How to fix a slow firestick issue.


It is very frustrating if you have a slow firestick issue. The Amazon firestick, though efficient, is not such a powerful device and has much slower speeds.

You may need periodic updates to the interface and the underlying operating system to make them perform better. Those who have installed and used Kodi may have noticed performance degradation over time.

Fire TV stick performance can take the form of lag, app crashes, reduced video quality, lower frame rate, slow motion videos, out-of-sync sounds, and long buffering times.

There are, however, methods that can be used to improve the performance of the app.

Some of these methods are discussed below:

 Check your power source

You can plug the USB cable into your TV’s USB or a spare laptop. But the effect is much lower than a wall socket and will affect the TV’s performance.

You are advised to use the manufacturer’s charging cable and adapter but if you choose to use a third-party manufacturer’s cable and adapter, you have to ensure that it has the same output as the original.

You should also check and ensure the wall adapter uses the correct voltage for your country.


You can occasionally restart to unclog a struggling fire TV stick to fix slow firestick issue.This helps breathe new life into it. You can do this by unplugging the device and plugging it back in again or by simply restarting the fire OS. When using the latter method, you are required to hold down the home(house) button, then select settings, then device, and finally ‘restart’.

Force stop unused apps

Apps that are unused and can’t be uninstalled or the apps that you would like to keep but you just don’t use much can be stopped to prevent them from running in the background. You can just follow the instructions that are given in uninstalling apps but instead of selecting uninstall, you select ‘force stop’.It helps make the apps not slow down the fire stick.

Uninstall unused apps and add-ons

Apps and add-ons definitely take up space in the memory and when they run in the background they cause the fire stick to run slowly. You therefore ought to uninstall any apps that you don’t use and also remove any Kodi add-ons that you don’t use. 

To uninstall these apps, you hold down the home(house) button, you select settings(applications), then go to ‘manage installed applications. You now select the app that you wish to uninstall and click uninstall. You then click uninstall again to confirm the uninstallation.

Clear data and cache

This menu can be found where the ‘uninstall’ and ‘stop force’ options are found. You just perform the actions in the order they appear. This means you clear data, then clear the cache. This works effectively because it helps in preventing the apps that you had forced to stop from reloading themselves later on.

Disable features that you don’t use

When you disable a few features in the settings, you definitely clear up some space. This frees up more resources for Kodi and other apps. Turning off the features also improves the level of your privacy.

You just hold down the home(house) button, then select settings(applications). You then select ‘collect app usage data’ and choose ‘turn off. You then move to ‘prime photos’, toggle off ‘allow guest connections’, and disable ‘access prime photos’. You do all these things if you don’t want this feature.

-You then select Appstore. You get an option that allows you to disable automatic updates which normally download and install new versions of your apps in the background. But you must update your apps regularly so that you can receive important security updates. Disabling in-app purchases and notifications also helps to spare some space.

-You then select ‘game circle’, you toggle off the share, your game circle nickname, and whisper sync for games.

App notifications

These notifications can be annoying and they impact the performance of the fire stick. Fire TV allows users to disable notifications on an app-by-app basis. You can access your notifications setting by following the following procedure:

You hold down the home(house) button, you then select settings(preferences), and then select notification settings.

You can now toggle on ‘do not interrupt’ by clicking on it. You can also click app notifications to toggle off notifications. Individual apps.

Turning off data monitoring

Data monitoring ensures that you don’t exceed your internet service provider’s monthly data allowance. You need to keep track of the downloads and uploads that you make. But it also uses a small portion of system resources that can be applied elsewhere in a more useful manner. To disable data monitoring, this is what you need to do: You hold down the home(house) button, and you then select settings(preferences). You go ahead and select data monitoring and click data monitoring to toggle it off.

Factory reset

If you have tried all the discussed procedures but don’t seem to be getting the performance out of your fire stick, you can opt for ‘factory reset. This process uninstalls all the apps that didn’t come preinstalled and changes all the settings to default.

To initiate and complete this process, you hold down the home(house) button. You then select settings(device).You then scroll to the bottom and select ‘reset to factory defaults’.You then confirm by selecting ‘reset’ and wait for the process to get completed.


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