19 best website builder.

Website builder is platform that helps you develop your dream website.The can be an e-commerce website or any website.These platforms allows you to perform every aspect required such theme selection, post structure, page navigations among other important website elements.

Choosing your perfect web builder platform requires you to consider web speed, web hosting services, pricing and features that suite your website needs.Web builders can also help you create a well designed landing page for your business.With the help of Seo tools,you can find relevant keywords that will help build your blog or website.

Web Builders Market share overview:

Web buildersMarket shareNo. of websites
Zyro45%8 million
Weebly16%2.9 million
SQUARESPACE10%1.8 million
WIX6%1 million
Others23%4.2 million

In this guide, we have researched and provided you with top 19 best website builders in the world.We have described their distinct features, price and recommendation.You can use the table of content below to check your favourite selection.

Graphical representation.

In this guide, we have researched and provided you with top 19 best website builders in the market.We have described their distinct features, price and recommendation:


Zyro is among our best website Builders eCommerce software that provides website building,eCommerce and AI solutions to users with no coding knowledge.

It is self hosted and has eCommerce functionality.Zyro’s drag-and-drop page provides a guide system that is is especially helpful to non-designers.

Its templates;eCommerce services,photography,portfolio,blog,events and others,are free,lightweight and have a responsive design automatically designed to fit any screen size be it a tablet,a mobile phone or a desktop

Key features Zyro

  • Drag- and -drop editor-it has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor which makes it easy for beginners with no coding knowledge.It assists in mobile website customization.
  • Pages and navigation-you can access and manage which pages appear on the navigation menu and it’s possible to edit the pages,title and URL to improve the SEO performance
  • Add events-you can add texts,images,subscription sign ups and many more.
  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence {AI} tools that help build business name,logo,slogan and other important requirements of a business.For example AI writer for brainstorming.
  • Mobile friendly templates that are fully responsive and can adjust to any screen
  • size.
  • Google analytics and tag manager-these help to evaluate search engine performance and are integrated in the website to help achieve website optimization. 
  • Search Engine Optimization -it’s friendly with speedy loading time,mobile optimized website design that makes it easy for visitors to see the presence online.
  • Meta tags-these are beneficial for file performance hence  impacting on SERPs.
  • Compelling meta description-This increases click-through rate and therefore brings more traffic on board.
  • Gyro offers 24|7 services via live chats,knowledge base,email and contact form.To access live chats,users have to sign up first on Zyro web page.All conversations are stored so users can retrieve and it can help them solve the same problems in case they arise again.The knowledge base has video tutorials and screenshots accompanied by instructions for those who try to solve problems independently.
  • Catalog management-this helps add product details like name,price and description.
  • Inventory management-enables the business owner to note the level of stocks by low stock and out of stock notifications.
  • Order management-monitors orders from purchasing to delivery.
  • Automated tax calculation-this helps apply taxes automatically based on the region.
  • Secure payment-this tool supports 70 plus payment methods including online payments like PayPal,POS platforms like square and manual like cash on delivery.
  • Multiple shipping options-it offers free flat rate or custom rate based on freight and dimensions.Also included are local delivery and self pick up which is becoming more popular with omnichannel flow.
  • Storefront customization-this is modification or insert custom code or edit CSS directly for those with coding knowledge.
  • All-in-one marketing features- these include gift cards,Facebook ads,multichannel selling and google shopping and also Instagram.
  • Gyro also facilitates third party integrations that users can help find some information such as Track your site traffic-using Google analytics,Understand visitor behavior-google tag manager,Target right audience-Facebook pixel,Connect with visitors-Facebook live chat,automated responses and saving customers chat history,dentify visitors checking and scrolling behavior-HotJar like Heatmap{AI} that shows which site attracts more customers and hence helps to know what should be done to improve performance.
  • Gyro comes with a free SSL certificate to encrypt both your site and the customers data.Gyro offers cloud hosting and also coordinates with Payment Card Industry{PCI} data security standards of customer credit cards and information.
  • Gyro also provides the General Data Protection Regulation{PDPR} that is mandatory for online stores based in the EU or who want to sell in the EU market Content Delivery Network{CDN} is also enabled by default.
  • AI Name Generator-gives name inspirations by providing keywords.
  • Logo Maker- provides a free custom logo and has 1000 plus logo templates.
  • AI Slogan Generator-you brainstorm by entering one or two key words.
  • AI Writer-available in 11 languages to help writers with no copywriting experience to produce high quality ads.
  • AI Heatmap-predicts traffic and therefore helps in making conversions.
  • Favicon Generator-helps help create a memorable favicon and this helps visitors to identify your brand.
  • Background Remover-it identifies the background of an image and with  a click it helps bring a transparent background.
  • Photoresizer-resizes pictures without compressing.
  • Image Upscaler-upgrades image to resolution image then to quality.
  • AI Website Generator-creates  custom templates based on your preferences.
  • Provides Blogging features such as post editor,category management and post scheduling.These make it easy to customize your content.Users can add URL to their blogs to help search engines find them easily.



