How to generate youtube transcript for audio.

Youtube transcripts help those with impaired hearing or those in the subway who want to listen to their favorite podcasts. Youtube transcription can also give people a better understanding of a specific video’s content and provide a learning experience.


There are three primary ways that you can use to transcribe a YouTube video. They’re discussed below.

Use an Outside Automatic Transcription tool

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate youtube transcript. These tools take videos and transcribe their audio for you. They can also transcribe audio-only files. Some of these tools are premium and cost you some money. This can be via subscription or pay-per-rate. But they save you so much time and give you excellent value. These tools are given below:


This tool combines a transcription service with a tool. You just upload your files and the software generates a transcript for you. You can get a transcript without converting the file in your preferred format because they accept any video types. It also allows you to export your transcript into word and PDF among other file types when you make an edit that you can only make directly through the app. It gives an accurate transcription.


Trint is a transcription tool that comes with a desktop version and an app like Temi which allows you to edit your subscriptions on both. They use AI software to create transcripts in multiple languages within minutes.

It can translate 54 languages but the downside is that this feature is not on all apps.

When you speak clearly, Trint will work best for you but if you have a heavy accent or your pronunciation is poor, Trint can create inaccurate transcripts.


Rev uses human transcriptionists rather than software. You just upload a video from your computer or give them. Once it’s finished, you can review the transcript and give it a rating. You can then export it as a word file, PDF, or any other format that you prefer.

Work with YouTube and google’s own transcription

Youtube transcript tools are free but you need to enable automatic captioning first. After doing that youtube will generate its own captions using speech recognition technology. But speech recognition doesn’t always bring forth the most accurate transcripts. You may have to edit youtube’s automatically generated transcripts a bit.

To get a transcript from an existing video, you open your video on YouTube itself and not the youtube studio. You then click on the three dots under the right-hand corner of your video.

It is recommended that people use their own captions on the videos because the automatic captions may not appear on new videos right away, and also because of the accuracy problem.

Use Google docs to transcribe YouTube videos

Google docs has a built-in typing feature that is only available on chrome and it helps in transcription. So if you are using a different browser, you can’t find it.

To locate it while using chrome, you open chrome, then open a new google doc. You then click on ‘voice typing ‘ and look for a microphone icon.

To transcribe the video, you open a second browser window and then set the two side by side. You then open the video you wish to transcribe, you then click on the microphone icon and when it turns red, it means its recording. You can then hit ‘play’ on your video.

But you can’t navigate away from your google window at all because when you do that the recording stops right then.

Google live transcribe for android

This starts writing what it hears immediately you open it and it saves the data for three days so you have to stick it in by then.

AppleDictation App

This app works offline. This gives you some flexibility because you can import files like videos into the app for transcription. You can then edit the transcripts and then export them, or copy and paste the text into an email, notes, or other apps. But you need to have your phone very close to your speakers.

Do It Yourself

If you find software, it can help you perform a DIY subscription. But the software doesn’t do automatic generation.

Transcription foot pedal

This allows you to start and stop the audio files anytime without the use of more. But you need software. If you prefer not to use a foot pedal, most of the software allows you access to a key on your keyboard to control playback.

Word expanding software

A text expander can help you transcribe your videos with shorthand and turn them into a youtube transcript.


Your videos are an important part of your content marketing. You should do everything to help them get a larger audience. Transcription is one of the things. You don’t have to be a professional transcriptionist to know how to transcribe a YouTube video. You can just go about it.

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