Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

One may come across a YouTube video that needs to be converted into an audio track you will often need to listen to it on your own time on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or iPod.If you are looking for the Best YouTube to MP3 Converters, we got you covered in this article.

This can only be possible with the use of the right tool. Before any use of a tool, it is very crucial to get an understanding of YouTube to MP3 downloader basics.Despite knowing how to download YouTube Video, it is possible to convert your videos to MP3 using advanced tools.

YouTube to MP3 Converter.

It is mainly a tool used to convert a YouTube Video into an MP3 audio format for data safety and easy access anytime needed.

The conversion allows one to listen to your preferred YouTube video with no need for internet and it also makes it easier for audio sharing with others.

This also facilitates downloads of audio file episodes and re-uploading to an audio podcast for increased exposure and audience growth.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Creators and marketers understand the value of YouTube as it has become a modern-day platform. For the best video conversion, one is required an essential tool that fits everyone’s needs. Below are factors to consider when selecting a YouTube converter.


Safety should be one’s priority when taking a look at these factors. The tool to use should be presentable in a professional way and the data shared should stay confidential. A 2-step verification procedure can be a wise idea but it may slow the process if in a hurry.

Always read the reviews of the chosen converter before settling on it making sure there are no malware or Trojan viruses in your files. In case pop-up ads and links should be of high concern.


One needs to figure out the features needed when looking for a YouTube converter. For instance, you need to know if the application supports various formats like MP4 or Waveform Audio files (WAV) and if the user can edit the clips before downloading them. You should research and get the right tool that suits the needs required.

3.Conversion Speed.

A detailed search is needed upon selecting a YouTube downloader that converts at a high speed as spending less time on conversion increases the levels of productivity. The conversion generally takes as less as 30 seconds to several minutes determined by the video lengths.

4.Audio Quality.

Audible audio acts as a powerful marketing asset as it boosts audience and brand growth. That is why one must pay attention to the final converted file. The selected tool should have quality resolutions, that is, low, medium, and high. Furthermore, Cloud storage space is very important for file downloads just in case one needs to work on huge files.

5.Supported Formats.

As a user, you may also want to get other YouTube video formats such as MP4, WAV, OGG, Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

6.Online Versus Desktop App.

There are two ways to look into while deciding on which tools to work on;

  • Some tools provide applications for desktops and mobile phones.
  • Browser-based tools are readily available for video conversion avoiding the hustle of having to download the app and installing for one to utilize it.

List of Best YouTube to MP3 Converters.

1.YT Saver.

This tool permits YouTube video downloads and converts them to an MP3 audio file.  It is also widely used for audio and video downloads from lots of streaming sites.

The formats under this tool include; MP3, MP4, MOV, and AAC. YT saver permits the user on downloading a preferred number of videos, channels, and YouTube playlists at once. One must download it to use, as it doesn’t have a website-based option.

YT Saver Key Features.

  • Music and video download from over 10,0000 sites – The YT Saver allows one to download music and videos from 10,000 plus websites in multiple formats. The tool supports popular sites and many others too.
  • Bulk video downloads – The users gain access to unlimited playlists and videos from websites streaming and offline downloads. All favorite videos can be downloaded at a go.
  • One-click YouTube playlist download – One can save a playlist and choose your song from a YouTube platform.
  • Cut YouTube video in-Build browser – This in-built internet browser makes it easier for users to get along websites to access videos and music. Videos are downloaded straight from the site while YouTube Cutter reduces the size of the video you want.
  • MP4, MP3, AAC video conversion – The YT saver HD Video Downloader has no loss as it is fully compatible with different downloads of SD, 4K, and 8K videos.
  • Download Speed of 10× faster – The 10 faster download speed allows video downloads with a superfast speed and access to the fastest conversion speed.
  • YouTube Subtitle download as SRT – The tool allows the user to download and stream selected YouTube videos with subtitles. You may use an option to automatically download subtitles of a great video of your choice to get each SRT video.

