How to recover sticky notes on windows 10 or 11.

When you want to recover sticky notes on Windows 10, you can try installing the app from the Microsoft store. In case you were signed into the sticky notes before the app was uninstalled, your notes are bound to appear when you reinstall and sign in with the same account.

Microsoft improved sticky notes with Windows 10 while still retaining the simplicity of taking notes that come with the other classic version. It is now a popular way to take notes that you can delete easily later. Sticky Notes has no archive feature and therefore clicking on the delete will directly delete it.

How to recover the sticky notes.

These are the ways that you can use to recover sticky notes:

Check outlook

You should know that every time you delete a note, a copy of the same version is normally stored in the fresh folder of Outlook.

So all you need to do is check on the link below to open Outlook in your favorite browser and log in using the same Microsoft account that you use on your computer. You can then click on deleted items in the left sidebar and the notes waiting for you to be recovered will appear. The Outlook setting determines the length that the deleted items will take to stay in that folder. But chances are normally high that they are still there.

Restore it.

This feature is difficult to find. But it does exist. You can restore sticky notes from the previous version which you will use to recover any deleted notes when you launch sticky files later. You just need to search for sticky notes. You then right-click on it and select ‘properties’.You can also use the Alt+enter shortcut that helps you if you happen to have a desktop.

This helps you to launch dialog directly. Under the previous versions tab, you will find older versions of sticky notes with dates. If there happens to be a previous version, you select it and click on ‘restore’.You then apply and then click ‘ok’.You can close sticky notes and relaunch them and all the deleted notes from back then will reappear.

The hidden file.

Some files are hidden to protect them from getting deleted. This deletion can happen without the intention to delete. They’re mostly the system files. Under this, there is a folder that offers you an option to find the contents of your deleted sticky notes.

All you have to do is unhide it first. You search for Hidden files in windows. After opening it, you move to the view tab. You then select ‘show hidden. They are usually more faded compared to the other folders.

You can now navigate to a folder that allows you to see the sticky notes. You then right-click on this file and open it with a notepad because it is a file format that is not recognized by windows.

When the file opens, there is a lot of gibberish text that doesn’t make sense that appears on the screen. You should just ignore those gibberish notes. You just move on to the search feature (CtrI+F) to find the content of the deleted notes.

The file will have texts that you accidentally deleted. So if your notepad has the word ‘call’ on it, you should search for that.

Enable ‘delete confirmation’.

There could have been a possibility of deleting sticky notes directly when you clicked the little ‘x’  button in the previous versions of windows. On Windows 1, when you click on ‘x’ all it does is close the note. Sticky notes will only delete a note if you happen to click on the trash icon.

So you can go to settings and enable’ confirm’ before the deleting option. You will then get a popup asking for your permission before erasing the note. That is usually a safety measure that prevents you from ending up deleting the delete button mistakenly.

Backup sticky notes.

In case you are using sticky notes to store important information, you need to take a backup of the notes just in case you press the windows Key+R on your keyboard that launches the Run prompt.

You then type a specific command and hit the enter button. You will notice a file named plum. SQLite, which you can copy and paste in a secure folder. When you use a flash drive on cloud storage, it makes it possible to restore the copy and pasted file back where you found it.

Use Google keep.

Google keep is capable of replacing sticky notes in a perfect way. Google designed to keep with the concept of sticky notes makes it possible to color-code notes, make lists, and check boxes. You can also use labels to group them.

It also has a feature which allows you to archive notes that you no longer need, instead of deleting them. This way, you can always retrieve them when you need them.

The feature has the advantage of working on all platforms like windows, Android and iOS.


The idea of having sticky notes is important because it helps you to carry it anywhere you want. It also has a number of features but still retains its simplicity and visual appeal if you use it.

You just need to know those tips if you want to use it.


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