Car insurance policies you should know.

Car insurance policies are just like any other health insurance policy that creates contract between the insurer in this case the insurance company and the insured in this case a person or corporate body. The main purpose is to render protection to the insured up on the suffering of a financial loss in the event of an accident of the car and theft of the car.

In the US just like other parts of the world, there are several Car insurance policies that exist in the market to caution car owners with different car insurance quotes.

Cheap car insurance in the event of an accident.

Liability insurance policy, this policy is the most basic, will cover damages arising from a motor vehicle accident of the other party vehicle and it is limited in insurance liability payment that relates to the auto repairs and medical expenses. This is the least automobile insurance category an individual can carry in most states in the US while other states require more to this. Liability insurance policy has two variety the first variety covers repairs for minor things such as dents on the bumper and doors. The second variety will take into consideration of medical expenses arising from accidents as well as automobile repairs.

Personal Injury Protection policy, this is an insurance cover that is available only to some states in the US. This cover helps to settles medical expenses arising from an accident irrespective of the person at fault. The cover will include expenses such as rehabilitation, childcare for those in need of assistance while recuperating, and funeral cost.

Collision insurance policy, this is a cover that ensures the policy holder auto repairs is taken care when accidents occur either by hitting another vehicle or being hit by another vehicle even when you hit a pole. Under collusion cover an individual is protected whether they get into an accident while borrowing a friend’s car or they’re on the way home with a car that they just bought, and it also covers damage to a rental car. However, this cover does not include medical expenses or damages or loss repairs for the other car involved in the accident. Collision coverage is usually optional, but it can be handy for new drivers who are more likely to make mistakes and ding some doors. Collision coverage just like in the case of comprehensive cover does requires a deductible which is the amount you pay out of pocket each time you need to fix your car.

Comprehensive insurance policy, this policy will only cover for damages and loss on the insured automobile for perils such theft, fire, vandalism, natural calamities such as hurricane and tornados, falling objects, damage done by animals, and damage from civil unrest like riots. Its important to note that comprehensive cover does not cater for damages of the other party car in case of a collision, medical expenses arising form an accident and damages arising from collusion. Under this cover there is a deductible plan which requires the insurer to pay some money out of their pocket before the insurance can reimburse the covered claim.

Medical payments policy is an insurance cover whereby payments for the cover is optional for most car owners. In this case it covers the insured and any passengers in his car at the time of an accident. This cover also includes family members listed on the policy though they may be in another car. In case the vehicle they’re in gets involved in an accident require medical treatment, this insurance will cover it. It also covers those medical expenses associated with accident of an insured while being a pedestrian or a cyclist. The most important thing is that the cover is only activated after the exhaustion of the individual health insurance.

Flood Insurance is the cover which cover the individual against disasters associated with foods. According to the data from Federal Emergency Management Agency, flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. It can happen when rivers overflow, dams and levees break, or snow melts rapidly. This is most suitable for folks whose homes are located in a flood plain. As a matter of fact, a typical comprehensive car insurance covers natural disasters, and since flood form part of the various forms of natural disaster, taking up comprehensive auto insurance cover the best bet for people who live in a flood-prone area and don’t intend to pay for all potential car repair costs on their own.

Gap Insurance policy, this Car insurance policies coverage is a common type of insurance that dealerships often offer when you buy or lease a brand-new car. It has been common knowledge that the minute you drive off the lot in your new car, the car’s value drops like a rock. That however does not apply to the car loan or lease. This simply implies that what the individual owe on the car is more than what the car is worth for the first few years, this is what the gap cover insurance policy is meant to cover. Gap cover is most suitable to folks who have entered a long-term finance arrangement.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is a Car insurance policies the cover that is available for persons who have some extra money to pay as cautionary approach for paying huge sum of money when loss occurs sometimes in the future. This cover is usually optional in most states for car owners, and its suitable for new car owner. It is common practise that all new cars come with limited warranties, and most of these warranties varies by manufacturer. The limited warranty covers everything in the car for a shorter amount of time, thus mechanical breakdown insurance usually picks up where the manufacturer’s limited warranty leaves off. As a matter of fact, the vehicle repair plans usually involve a deductible, and thus this cover attempts to set these repairs struggle a thing of the past.

Best car insurance companies.

When we talk about the best insurance companies for cars we do not mean that other insurance companies cannot provide the same cover but after engaging in various research, we decide to share a few insurance companies that might offer you the best services

State Farm

This insurance is among the best because it provides simple and easy procedures to file a claim according to an individual’s feedback survey. You may also consider this company if you do not have a military affiliation.


This is also the best care insurance company according to our survey. According to the customer’s feedback, the company provides satisfying services along with frequent updates on the status of claims.


This insurance company has also satisfied its customers according to your survey. Most customers claim to have offered easy and quick responses during claim filling. The insurance provides adequate information regarding their policies and easy steps to update it.


This insurance company is the best across the board according to customers’ feedback.


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