Pros of Using YT Saver Downloader.

  • Greater stability and expansion of features.
  • The tool is easily and quickly installed at ease.
  • Superb sound of the downloaded files.
  • Fast downloading speed.
  • The tool is widely compatible with other websites other than YouTube only.
  • Updated regularly and highly responsive to feedback.

Disadvantages of YT Saver Downloader.

  1.  It is a paid software

Pricing for YT Saver Downloader.

The YouTube to MP3 converter also has a free version and you can try what it has to offer. More so, for a better experience, one is recommended to upgrade to a PRO version.

 It also offers 30-day free customer support, a money-back guarantee, and finally lifetime system-free updates upon upgrading.

Windows Pricing Plans

  • 1-month plan at $9.95
  • Yearly plan for $19.95
  • Lifetime plan for $29.95
  • Family plan for $39.95

Mac Pricing Plans

  • Monthly plan for $12.95
  • Yearly plan for $24.95
  • Lifetime plan for $34.95
  • Family plan for $44.95

It is a tool that swiftly converts selected YouTube videos into audio tracks and is an exclusive platform with ad-free website scenarios free of charge.

The tool is also capable of editing clips, converting them into respectable formats, and comes with an added advantage of the cloud for embedding, publishing, and downloaded file storage.

An integrated video marketing platform is crucial for creating content that assists you maximize the web’s capability as the running in the internet world is so swift.

The Key Features of consists of specific sections for visual effects, graphic effects, and stock libraries. The features are as follows;

1.Easy and Fast Clip Editing – The clip editing features are very helpful and beginners can quickly learn how to use them. The user can resize, rotate, trim merge clips, watermark addition, and finally add text to the videos.

The features are useful for individuals and marketing teams as it is an awesome resource for compelling video creation. In a matter of time, one can create compelling videos with an impressive array of AI-powered features.

2. Multicameras and Screen sharing – This feature supports two cameras for video streaming and this gives you the freedom to demonstrate the required materials as well as face live.

Adjustment to the best angle is recommended for viewers to have an excellent visual experience whereby you retain their attention and interest for a longer time. A good set of tools enables one to create top-notch live shows.  

Wave. The video has no limits towards one’s level of creativity as you can add your face by using a webcam box and get an awesome creature transformation as one of the boldest ideas one can implement.

3.1000+ Video Templates – As the user, you should apply filters as templates usually differ in style and theme.

The templates can be customized to suit one needs by modifying the color, font, size, and text position after a desired option selection. Finally, you can share the ready video on your website or add it to social media.

4.Customizable Ads-Free Video Hosting – Videos can be saved on one platform while using Wave video hosting services.

Website clip addition is easy and it also leads to a stable site loading speed and automatic adaptation of videos to different screen sizes.

One can modify the controllers and color palettes to make the audience’s viewing experience pleasant. Integrated instruments are used to fix any imperfections in your videos.

Finally, top-notch product illustrations can be created for landing pages by the use of a loop.

5.Video Landing Pages for Driving Sales – Wave. Video generates an awesome video landing page for every added to the platform and you are also able to change some elements for matching the overall campaign concept. It consists of a video player, description, call-to-action, and heading page.

6.A variety of Great Text Themes – The text tool is easy to navigate and for one to get access to text options, you have to click on your text of choice in the video after which a window pops up available with editing tools. The features are used for ;

  1. Font’s adjustment.
  2. Text color modification.
  3. Text animation insertion.
  4. Transitional texts.
  5. Editing texts using neon glow effects, drop shadows, and any other effects available.
  6. Text styles editing.

7.Unique and massive Stock Libraries – One can create awesome videos using various materials from the free stock libraries.

There are 200 million free stock videos available on the platform and you get to choose the suitable one. It offers limitless clips that can be combined to create promotional videos.

For any style selected for the project, you can choose 300,000 Royalty Free Videos. Furthermore, one can add relevant background music to enhance your videos with a more emotional and engaging feeling.

