Have technology thrown away insurance adjuster.

An insurance adjuster is also known as a claim investigator. This individual will help you determine how much your insurance company will pay you in case of any damages or losses. However, the new roles of the adjuster will help you get to the point and consider whether to find one or not.

What does insurance adjuster do for you?

This individual will help you as follows;

  • Assess your damages
  • Speak with witnesses
  • Read reports by officials

How does claim adjuster handle your CLAIMS?

First, the adjuster will prepare a claim file and present this file to the insurance company and the insured.

In the file, there will be photos and statements from people who were involved in the incident.

The file will be attached with adjuster’s recommendation and how the insurer should pay.

How technology is involved in this field

Technology is the key instrument to industry development. The claim department is the most sensitive department in the insurance company. Despite being a social good company, insurance also has real bottom lines. Since most of the insurance companies have physical claim adjusters, some of them have employed technology to relieve the workload of the adjuster. Some companies are now embracing the idea of technology and artificial intelligence to accelerate steps of the claim process.

For example, if a claimant submits the claim form the insurance company and meets the company’s requirements, the claim bot will payout immediately. Some companies allow their insured to submit these files without the need of an insurance adjuster.


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