How to Start a Zero turn Mower.

Wondering on how to Start a Zero turn Mower,don’t worry,our how to guide article will take you through the steps.

A zero-degree turning radius riding lawnmower is referred to as a zero-turn mower. The mower can turn 180 degrees on a dime and is controlled by two steering levers rather than a steering wheel.

Summary: Push the PTO knob down to the off position, move the steering levers to the neutral position.

To Start a Zero Turn Mower.

You must acquire precise driving techniques in order to operate a zero turn mower. Sit down on its seat for this. Decide on your preferred driving position. Put the steps in the appropriate front end location.

Use the key provided to start the zero-turn mower. Utilize the motion control bars provided to manage the movement. The motion bar should now be progressively advanced. Wheels can spin freely.

The mower is actually moved by the motion of the motion bars. For the motion and direction to be correct, you must precisely move it with the right or left bar.

Start your Zero Turn Mower according to the instructions provided below.

  1. Check the fuel sector first, and then move the value from the off position to the left or right position to enable the supply of gasoline. The fuel section is located nearby the seat or the gas tank.
  2. After that, raise your mower’s parking brake and pull it up until it is vertical. The brake is located on the seat’s left side.
  3. Now Toggle the PTO switch. It is the rounded handle that is located on the control panel’s side.
  • Next, shift the steering into Neutral on each side. Incorporate the traction levers.
  • Keep the throttle lever raised now for maximum speed. On the upper and lower sides of the lever, respectively, there may be images of a rabbit and a turtle.
  • When steering a chilly machine, then pull the choke button outward. You do not need to open the choke if your engine is warm.
  • Start the engine by placing your ignition key in the lock now. Start by gently pushing the choke.
  • Once the brake is released, raise the PTO witch so the blades may engage. Then move forward by pulling the levers forward.

Managing the mower.

Forwarding the right motion bar will cause the mower to turn left. The mower will travel in the right direction if you do the reverse, such as moving the left motion bar forward.

By slowly moving the control bars backward, you can also reverse the zero turn mower. Additionally, by pulling the left bar to you or backward, the mower can also go leftward.

If you pull back the right control bar, the machine will go backward to the right in a similar way. The zero mower has the ability to make a 180-degree turn as well. To do this, you must advance the left or right control bar while moving the opposite bar backward.

Managing the mowing deck.

You can modify the mowing deck to suit your needs in order to improve the outcome of cutting the ground extras. To choose the cutting location, alter the height adjustments. Simply pressing the switch will effect this modification. Clean the mower deck after finishing the task.

Connect a hose to the mower deck’s port, turn on the engine, and then turn on the water. Clean the blades, too. Apply the engine’s maximum power to this. Once you’re done, gradually turn everything off. The mower can be moved manually as well. To do this, pry open the mower’s bypass valves on each side. This may also need to be done on the part of the machine.

Tip: Before increasing the speed once you are comfortable, practice operating and guiding a Zero Turn mower at a slower pace without the blades engaged.

To avoid running the mower over the deck on light posts, tree trunks, and other objects, practice tight turns carefully at first. Although the controls may differ depending on the manufacturer and type of the mower, all Zero Turn mowers start in the same way. For your convenience, each control is labeled with its name.


  • To prevent the mower from toppling over, reduce your speed when negotiating abrupt corners.
  • Never ride a zero-turn lawnmower with passengers. They run the risk of falling off in tight corners, losing their equilibrium, and being gravely hurt by the mower.
  • Avoid ascending cliff faces.


Garden mowers are a great asset for keeping the garden looking beautiful. The greatest tool for this, though, is a zero-turn mower. Make the most of your newfound knowledge of how to start a zero turn mower to maintain the health of your garden.


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