Kid’s as first priority for Dental insurance.

Dental insurance is a set of financial arrangements to help finance the cost of dental care. By purchasing a dental insurance policy, one is able to receive the benefits of preventive care and the promise that if a serious medical situation arises, such as an abscess or root canal, that your dentist will be compensated for their work.

Reasons for dental insurance.

1. It provides the insured with access to dental care.

This is a very important service in the financial domain of the society. Because, it also helps to take care of people who have dental problems which are related to their social status. That is why one must have this kind of insurance because this will help you get the preventive treatment like regular checkups and cleanings. Therefore, it will provide a good and healthy life for an individual or a family members or even children.

2. It helps the policy holder in getting the best dental services at affordable prices.

The dental insurance is very important because it gives the insured access to quality care at very low costs. It is because there are dental insurances that are not expensive like some of the medical insurances. This will also make the policy holder take good care of his or her teeth because he or she does not have to be afraid of losing a lot of money in case of a dental problem.

3. It provides the policy holder with better financial benefits.

The dental insurance is a must for every person because this will help them get relief from the financial burden of a dental care. It is because, if one does not have dental insurance, he or she will have to go to the dentist’s office whenever there are problems with their teeth.

Dental insurance is a type of medical insurance cover for your teeth and gums, also known as a dental plan, which also caters for preventive procedures such as yearly cleansing. Some employers don’t include dental plans in their employee medical coverage but it is often available for customers either together with medical cover or separately as dental insurance. This cover ensures that an individual has a great smile and thus the saying a smile is worth a thousand words. It helps patients to have a clear budget of what every procedure will cost as it is clearly outlined.

How Dental Insurance works

            Private dental plan system requires the individual to choose the insurance plan that your preferred dentist is on and choose what you can afford to pay in the long run. If your preferred dentist is already subscribed to the insurance company then all you can do is choose an affordable plan. Just in case you do not have a preferred dentist then you need to go to the insurance company’s portfolio and choose a dentist with an affordable plan.

If your preferred dentist is not subscribed to the insurance network then you will have to incur an additional cost to be able to use your dentist, it will be cheaper to choose a different dentist who is subscribed to the insurance. When calculating the monthly premiums several factors are considered such as the dental plan chosen and where you are located. Regardless of whether you use it or not insurance premiums are supposed to be paid on a monthly basis.

Waiting period

            Most insurance companies put waiting periods on dental plans lasting up to six or 12 months before they can be used to cover for dental procedures. Some even put a requirement of up to two years before they authorize any major dental work to guard against individuals who may take dental insurance just as a backup to already planned dental procedures.


            A deductible is the minimum amount an individual is supposed to pay the insurance company in order for that insurance cover to cater for the medical expense. An example is when a deductible is estimated at $300 and the dental procedure costs $220 the insurance cannot cater for this and the individual will have to pay for the entire cost of the procedure.


            When the person has paid his premiums until it has equaled or surpassed the deductible amount the insurance company caters for the medical expense but most policies do not cover 100%. A coinsurance is the percentage of the medical expense that the patient pays after insurance has covered the rest. 

Dental Procedures Categories

            There are three categories for dental procedures that are usually covered by dental insurance: Preventive procedures which include annual visits for dental cleaning, x-rays and sealing. These procedures are usually covered in full by a majority of insurance companies. Basic procedures includegeneral treatment for gum disease, extractions, fillings and root canals. A majority of insurance covers only 80% of these procedures with the rest being covered by the patient. Major procedures such as inlays, bridges and crowns are covered by half of the cost while the other half is paid for by the patient. 

Why kids are considered as first priority

Everyone knows that kids play a lot while trying to discover many things. Also, kids like eating snacks and food that might not be healthy for their teeth. This means they are more prone to lose their teeth and this might eventually affect their teeth growth and development.Kids might lose their teeth by falling and this impact might have affected their dental structure.Kids can also lose their teeth by eating snacks that are not recommended by the dentists.

According to research, adults who experience teeth problems might have tempered with their teeth development while young. Since we cannot control this, acquiring an insurance cover will save us(Parents/Guardian) from spending more on kid’s dental infections and harm.

Best dental insurance for kids

Guardian Dental

Insurance plan from this insurance help to protect child’s teeth with affordable plan options. The company covers a wide geographical location across different countries. Using this insurance will save you from kid’s dental expenses.


The insurance plan from this company increases your coverage as time goes. This can be your kid’s dental insurance company since their coverage increase with time and become beneficial to your kids when they grow up.


This is one of the most affordable family plans as compared to the above plans. The insurance plan for this company comes from low family deductible could only cost you $150 per year.


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