Gyro is recommended for small and medium sized businesses.


This website builder comes in as favourable for those who want to publish responsive design themes which are attractive.

All its plans have unlimited data transfers and you can switch themes without rebuilding your site.

The flipside of the builder is on on it’s limited theme customization,has slow customer responding services its storage cannot facilitate reuse of photos,its clear and simple interface helps to create web pages that are responsive.Its template designed integrated ecommerce  tools ensures site creation flexibility and is advantageous to mobile phone.

In terms of activation of basic business and contact information,Weebly requires that you do it via settings or you  can manually enter the business information into the pages.

Key features WEEBLY

-Design tools

When using Weebly services,additional apps are availed to you immediately you upgrade from the free option to the paid accounts.

These features include boxes,images,maps,spacers and media.Media comes in the form of video,audio and document files.Elements for polls RSVP forms and survey are also offered.Only the Performance and Professional plans allow insertion of audio and HD videos.

However,the themes offered for customization are limited and you can customize any text types,font,size and colour in the limited options given.

-Page management.

Weebly website builders also offer undo and redo buttons for simple texts only.

-Apps and images

With the 300 widgets offered by Weebly,some are free while some come at a fee.Other apps available are Facebook,live chat,eCommerce,marketing and social media apps.

There is a fine image editing app that enables you to adjust brightness,contrast and colour saturations.It also gives you the option of uploading multiple images at a time with the attractive gallart or access your photos through other online sources.

-Blogging and publishing

The Weebly interface is not complicated and therefore the blogging is relatively easy.Weebly doesn’t offer standard templates and therefore you have to drag any image or text anyway to want it to be before publishing.Since Weebly saves automatically,it’s easy to retrieve them.


A magnificent set of eCommerce tools makes use of premium accounts to add stores in a product page easy.It also allows importation of from Etsy,Shoot or CSV file.

Inventory,tracking and abandoned cart notifications is also offered and payments can be accepted via PayPal square and stripe.Basic elements include a shopping cart,coupons,sizes and colors.You can buy edit,redesign categories and have shoppers’ reviews about your products shown.

An integrated email feature called promote also assists you to reach out to your customers.There is a slight transaction fee actual  on top of the payment processor charges unless you have a $25 per month business account or higher.

-Mobile site features-Weebly has a good looking and responsive mobile site based on your site template and the responsive designs are great on mobile phones with a good background,but at a cost of customizability.It has a touch friendly drag-and-drop supporting ipad app for site building and apple watch app for alerting you about traffic or commerce transactions on your website.

-Site statistics and mobility

With Weebly,you can move a site built-in to a standard web hosting service though without some features such as storefront and comments and this capability makes it not to be locked into one service.

-Customer service

Weebly offers a full knowledge base with hundreds of articles for those seeking help.

There is also a 24|7 online chat and email support.

Customer Success Team is also available everyday via email or chat from 9am -9pm EDT.

-Top Tier Uptime

This service enables customers to access our if the site response is low.It is basically a website monitoring tool that tracks the Weebly hosted sites uptime.In Every 15 minutes the tool contacts the website and releases an email if it’s unable to the site for at least a minute.

Pricing for WEEBLY


Weebly is the best option if you want to build a website for free  thought it’s limited customization and tools that don’t favour long-term growth doesn’t favour such ambitions.On the other hand,their help support centre is resourceful and offers a step by step instructions to beginners with no coding knowledge as well as keyword optimization on boosting your site ranking.


When you talk a website that can help you in making websites that can make you achieve relatively easy management of online presence,Squarespace is the website builder.

It also helps you manage your site and set up an online shop.It has 100 plus design templates,blogging and eCommerce features,Squarespace Members Areas,Tock Reservation System,email functionalities and an affordable pricing and intuitive interface to boot.

It has a fully integrated eCommerce on most of its plans and unlimited storage.With a drop-and-drag editor,Squarespace is a fully hosted website and it’s an easy choice for those without coding schools yet they want to build a professionally looking website.

