How to file claims with Asurion in 3 simple steps.

Asurion is a private held company that provide insurance for smartphones, tablets,electronics and other devices that might get damaged.Individuals have been wondering how to get covered by this company but here are few simple steps. The first step is to contact Asurion where an agent can help you file a claim for your damaged or lost device. You will then be prompted to provide the agent with your credit card information and mailing address, which will allow you to receive your replacement device in the mail within 48 hours. In addition, if your damaged device was replaced or refunded, Asurion may ask you to return the damaged device within 30 days.

The second step is to contact your carrier for the steps necessary to determine if and when your carrier will reimburse Asurion for your claim. This is whereby you can use the support that your carrier will provide to determine official procedures, if you are eligible for a claim or if your claim is approved.

The third step is to fill out the Asurion form with all of the information including, the type of service (each phone has a separate deductible and coverage limit), device model numbers, purchase date and carrier name (if applicable). The Asurion form is then sent to our Claims Center where we review it and either approve or deny your claim. Once we have reviewed your claim, you will be notified by e-mail of our final decision.

file claims with Asurion

If you are approved for file claims with Asurion claim, they will send FedEx prepaid boxes along with Federal Express labels to return all damaged devices back to us. Therefore, you may receive replacements from us within 60 days. If your claim is denied, Asurion will notify you of the reasons for denial, and instruction on how to resubmit the claim at a later time.


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