My story.

My name is Edward, I started this blog in 2022 February and quickly become one of my favorite blog after trying several other blogs. I believed in working smart and therefore, I didn’t want to use most of my energy to write and develop everything by myself.I tackled most articles with some experts in different … Read more

Bereavement Leave explained

In business, one of your employee might come to you to ask for bereavement leave or you as an employee might need this kind of leave. Losing a loved one is never easy and the grief that follows can be overwhelming. If a loved one passes away, it’s crucial for you as an employer to … Read more

Digital real estate

Most people are used to physical real estate.I know you are here to know more about digital real estate.Sometimes, you may have money but you don’t know where to invest. In the current technological world, most investors are trying to invest in digital real estate.While this seems to be complicated, but if you know something … Read more

Best online shopping websites

Believe it or not,55% of online business is not legit but we thank technology for bringing us at least 45% of legit business to through public reviews and user experience. The society is embraced by the fact that you can purchase 99% of all your needs just by a click of the button at your … Read more

Best Product to sell on Amazon

Amazon is the world most used website to sell and buy products. But if you are wondering what to sell on amazon then this is the right place to get your question answered. I believe you will agree with me when I say that identifying the most suitable products to sell on Amazon is challenging, … Read more

Real work from home jobs that pays well.

While some refer to it as working from home, others term it as home-based employment. You can earn money from the convenience of your home using the internet that lands you into a Real work from home. It gives you spend spare time talking to your loved ones and friends. Finding a lucrative niche market … Read more

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