Key features for Squarespace


If you pay annually,Squarespace offers free domains for the first year.Costs range between $20 and $70 per year and all the domains include SSL certificate and WHOIS privacy.

Renewal is done at the same rate as the initial purchase.You are allowed to connect a separately purchased a domain to a Squarespace site.

-Social Media Integration-Squarespace makes it relatively easy to integrate in social media sites.

-Social Story Designs-Squarespace unfolds up and offers templates that help create visually compelling stories for relevant platforms.

-Squarespace Website Analytics-that monitors website traffic and makes you learn about visitors’ trends.

-Commerce Analytics-helps track orders,sales and buying trends hence optimizing conversions.

-Search Engine Optimization-offers a suite of integrated features that guide and help with SEO.

-Expert Design Services-offers third party designers to those who need designing or customizing sites.

-Squarespace Extensions-extends the power of your site by connecting with shipping,fulfillment,finance, inventory,sales and marketing extension including aftership,OutFly and TaxJar.

-Free Logo Maker-offers free Logo creation tool that helps create simple logos.

-Squarespace Email Marketing-with a charge of between $5 and $68,you get this premium service that helps you communicate with your audience.

-Members-only content-between $9 and $40 per month,you can monetize your content and create a members only area on your site.

-Appointment Booking-from $14 to $150 per month,you can add an appointment scheduling feature to your website so that clients and customers can book appointments online.

-Accept reservations-Squarespace tock all-in-one reservation system can be used to take online orders.It’s custom priced and Squarespace charges a 3% commission on takeout and delivery orders.

-Fine print-awwit uses a drag-and-drop editor and the tool is intuitive,with detailed instructions on using the editor and customer support is just a chat or email away.

Latest updates for Squarespace

-Squarespace Version 7.1 vs 7.0

Version 7.1 was introduced in 2020 and though version7.0 in every template was customizable and you could switch templates anytime you wanted,it needed multiple steps and not all templates included the full breadth of SS features.

With 7.1,it’s easier because SS enables access to every design feature in every version so you don’t have to start over.However,if you’re on 7.0 and you want to upgrade to 7.2 you need to rebuild your site,though guidelines are given.

-Squarespace Navigation-this limits you to the sub navigation menu which is good for smaller contents but not good for sites with deep level contents.

-Square Customer Support-this services are available via online chat and email.There’s no phone support and this makes it difficult in solving troubleshooting complex questions quickly.

Pricing for Squarespace


This website builder is popular among solopreneurs like artists,authors,bloggers and small businesses like restaurants, salons and such.It’s not ideal for large and complicated eCommerce sites or those that need advanced  and technical website building skills.


Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a professional website.Wix has hundreds of templates and great tools and it’s beginner friendly,scalable and good  for personal portfolios as well small scale business websites.

Wix has features and and extensive app store with tools that can assist you in building any kind of website,plus flexibility and creative freedom so that customizing templates to look how you want them is easy.

The downside is that you can’t switch templates once the site is published without starting from scratch.And for long term scalability,you have to pay for Third party apps.

Again,the many features and design options on Wix editor makes it a bit complicated and difficult for those without coding skills.

Unique features for wix

-Ease of use-Wix AD helps create a tailored site plus its drag-and-drop editor.

-Value for money-with its low starting price that can be lower if billed annually and accompanied by a number of features,this software is good for those with a small budget.It should also be noted that there’s a free plm for as long as you want.

-Ecommerce-it’s perfect for small online stores{business plan and above}.There’s no transaction fee, abandoned cart recovery is included in every plan.It offers guest checkouts,inventory tracking,social commerce,offers a powerful eCommerce analytics through its dashboard store, you can create discount and promotional codes and control your shipping options when dealing in physical,digital or service based eCommerce that is unlimited on Wix.

-Design flexibility-with over 800 templates professionally designed offered,though you can’t switch templates once you are online.

-Features-built-in templates that are relevant for different engagements.For example,the restaurant template has a booking  feature included,plus other impressive features.

-Help and Support-it integrates its support features throughout the editor with question marker buttons to guide you through the process.Wix also offers a solid knowledge centre filled with articles for generic answers as well as email.There is no live chat offered though.

-Wix ADI-this designs your website for you based on your answers to a few questions.You can make edits.

-WixEditor-it uses drag-and-drop functionality to make anything repositioned and moved to wherever you want.

