How to block a number.

Having a phone can be stressful especially when you keep on receiving annoying calls.We are going to help you solve this and start enjoying your phone again.Reading our how to guide has been helpful to most of our readers.

This is the time to block a number or numbers that keeps on calling you.You can do this by following simple steps described below.


Truecaller is an app that is used to identify phone numbers and block spam calls. The app is suitable both for business and personal use. Truecaller users can replenish their database and make the app up to date. It can identify all categories of spam calls, robocalls, scammers, telemarketer calls and others.

Pros of true caller

-It automatically blocks spam calls.

-It helps you identify unwanted callers.

-It lets you find data about suspicious callers in the app database.

Cons of true caller

-It can mark an essential number as spam.

-It does not block all the numbers you don’t want automatically.

-It allows users to add any number to the spam phone list that can be misused even for revenge purposes. The upside of this is that you can always get your number unlisted in the true caller website.

Truecaller also provides typical features of IM that can be used to text friends registered in the app, send media files and even make calls. The app even tells you whether your friends are free at any particular moment so that you don’t call them at inappropriate moments. You can also check data about your contacts with the app’s database. The true caller helps you reduce the number of spam calls that may be annoying.

Call blocking is for all true caller users. All you have to do is install the app. Truecaller divides all your numbers into spammers, hidden numbers, foreign callers, and numbers that are not listed in your phone book.

It then allows you to block any of these categories separately. It is easy to use but you should frequently check the list of blocked numbers to ensure that you don’t miss out on vital calls and texts.

Steps you follow to block a number:

Step one-Open the true caller app and go to contacts.

Step two-You scroll and get the contact you wish to block and go to their profile.

Step three-From the profile view, you select ‘block’.

Step four– A popup box appears and the true caller will ask you whether the contact is personal or business. It will also ask the reason for blocking but you don’t have to provide the reason.

All you do is make the necessary selections and hit ‘block’ and the contact is blocked.

If you don’t have the contacts saved, this is how you go about the business of blocking the contact:

Step one-You open the true caller app and go to blocking.

Step two-You scroll down and select the phone number from the ‘ block someone manually’ section.

Step three-You enter the phone number and the name of the person you wish to block.

After filling in the details, you tap ‘block’.

In case you don’t have the phone of the person that you want to block, you can also block by name. The downside of blocking by name is that all the people registered in that name will be blocked.

You can also block calls from a country or an entire series.

If someone is harassing you using multiple numbers, it allows you to block numbers from private numbers that aren’t saved in your contact list. You can also turn on the ‘block top spammers’ option to get rid of spam calls. It gets rid of all the numbers that have been marked as spam by other users.

How to block a number on iPhone using true caller.

Blocking a number on an iPhone using the true caller app is a bit complicated. To block a number on iPhone, here are the steps to follow:

Step one-Open the caller app on your iPhone.

Step two-You enter the number you wish to block in the search box. When this is entered, the true caller app will show the contact name on the screen. You then tap on that.

Step three-On the next screen, you will see the details of the number. You then tap on the ‘block & report’ button.

Step four-A confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the screen. You click on ‘block & report’.

Step five-The number is now blocked and you can’t get any calls, SMS, or any disturbances from the number.


When you block someone on a true caller, you can’t receive their calls and messages. Truecaller will notify you that their calls were successfully blocked when they try to reach you.

When a number gets blocked by too many users on a true caller, it gets a red contact card. When this number pops up on your screen, the true caller informs you.

When you want to remove your number from the true caller list, you just go to the unlisting link then type your number to remove it from the app’s database. That means that you are no longer a user and therefore can’t use their services.

You are also given an option of unblocking a number that you had earlier blocked or marked as spam on the true caller.


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