High-end pictures are also available in the in-built library. You can utilize these photos to create video collages, awesome clips, and powerful graphics for marketing campaigns through extensive capabilities.

Pros of

  1. Easy to navigate through.
  2. No coding is required for layout customization.
  3. Possibility to modify styles inclusive of auto-captions.
  4. Artificial Intelligence text-audio feature.
  5. It is capable of broadcasting two sources simultaneously.
  6. 30 formats auto-resizing tool.


  1. The numerous features can be challenging for newbies.
  2. There are watermarks while using a free plan.

Wave. Video Pricing.

The Wave. video plan consists of so many restrictions, including the download of created videos. Your clip is limited to 15 seconds while using a free plan and it still has 2 million templates and resources. The paid plan options include;

  1. The Steamer – The plan costs $16 monthly.This plan consists of a basic editor, space to make videos, GIFs of up to 15 seconds, templates, a stock library of 2 million assets, and a thumbnail maker.
  2. The Creator Plan – It costs $24 per month. You get access to a stock library of 200M assets, a thumbnail maker, and templates. It allows a video creation of 15 minutes long, background removal, captions insertion, subtitles addition, and conversion of text to speech.
  3. The Business Plan – It costs $48 per month and you can create 60 minutes videos as well as 60 fps. In addition, you get a stock library of 200M templates and assets, a background removal, a thumbnail maker, stylish caption automation plus subtitles, and finally a text-to-speech feature.


Freemake runs online on a Mac operating system and through downloading and installing it on your Windows devices.

An outstanding interface leads to quicker and easier YouTube video conversions and it also extracts audio files from videos and Cds.

It has several outputs of the Freemake video conversions and it can burn a DVD making it the best selection.

The Key Features of Freemake.

1.Various formats and device support –  Freemake Video Converter supports all popular audio and video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, SWF, WMV, MP3, DVD, 3GP, SWF, FLV, HD, MOV, RM, TOF, M4V, QT, Divx, Xvid, TS, MTS, and more.

Moreso, it allows you to create videos from images format like BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIF while audio formats are AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AMR, APE, and M4R.

Freemake will also help you in video conversion by facilitating playback on specific devices, such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Sony PSP, Xbox, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, BlackBerry, and smartwatch, using built-in and customizable presets.

2.YouTube Video Downloads – Freemake is more than just a video converter as it presents an exceptional way of video downloads from sites such as YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, VK, LiveLeak, NicoVideo, and Flickr.

Simultaneously, one can extract audio from downloaded videos in altered formats that takes less storage space. Freemake Video Converter is helpful in video uploads, music, images, or DVDs to sites that support them like YouTube.

3.Hardware-Accelerated Conversion – It utilizes the computer’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and multicores to get an optimal media conversion speed.

As a result of this, you’re able to utilize the two-pass encoding feature without having to worry about tasks taking longer to finish. The conversion time is generally reduced by half when the hardware-accelerated conversion is activated.

4.Built-in Video Editor – The editor helps you twist the output as per your preferred choice. It enables you to merge, rotate, trim, and cut videos or audio as well as add subtitles to the videos.

The tool comes in handy with an in-built preview mode making sure your editing comes out as you want it.

Pros for Freemake Video Converter.

  1. It supports the most popular video formats.
  2. Its interface is easy to navigate through.
  3. It offers a free plan to download and utilize.
  4. Freemake Video converter makes it easier for video conversion on mobile devices by providing presets for gadgets like iPhones, Android smart phones, and iPad.
  5. It can burn videos into DVDs directly from the tool without using any third-party software.

Cons for Freemake Video Converter.

  1. The free version includes watermarks on converted videos.
  2. Slow conversion speed while converting large files.


  • Free trial.
  • Freemake Gold Pack – This plan goes for a $ 19 lifetime license.


KeepVid is an excellent selection when one is in search of a more user-friendly YouTube converter as it is a drag-and-drop.

It has a straightforward interface that offers extensive types of features like automatic transcription and online video compression enabling the user to accomplish more than just video conversion into MP3.