-Customization Design-supported by the largest app market,it offers great customization integrating apps.Each template comes fully formed with dummy text and image already in place and you therefore need to switch out the dummy to make the template your own.Tweaks are easy,so you can edit text.

-There is also a huge library of professional photos,graphics and videos free.You can add blogs,restaurant menu,contact form,music player,interactive shows and others.

-Scalability-Wix has more than enough tools,features,apps and resources to scale with you as you grow your website and is always releasing new and exciting add-ons to enhance the website in quality of the existing ones or the functions it can perform.

Key tools and features for Wix

-App market-well tracked with free paid integrations.

-Domain names-all Wix annual premiums come with a free domain name for the first year.

-Social media integration-connect your site to your social media accounts to add social buttons to your site.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO wiz loot  creates a personalized action plan for you to follow to optimize your site for search engines like Google.

-Security-automatically comes with a free SSL certificate with autosave feature.

-Marketing-Wix Ascend is an in-house marketing suite that is engaged in email marketing,live chat and Wix autonations.

-Help and Support-Wix provides 24|7 call back service or customer care contact page to receive more tailored support.Social media questions are answered but there is no live chat offer.

Pricing for Wix


Different Wix plan suit different types of users.Pro plan is suitable for small businesses that need their branding taken care of,free Logo designed,plus access to the events calendar app and social media logo files while the most popular plan is Business Unlimited which offers unlimited bandwidth with access to all of Wix main help services,features and apps.

While on this plan you can even build your own online store with Wix excellent eCommerce tools.The 800 plus templates are designed and categorized into types of websites they suit;blogging,photography and others.

Generally,for business,Wix has brilliant templates,SEO and marketing tools and apps to help scale.For personal sites you have what you need for blogging,portfolios and CVs.It is easy to use,has designer templates and is cheap.


Jimdo gives you what it takes to build your own site without much financial muscle.There is no coding knowledge required and it’s easy to use because the ADI functionality builds the site for you.There is unlimited storage,mobile optimization with a dedicated mobile editor and a simple editing interface.

Though it lacks creativity with limited customizations,limited SEO features like no alt tags and features such as shipping and tax codes don’t align with the US requirements and restricted help support provided only to premium plans,it’s still good for personal blog sites and small business.

It has lots of third party apps and enough features to start an online small business that can get help in advanced analytics and running solid email marketing campaigns.

There is no commission fee policy although it is better for advertising than selling based on what its gallery allows.It is ideal for displaying images and creating beautiful galleries,the templates are limited for artistic industry.

It has ready made website because AI Website builders don’t use drag-and-drop interface.The Artificial Design Intelligence {ADI}in Jimdo boasts of Dolphin which is used to create a website for you based on how you answer questions and is streamlined for users with just basic computer knowledge  but no time.

Key features for Jimdo

-With the professional domains plus the ability to add galleries,you can hook up with worldwide payment methods like Paypal and Visa.

-Customer satisfaction

 Jimdo offers a good virtual assistant but is limited and basic in terms of personalization.

-Many features and apps are easy to add or block.When you upgrade to Jimdo’s Bestseller business app,you receive a free custom domain,SEO tools,social marketing and personalized support within 4 hours of sending a request.A free custom domain for one year is served on any of the premium plans.Some features,though,can’t be searched through POWr plugins.You need coding knowledge for some plugins.

-You need your own custom domain in order to work efficiently and it’s also possible to transfer over an existing custom domain if you already have one and all you need is authorization code from your previous host to transfer it to Jimdo editor.It takes 1-5 days to complete the process but Jimdo gives a breakdown assist along the way.

-Search Engine Optimization-Jimdo puts great emphasis on SEO.They offer customized instructions to fully optimize your website as well as supporting third party apps to help with your site’s SEO.

-Help and Support-this is given via email,social media,knowledge base,and FAQ sections.There is no phone or live chat or site restore options offered.Knowledge base has texts,videos and images.Help centre opens up to a large range of questions and FAQ has a step by step breakdown on how to solve specific problems.

-Contact form-there is a small contact form to fill in with text attachments and an expert gets back to you within 4 hours and the service is only offered to premium plans users.

Pricing for Jimdo


Jimdo is good for creative individuals and small eCommerce businesses that need a simple website.It is an image-centre website that comes with standard features and a few integrations


This is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress that helps you create original looking posts and pages,gives you a 100% separate interface and therefore the bulk of your work doesn’t happen in the standard editor that comes with WordPress.

