How to use Chick-fil-gift card online.

Chick-fil-gift card are always available at Chic-A-fil restaurants and at retailers. . Once you are limited to a Chic-A-fil online, you can use them in restaurants and even online.

They are a convenient way to earn more while at the same time you earn more rewards for eating at Chic-A-fil. They are available in physical and electronic formats and can be purchased in any Chic-A-fil station or even online via the Chic-A-fil website or app.

How to use Chick-fil-gift card online.

You can get Chick-fil-gift card in most locations that offer the services. You can also get it in several supermarkets or stores such as Kroger or Walmart. You can also purchase your gift card through their website when you use a few steps that are requested.

You select the ‘view gift cards’ option on the center of the page. You then click on Buy an e-gift card’.You can then choose the image you want and then select your gift card. After that you can personalize the card by adding the recipient and the sender’s email addresses. You can also add some personal messages if necessary.

The options given allow you to choose whether you want the card to be delivered immediately or at a later date, which you can stipulate. You can then click to ‘add to cart and then the checkout option. When you fill in your credit or debit card and include the invoice information, you select ‘submit order’ and the purchase is complete.

How to use a Chick-fil-gift card.

You are allowed to order online or through the mobile application. The procedure to be followed when indulging in online purchases is definite.

-You create a Chic-A-fil account through your website or your mobile application.

-You choose whether your order is by pick or delivery.

-You can then select what you want to order. The food that you want to eat.

-When you are sure of what you have ordered, you select to pay on the app and activate the payment.

-You must transfer money to the previously created Fil-A-chic account that you created to use your gift card. You can then select the option to transfer the gift card.

-You then enter your gift card number and PIN.

-When the funds are transferred, you select ‘pay with Chic-Fil-A ‘on your account to complete the order.

There is also an option that gives you the mandate to reload your Chic-Fil- Account before you place your order. This is how it works:

-You look at the ‘scan option at the bottom of the app.

-You scan the QR code found on your card.

-You then select the ‘add funds’ option.

-After that you move to the ‘transfer a gift card and the card balance will be transferred to your account.

If you purchased a Chic-fil-A card at a retail shop, grocery store, or pharmacy in the US, it can only be used at Chic-A-fil restaurants in the US. Physical Choc-Fil-A cards are not available for purchase online.

 To redeem your gift cards online, you need to enter the gift card number and PIN at the checkpoint. Once you have applied for your gift card, you can choose to pay any balance that remains via visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or any other available means.

Chick-fil-A is available to order through third-party delivery apps like Grub hub, Uber, and Eats. It should however be noted that Chic-fil-A cards cannot be used to pay for those orders. They can only be used to order directly from Chic-fil-A restaurants.

Chic-fil-A cards don’t have an expiry date and restaurants nationwide are accepting mobile payments through the Choc-fil-A app so that their customers are enabled to use their smartphones to pay for meals without having to rely on cash or credit cards.

How to check your balance.

To check your balance, you go to the website listed on the back of the card. You then enter the relevant information such as the card number and submit it. The information is available on the next page.

Reasons that can make your card to be declined.

The reasons that can lead to the declination of your card range from lack of enough funds in the account, if you haven’t registered or activated your card, and if there is a difference in the address you have given that isn’t the same as those of the provider.

How to pay on Uber Eats.

-You need to make sure you have the latest version of Uber Eats.

-You then tap the account icon and select ‘wallet’.

-You then select ‘payment method’.

-You then select got card.

-You can now enter your PIN|gift code without spacing.

-You then tap ‘add’.


Gift cards are a convenient way to give money and rewards for eating at chain restaurants. They are available in both physical and electronic formats and can be purchased online or at stores. However, physical Chic-fil-A gift cards can’t be purchased online.

Any restaurant selling or taking Chick-fil-gift card must be recognized by Chic-fil-A. The cards can only be used in countries where the cards are activated. Cards bought in Canada can only be used in Canada and those bought in the US can only be used in the US.


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