This free plan tool has no restrictions on file sizes, quality of input video, and quality of video output.

KeepVid Key Features.

1.Video download as MP3 Music File – The tool offers an option to extract the MP3 format from the video if you don’t want to download the visual section. This tool is really helpful when you need the removal of your favorite tunes from the videos.

2.Video downloads from over 10,000 websites – Users can get videos from 10,000 streaming websites such as YouTube, MYVideo, Yahoo, CBS, Vevo, and many more. In a matter of time, the tool downloads any of your preferred videos from online sources.

All that is needed is to copy the URL and copy it to the clipboard. All that is needed at this point is to paste the URL and click on the Download MP3 button for downloading the MP3 file.

3.Converting Video Downloads – The built-in KeepVid converter easily converts the downloaded videos by command or automatically selecting the download and convert button on the main display to 150 plus video/audio formats.

4.A built-in browser to search and stream videos – This option helps users download their favorite files directly from the software without having to navigate elsewhere. It supports several tabs just like other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome making it a viable virtual browser in software.

5.Video Management by Video Library – KeepVid Pro generally functions as a video library where you manage the videos and MP3 files downloaded with no need for a separate video library feature.

6.Video recording – The tool offers a screen recorder feature just in case videos can’t be downloaded due to any limitations or errors. One should click on the Record Video button to commence screen recording.

Pros for KeepVid.

  1. Video and MP3 files download from 10,000 plus sites.
  2. Bulk playlist downloads.
  3. Popular video formats conversion such as MP4 and MP3 manually or automatically.
  4. Merging High Definition audio and video files automatically.
  5. Subtitles download.
  6. Easy to navigate through.
  7. Established user-friendly Interface.
  8. Free version availability.

Cons for KeepVid.

  1. YouTube couldn’t be browsed in an Online video section.


KipVid has two pricing plans;

  • 1 Yearly license for $29.
  • A lifetime license for $39.


This tool allows you to effortlessly download and convert YouTube videos on Windows, Mac, and Android.

It runs at an impressive speed and can perform bulk tasks by downloading as many as 99 tracks. Its interface comes with multiple languages and also enables one to download videos from TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

MP3Studio Key Features.

1.Files Advanced Security – There is no need to worry about third parties accessing your data as the downloader has advanced security features. The best part is that developers always monitor the database and do regular updates for safety free from viruses and various threats.

2.Multiple Languages Users Interface – The developers have done a tremendous job of translating the user interface into 23 languages where one can choose from English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and many more. The only limitation is that currency cannot be changed with license options.

3.Online platforms support – It enables users to download videos and audio from other popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. In comparison to YouTube, the download procedure and used features are all similar.

4.Strong platform support – Video clip downloads ad creating audio files should not be an issue to the user regardless of the platform you choose to work with MP3 Studio. The service is readily available on Android phones, tablets, and computers with Windows and Mac operating systems.

5.A convenient way to download YouTube Videos – Any device can be utilized to download and watch video content while offline. Start with identifying the YouTube video you need to download to your computer or Smartphone.

Next, open MP3Studio and copy the link, then paste it into the relevant field. Finally, choose an output format and click on the convert option after which the download will start.

Pros of MP3Studio.

  1. 99 video download at a go.
  2. MP3 supports numerous formats.
  3. Offers a 1080p resolution.
  4. It has a built-in music player.
  5. It supports ID3 tags.


  1. The free version only permits 3 conversions per day.


  • Free plan – It allows 3 conversions per day.
  • Monthly plan – It costs $5.99
  • Yearly license – It costs $25


One should be keen while using free YouTube to MP3 converters on making sure not to download copyrighted material.While having one of the Best YouTube to MP3 Converters, Check out YouTube’s policy to get know-how of the owner’s consent before any download.

Having that in mind, utilizing a free YouTube to MP3 converter can save you time as long as you are downloading and converting videos not protected by copyright.


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