There is no ML|CSS|PHP coding skills required because the handy user facing interface does everything.You can use it to create any content or page layout regardless of what WordPress theme allows you to do.

Most importantly,it works with all WordPress themes so you can keep the WordPress themes and still continue with all that Elementor has.This allows you to create impressive pages,layouts or designs with no site building experience.

Key features for ELEMENTOR

-Elementor has more than 90 content elements or modules to choose from.These include images,headings,carousels,progress bar and others.

-Most things work with drag-and-drop editors.

-Elementor works on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis such that what you view on your screen is what the clients see on their end, unlike working with HTML or CSS in the old way.

-The pages are mobile responsive and SEO friendly.

-They offer 150 plus free and 300 plus pro templates.They also allow imported templates that can be modified.

-On the Pro version,you can use the builder feature to modify your theme’s core elements.

-There is a completely new woocommerce builder module that allows you to redo all your default woocommerce pages.

-The core formality of the plugin is to allow you to build tweak and adjust pages freely.Elementor gives you access to display settings so you can change backgrounds,margins and all that pertains that.You can revert to previous version of the page if you feel you messed up something and fix it.So Elementor gives you full control over what your page looks like on desktop,mobile phone or laptop.

-Elementor provides kits and pages for various purposes though you can import and tweak pages.You can also save some of your own pages as templates and reuse them on another page or share them.

-The free version offers 90% of what you need for basic website functions and you don’t need to upgrade to the pro version.It allows building of custom layouts and designs that may not be available in your current theme and doesn’t require HTML,CSS or PHP skills.

Features like editing,100 plus widgets,dvg,drag-and-drop editor,300 plus designer made templates and responsive editing makes Elementor easy to work with.And though it has its downside,like adding custom styling does not always go as planned,or the fact that when something is maligned on the page,it’s often difficult to locate the exact margin value that is the culprit,it still has many features that overpower the negative side.

Pricing for ELEMENTOR.

1.Free plan with limited offers.

2.Build and host a site @$89 a year if you want to host a site beside just creating it.

3.Essential-$49 per year;for designing one website.

4.Expert-$199 per year;for designing  up to 25 websites.

Studio-$499 per year;for designing up to 100 websites.

5.Agency-$999 per year;for designing up to 1000 websites.


It’s a good option for those who want to appear online without involving a budget for fees because Elementor offers 90%of the best services of any website builder in their free version.


Ucraft is a website builder that puts design at the forefront.With it comes a sleek editor and useful  features for developing images that stand out.It has a built-in security and analytics.On the downside,it has relatively fewer features and it is not as easy to use as a pure drag-and-drop website builder.

When you pick a plan,you can be asked to pick a template,you then enter the editor and then you can add extra elements such as contact forms,blogs and newsletters and edit to fit your site’s design.It,however,does not allow free movement of elements because each must stay in its section.

Ucraft offers 63 templates which are fully mobile responsive and it puts more emphasis on photos and templates.It favors websites with a lot of high quality images.

Key features for Ucraft

-Security- it comes with a SSL certificate.

-Support- Ucraft comes with its own dedicated SEO app  that helps you rank on search engines.

-Analytics-Ucraft allows you to integrate your website with Google analytics that helps to track traffic and bounce rates.

-Image editing tools,video backgrounds and social media integrations.In third party integrations it works seamlessly with apps like iTunes and Eventbrite hence appealing to the creative world.

-There is also a free Logo if you are yet to sort out your branding.Ucraft can take care of branding for you if you just answer a few questions.

-Since Ucraft  isn’t exactly a drag-and-drop builder,it doesn’t have a members-only area which means that you can’t hide anything from the public

-This is offered via FAQ,help centre and 24|7live chat support.

There is no phone or email support but the ones offered are at the most helpful level.

Pricing for Ucraft

Ucraft offers 4plans.

1.Free website

Here all basic features like templates are available but the domain name has to end in .ucraft.com and that makes it not so professional and therefore a better option for personal websites.

2.Pro website

It gives access to all of ucraft apps and features including eCommerce and at $10 per month you can sell up to 50 different products.You can also translate your site into another language but it’s basically good for small,service based businesses.

3.Pro shop

With the online shop,you can sell up to 1000 different products and it gives you the ability to edit invoices,reverse chats,VAT and enable discount coupons,all for $21 per month.It comes with a handy management app to help in store ticking over.It’s good for businesses either growing or those that sell a limited number of products.

