How relevant is Humana Medicare.

Humana Medicare.

Humana Medicare is a healthcare insurance company. Humana Medicare provides health care coverage to individuals and families in the United States. It offers a variety of plans, including traditional and health benefits-based. In addition, it also provides wellness, dental, vision and accident coverage. In 1999 Humana Medicare was established in the state of New York. It operated an insurance program to cover over 64,000 people in the United States. At that time it only covered individuals with no other sources of health coverage. According to the company it focuses on “healthy individuals and families”.

Value-based program is also provided.

The company is intent on being environmentally responsible and strives for continually improving programs for its customers and employees. It also aims to cut costs by increasing efficiency and implementing technology solutions so that it can provide better services at more affordable rates.This is also a system of health benefits for individuals and families, which offer affordable healthcare coverage to the American people.

The company has a different approach for each plan. The traditional plans are those that are offered on an open enrollment basis with no pre-existing conditions excluded from eligibility. In the traditional plans, major medical expenses (supplies, services, practitioners) that normally would have been covered by the family’s primary insurer will instead be paid by Humana Medicare at a reduced rate or some health care products/procedures may not even be covered at all. These plans do not cover diagnostic testing or inpatient hospitalization costs. Thus, the cost of health care for the family would be covered by the individual’s employer and/or other coverage.

Advantages of Humana Medicare

-The coverage is widely available in most USA countries

-They provide quality plan which comprise of 32 contracts rated 4 stars or higher.

-It can be accessed to a top rated mail-order pharmacy.

Disadvantages of Humana Medicare

-They do not provide special needs plans

-The organisation is experiencing mixed reviews.


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