app can also automate actions with a conversational interface and integrate Nia data, which is a robust analytics solution.

Key features.

*Effectively build ML training models.

*Process large data sets at scale.

*Data management capabilities.

*Nia chatbot.

8. Rainbird.

This is an award-winning artificial intelligence platform that makes business operations smarter.

It enables enterprises to build systems with human decision-making abilities resulting in greater efficiency and increased quality.

It enables users to take existing, human business knowledge and combine it with the company’s data to automate work and deliver consultative systems that can transform the way the company’s staff and customers interact with each other.

This tool is at the forefront of work automation technology. It is a powerful ecosystem for re-engineering knowledge work, enabling companies to automate and augment their staff’s performance.

It turns insights into actions and offers efficiency by promoting innovation.

Key features.

*Visual user interface

*RBLang-an intuitive language.

*Controlled learning algorithms.

*Smart Data Import.

*Natural language processing.

*Analytics and insights.

9. Wipro HOLMES.

Wipro HOLMES is an artificial intelligence solution with a rich set of cognitive computing services for the development of digital virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, virtual computing applications, knowledge virtualization, plus robotics, and drones.

This is developed using machine learning, natural language processing, genetic and deep learning algorithms, semantic ontologies, pattern recognition, and knowledge modeling technologies to provide solutions that deliver cognitive enhancement to experience and productivity and accelerate the process through automation at the highest stage to reach autonomous abilities.

It is designed with a focus on enterprise use. The ability for speech recognition,discovering patterns and natural language and understanding capabilities gives the solution an advantage.

Key features.

*Digital virtual agents.

*Predictive systems.

*Cognitive process.


*Visual computing applications.

*Knowledge virtualization.

*Robotics and drones.

10. DialogFlow.

APLAI allows users to build brand-unique natural language interactions for bots, applications, services, and devices.

It features a natural language understanding tool to design unique conversation scenarios, design corresponding actions, and analyze interactions with users.

It leverages pre-designed knowledge packages collected over several years including encyclopedic data, weather, news, booking, and flight schools among others.

While the platform learns from the examples provided by developers and conversations it has with end users to continuously improve user experience, APLAI offers conversation support wherein users can switch seamlessly from between conversation topics, while remembering where they left off.

Key features.

*Machine learning integrations.

*Conversation support.

*Multilingual support.

*High performance.

11. Premonition.

Premonition has gathered the world’s largest litigation database. The premonition system can read and analyze over 50,000 documents in a second.

It enables lawyers to ask questions that they wouldn’t have thought of. Its artificial intelligence mines data to find out which attorneys have won before which judges.

Key features.

*Know the track record of your attorney.

*Select counsel who has never lost in front of certain judges.

*Analyze the court, judges, and opposing counsel and their win rates and results.

*Select expert witnesses based on their pervasiveness and past case results.

*Rank arbitrators based on past decisions and their prior track record as attorneys.

12. Mindmeld.

MindMeld AI Software Development Tools provides a Deep-Domain conversation AI to power the next generation of voice and chat assistants.

This is one of the best tools whether for personal or professional use.

Users can now avoid common mistakes and confusion from former voice and chat assistants that usually include a hit-or-miss accuracy which quickly frustrates users.

With MindMeld users can enjoy more of its services with more accurate responses.

There is no problem with common slang that always gets misunderstood and shallow knowledge that makes it impossible to answer even basic questions.

Key features.

*Discover on-demand music and video.

*Provides better support at lower costs.

*Enables quick chat-based transactions.

13. Lumiata.

Lumiata is one of the AI Software Development Tools that helps in predicting health with transparent, precise analytics to automate risk and revenue operations.

Lumiata provides easy integration of structured and unstructured data such as claims, and more into a readily consumable and actionable FHIR format.

Lumiata is responsible for cleaning, standardizing and unifying data to make it searchable, aggregated, and secure for distribution.

Lumiata provides AI-powered models to cover the most prevalent conditions built over time.

It provides predictive insights for millions of records it generates within hours and delivers via API.

Key features.

*Lumiata risk management.

*Pinpoint high risk patients.

*Predict health with transparency.


Infrrd AI Software Development Tools is a faster and one of the powerful AI Software Development Tools that uses machine learning to extract insights into big data.

The insights offered by infrrd facilitate automating extractions and driving decisions for the customers.

Infrrd also helps enterprises to complete more tasks.With Infrrd, enterprises have an excellent use computer vision-enabled image algorithms for understanding contents of images, products, people, and emotions.

It allows enterprises to comprehend and contribute to human conversations by using natural language processing and generating natural algorithms.

Key features.

*Image recognition platform is designed specifically for enterprises which makes it better for integration and management.

*Natural language processing and generation algorithms help you make sense of later volumes of conversations.

*Power of AI into your search solutions for improved relevance and conversations.

*Understand and categorize customers based on behavior and unstructured data.


AI Software Development Tools are one of the most widely used technologies of the 21st century. Corporates and enterprises all over the world are looking forward to artificial intelligence in marketing, machine learning, and deep learning to optimize their operations.

Automation through AI Development Tools holds the capability to improve various company operations significantly.

With advances in fields like machine learning-based operations, computer vision, and deep learning, companies are finding new ways to apply AI Development Tools to their operations.

Today, artificial intelligence software can be used for a variety of applications, including customer resource management, product personalization, better customer service, business intelligence, and analytics.

Moreover, they also help speed up processes that were previously done manually through smart automation, image processing and text parsing.


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