How to connect LG washer to wifi.

How to connect LG washer to wifi can be hard .The LG appliances that are with WiFi connectivity are considered to be the most innovative. The LG washer is a fine machine designed to take the load of laundry off your back.

When connected to WiFi, it can do its work more efficiently. You just need to check for compatibility. You should make sure that the LG appliance that you are buying is at a technological level that supports connectivity to WiFi.

The washer models that support the WiFi connection are WT1901, WT7200, LUWM101, WM9500, WM9000, and WM5000.

How to connect LG washer to wifi.

Step 1-Turn on the LG washer

-You need to turn on the LG appliance. After turning it on, you hold the start or power button on the LG washer. When you hold this button, it turns on the WiFi.

-You then take out your phone or any other android device and enable the WiFi connection on it.

-You then go to the LG thinQ app.

-Once you have downloaded this app, you can use your phone as a remote control for the washing machine. You can log in to the device and continue. When you want to, you can change the settings and enjoy all the features that the washer has to offer.

Step 2-Connect to the LG thinQ app

Most of the LG electronics can be run and controlled via the LG ThinQ app. This is an AI based app that recognizes voice. It enables the users to give instructions or control the settings while away from the machine. This is the way way to download the app:

-You go to the playstation and download the ThinQ app.

-You open it and register yourself and include all the important details about yourself.

-You then wait for the confirmation email.

-After getting the email, you can now enable WiFi on your appliance and connect it.

-When you open the ThinQ app, you find the LG washer.

-You then look up the model number and match up the product’s physical attributes with the available picture that is presented.

-When you find and select it, you can now activate the app and be at liberty to fully use the benefits it offers.

There have been significant performance improvements on the app. It now works best with the Google Assistant voice recognition feature. This makes sending instructions easier and makes it fun to work with.

Benefits of thinq app.

ThinQ app.

This app helps you connect your LG appliance to WiFi in a convenient way. Some of the advantages that the app gives are explained below.

Advanced control

You can control the settings, movements, and other functions of the washer from anywhere. It gives you the options of selecting when to end the cycle, the number or types of cycles that you can put on the washer, and the speed of the cycles, among other things.

Quick access to customer service

With this app, you can easily get the customer service department to assist you in the event you are stuck. They can send in help or guide you through the troubleshooting step as required on the spot.

Washing options

When you explore the app, it will give you different ways to wash clothes using the washer machine. These options vary depending on the unique washer preferences and the washing requirements. You have the provision to choose from different cycles, select the stem wash option or look up other processes on the app. The app offers different options that you can choose to implement your washing requirements.

Addresses troubles

Aside from customer service, this app is capable of detecting errors and catching machine problems. It also informs the user immediately it detects an error in the machine. This goes a long way in helping the user to fix the problem. The smart AI feature is also capable of finding a solution to the problem that has been detected.

Automates the processes

This app can also decide and find the most appropriate and accurate washing cycle for your laundry. All you need to feed the app with are the details of your device’s model and it automates the processes.

Store memory

The app can keep the memories on the past settings on the same machine. This memory helps you to select and activate the cycle for different clothes or cycle preferences when you want to.

Ensures safety

In the event of a safety concern, the smart connection will stop the LG washer and inform the user of the problem. Any small malfunction like lack of water in the washer makes the app stop the washer and notify the user of the problem.


In summary, to turn your WiFi on, follow the steps that are provided on your LG washer. Long press the start button to run the WiFi, go to your phone settings and enable the wireless connection or WiFi option. Your washer is now connected to the WiFi. You can now control the setting through the LG ThinQ app.

The LG ThinQ app enables you to control and monitor the appliance from anywhere. Through the app, you can give commands to the machine by use of your voice.


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