How to clear the cache on Instagram.

How to clear the cache on Instagram? Well with all being said, clearing the cache on Instagram has been a problem for some of us. But congratulation, you are in the right place to learn this today.

We all know that Instagram is the most used social media platform to share your memories, pictures, videos, and tips, among others.

At some point it may be required of you to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone or android just the same way you can clear cache for you phone using special software.

What is a cache?

In simple terms, a cache is reserved storage in your phone that temporarily collects data that helps your phone or computer website, browsers, and applications load faster.

To make this even more clear, our phones or computers store data temporarily to speed up the processes. However, what happens when we do not have more storage remaining?

There will be no more reserved storage and this makes it difficult for your phones or computers to temporarily store new information as you browse.

Once you visit and view your Instagram profile, the data of your profile has been stored in the cache memory so that the next time you open the profile, you will see the previously stored data from the local cache to speed up your loading time.

Also, if you changed your Instagram profile recently, it will refresh the content in the background. All this is to improve user experience until new updates are made.

Why do we need to clear the Instagram cache?

Yes, you need to clear your Instagram cache because when your temporary memory is full of junk files, the processing speed to load Instagram photos, and videos among other elements will be very slow.

Cache not only makes your Instagram account slow to load but also the entire phone browsing experience.

How to clear Instagram cache from iPhone?

The process of clearing the Instagram cache might be different with operating systems. 

Before looking at these steps, you have to know that you cannot delete or clear the Instagram cache from your iPhone without deleting the application.

This may sound awkward but that is the only way. To clear the cache and other application data on your iPhone, you need to remove or delete the applications from your device.

Therefore, the only way to clear the Instagram cache is by deleting the Instagram application and reinstalling it.

Follow these steps;

  1. Go to the setting section on your iPhone
  2. From the setting area, click on the general option
  3. Then you will see the storage section where you will find all the installed applications. Find Instagram and delete it from your phone. By doing this, you will delete all the temporary allocated data for Instagram.
  4. Go to your app store, find Instagram and reinstall it and start using it without any loading or delay problems.

How to clear Instagram cache from android phones?

  1. Long press the Instagram icon on your phone’s home screen and tap remove the app.
  1. Tap the Delete app.
  2. Restart your phone/device.
  3. Go to setting-profile-iCloud-manage storage-backups and select your latest backup.
  4. Toggle Instagram off.
  5. Go to the Google store and install Instagram again.

Now if you go to setting-general-iPhone storage, you will see the newly installed Instagram is taking up less storage space.

Is it necessary to clear the cache on your device?

The most correct answer to this question is No. Clearing your iPhone or Android device cache is not necessary.

This is because cache on Instagram is an important factor to improve your Instagram experience. Once you visit your Instagram and try to load any photo or post, the application will save them in the device cache for easy future retrieval.

When you delete the cache, the newly installed Instagram application will fetch data from the live server which might take time. But after a long time, the storage for your cache will decrease making your phone run slow. In some instances, deleting the cache helps improve your device’s performance.

Is it possible to clear the Instagram Cache without deleting the app?

Yes, you can do this but only on android devices and not an iPhone.

Thank you for reading.!!


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