How to join a pinterest group board and increase traffics.

Are you interested in joining a pinterest group board and increase traffics?Well, this is the best article for you.Just keep reading to know how,

What is Pinterest Group Board?

Pinterest group boards are fairly similar to regular Pinterest boards, with the exception that more contributors are all exchanging ideas and contributing content for the same topic, such as food recipes or travel.

The ability to publish your pins and content to boards with potentially thousands of monthly users as well as other members, all of whom can repost your content, makes Pinterest boards extremely crucial for generating traffic.

How to Search for and Join Group Boards on Pinterest

Step 1: Make a list of bloggers and other influential people in your Niche.

Find other bloggers and influencers of various sizes in your niche as the first step in identifying appropriate group boards to join. Because they have likely joined at least a few group boards on Pinterest.

So make a list of all the influencers in your niche that come to mind, then visit their blogs and read what they have to say. If you don’t know any, try searching for them in Google by adding the keywords for your niche and “blog” or “blogger.”

Discover which ones are on Pinterest by looking for social media links on their website, then follow them so you can easily access them later.

You should target bloggers and influencers of all sizes because you might not be able to get invited to the prominent message boards that the top influencers frequent. You must start small if you’re just starting started, and then move up as your audience and impact expand.

I’ve compiled all of my finest advice in one blog post to help you launch your Pinterest strategy successfully. Therefore, if you’re interested in rapidly and successfully setting up your entire Pinterest procedure, this post will be quite helpful.

Step 2: Find the Pinterest group boards they are contributing to.

Once you’ve started following a Pinterest influencer, check out their profile to see what group boards they’re participating in. Look for the circular “group board icon” in the bottom left corner of a board to identify it as a group board:

Choose the ones that seem like they would work for you, and then click on them to proceed to the group board.

Step 3: Follow the group’s originator and identify them.

Read the group description on the group board page once you’ve arrived there to find out whether the group welcomes new contributors or not.

Fantastic if it is!

Please go to follow the group board. You won’t be able to receive an invite unless you are already following the group board and the group creator.

Now to track down the author:

You’ll find an expanding list of all the board contributors near the top of the board. Click on the image of the group founder, who is always listed first, to visit their Pinterest profile.

Before you do anything else, click the follow button since often they will need to see that you are following them before adding you to the group board.

Step 4: Follow instructions to request an invitation

You can discover instructions for becoming a contributor on the group board after you’ve followed the group board and the group founder. The group description on most message boards will state this, and joining is typically requested by email to the group’s creator or comment on the post. If you want to have the highest chance of being added, you should do as instructed in both scenarios.

  • Sending an email for an invitation

To join the group board, send a message to the supplied email address. Keep in mind to mention the name of the group board you want as well as your Pinterest email (the one you used to sign up for an account) and/or Pinterest link. Go to your profile and copy + paste the URL into the browser to find your Pinterest connection.

Your chances of success increase significantly if you provide a link to your blog so that others may visit it and determine that you are a real person, not a spammer.

  • Comment here to request an invite:

Make sure you carefully follow the instructions because they can differ from group to group. The request to join the group is most frequently made as a remark on one of the group creators’ most recent postings.

If you are unable to locate any of the creator’s postings in the group, visit their profile and select the “Pins” option. You will see every single one of their pins, starting with the most recent. For the highest chance of being viewed, pick one and remark on it while tagging that person with their @.

When requesting to be included, don’t forget to mention the specific board name in your reply.

Step 5: Repetition is key

For that purpose, you should carry out this procedure repeatedly until you’re satisfied with the number of group boards you are a part of. In my experience, joining 10–20 group boards is an excellent place to start if you want to increase the visibility of your pins and the traffic to your site.

Consequently, go through the list of influencers you created in step 1 and ask for invitations to as many of the group boards that each one of them is a member of as you can. As you go, make sure they are a suitable fit for your blog and business.

By looking for new influencers, checking out their group boards, and joining those group boards yourself, you may practically eternally repeat this process since these boards are full of other influencers.


In conclusion, joining a pinterest group board and increase traffics can be a great idea to scale up your online business.However, you need to be careful about groups that are not relevant to your business niche.Don’t forget to be consistent and give thoughtful ideas to increase your credibility in the group.


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