How to record amazon prime music at 5X faster speed.

Apart from being among the best online shopping website, Amazon offers Amazon prime music that can provide you with the offline playback function after you have subscribed to its music subscription service.

The downloaded music tracks are encoded in Amazon’s protected M4A format which makes them unplayable outside the Amazon music platform.

There’s a much more convenient solution that can help you record amazon prime music, download and play the songs, podcasts, and playlists for Amazon Music locally.

Best tool for Amazon Music free record.

Tunefab Amazon music converter.

This is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. It allows you to rip songs from Amazon prime music to MP3 at once. It also enables you to store Amazon music locally and provides you with the option to stream and enjoy high-quality music. This tool works in different ways.

Preserve ID3 Metadata Tags.

The recorded songs are kept in their original ID3 tag information that includes their title, album, artist, and album cover. The converter can detect the tags automatically and the music will be organized. You can sort the converted music in a specific artist| or album folder and then burn Amazon music that you can playback in your car. You first create your enjoyable commute and all other things will fall into place.

Batch conversion.

Tunefab Amazon music converter enables you to add multiple songs in batches and convert the music all at once. It does this splendidly and uniquely. You can also tweak output settings for all songs with one easy click and everything runs smoothly.

Tunefab Amazon music converter has a clear and user-friendly web player embedded in it. This feature enables you to directly record prime music even without having the Amazon music installation.

Multiple outlook format.

The converter has more than one output format. This means that you can choose the one that befits your device for playback. It can record, convert, and save your Amazon music locally in several ways that include MP3, MP4, WAV, and FLAC android.

Fast conversion speed with high quality

Tunetab Amazon music converter boosts a 5X faster conversion speed which makes it possible to get multiple albums recorded within a period of a few minutes. It also helps to keep the songs’ high quality in place.


There are guidelines in place that are effective in recording songs from prime music through this tool. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Download, install and launch Tunefab on your computer

You can visit Tunefab’s official website and download the Amazon music converter to your computer. TuneFab runs smoothly both on Windows and Mac systems as a classic audio converter tool. The system requires the following :

Operating system. :Windows 7 or later on a 64-bit system, Mac OS X 10:12 or higher, a processor that’s above 1 GHz, 512 MB or higher of RAM, 1 GB of free music space for storage, and broadband connectivity.

After you install it successfully, you launch the program and you are good to go.

Log in to your Amazon music account

The converter is integrated with the Amazon music web play so it requires you to log in with an eligible Amazon account to access the Amazon music library. So you must have an Amazon account to access the music.

Stream, look for your favorite songs, playlists, or podcasts, and add them to that queue

You can search ‘function’ to find the song album that you wish to download to MP3. You can also pick a random playlist and click on the blue add icon on the screen. This enables all the tracks to be added to a new converting tab. There is also a multi-select function that allows you to choose specific songs and drag them to the ‘Add icon’.

Choose your preferred android format for exporting

You can convert all the files to the same audio format or tweak the output format for each specific song because the converting tab has neatly displayed basic song information that enables you to see the artist, song title, and song length. By default, all songs will be formatted in MP3 at 256 Kbps but it gives you the option to change the parameters.

Record and convert the music content

You can then click on the ‘convert all’ button and all the songs that you have selected will be converted to your chosen music format. You can now check your music conversion history by going directly to the ‘finished’ tab to view all the content.

After the conversion process, you can put the converted Amazon prime music on a USB, flash disk or hard disk as a way of backing it up or you can opt to transfer the converted MP3 audio to an old MP3 player to enjoy offline.


With the TuneFab Amazon Music converter, you can easily and efficiently record music and listen to Amazon prime music offline if you wish. All you need to do is download the converter and enjoy Amazon prime music freely.


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