4.Big commerce

In this plan,there’s no limit to the amount of products sold and you can sell across social media and market places too.These are Facebook and eBay.It is a good option for medium sized eCommerce businesses.


The website builder is good for creative individuals and small eCommerce businesses who need a simple website with just enough features and few integrations.


This website builder offers the best premium WordPress themes for photographers and creatives.It has a stunning layout,drag-and-drop customization,access to plugins and gives you more tools to personalize your site customer service super heroes.

It can be managed even by those without much skills in coding.It,however,has its downside in the sense that it can be tricky to get started due to the difficulties in understanding the CMS.

Some WordPress plugins can also interfere with the code but the layout functions on what they call blocks,which are premade sections that are highly customizable.

Key features FLOTHEMES

-Pre designed page templates which are a drag-and-drop design.

-Great sites on the device-most premium word press themes features are mobile responsive but not that well but when you customize your Flothemes it can be very attractive on a smartphone or tablet.

-Flothemes serve Retina imagery when required.

-Site set up packages offer 3 different site setup package options to help those who don’t want to get too deep in activating the functionalities.

-Regular updates-every time there is a major WordPress update,the theme provider has an update ready to help maintain security and functionality of your website.

Flothemes also updates their themes based on the users’ feedback.

-Excellent customer service-and with the purchase of every theme,customer service is available in the form of real people and not automated communication,to assist.

So at under $300 for a theme,you get additional customer support packages and access to several free plugins.

-Floforms-gives a drag-and-drop form builder for sites that allow users to create simple and personalized forms for clients to contact.

-FlexBlock-enables you to create your own ‘blocks’ from images to texts to shapes with simple drag-and-drop features.

You should note that some plugins are free while others are pro,meaning that they have to be paid for in whichever way agreed upon.

Pricing for FLOTHEMES

The pricing of Flothemes  is at $279 for all themes affecting all themes both at $199 and $299.


Flothemes is a good photography site because of the themes and the support that is top notch.


This is a website with simplicity and website  responsive features  that offers both blogging and eCommerce functionalities.

Key features for SITE123

-Search Engine Optimization-it offers some core SEO tools that make your website rank in terms of appearance on search engines.You can edit the meta title and description{the text that appears on the Google’s search page,customize URLs,and add Al texts to images,so that search engines can identify what they are}.

Though it doesn’t offer support with which keywords to use or SEO specific aps,you therefore need pre-existing knowledge to get the best results.

Website responsive-it has best designs that appear on mobile phones,desktops and tablets very attractively and clearly.

-Domains-you can connect a domain free website for the first year on any premium plan on the site with the annual renewal cost billed at $13 thereafter.

-There are over 300 domain extensions to choose from.So you can pick the domain extension {.store,instead of .com}.

-If you already have a domain,you can simply direct it to your website after upgrading to any of the Site123’s plans by changing the Domain Name System{DNS} settings of the domain.This way the domain will still be hosted by your current host so you can continue to renew and engage it there and it will simply be directed to your website.

-Security-the website builder protects the website through SSL certificate {Site Socket Layer encryption protocol}.

-Backup and Restores-there are handy autosave features that ensures the website can’t crash and you therefore can’t lose your data.

-Scalability-Wix has blogging and eCommerce features,mobile responsive templates and great help and support features that make it compete in customer satisfaction with the best.

-Help and support- this is offered via email,social media and the knowledge base.They also provide live chat 24|7 and on the same page so that you can edit as you continue with the chat.

-Analytics-it offers Google analytics which is tried and tested software that has accurate and immediate results.

Pricing for SITE123

This depends on how long you sign up with them.It can be for 3 months,1 year,2 years or 3 years.Definitely the longer you sign up the higher the discount as part of the loyalty incentives.

1.Basic-$19 per month

2.Advanced-$28 per month

3.Prpfessional-$39 per month

4.Gold-$47 per month

Site 123 offers a free plan which helps you build as many websites as you can.This comes while you’re provided with 500 mbs storage and 1GB Bandwidth,although it’s small for videos and traffic,respectively.

If you invest in a premium plan,each plan gives you more storage space and bandwidth.Higher plans are better suited if you have a lot of media to put on your site or you are expecting a lot of traffic.

Gold and professional plans are better for serious selling and emarketing.


This is an ideal option for personal sites and small to medium businesses who want a place online to showcase company information and contact details and to sell a few products because it’s really difficult to customize or build a complex site with lots of specific requirements with the website builder because  the website builder is still improving on features.


This is a website builder for creatives like photographers and artists because it’s good for visuals.It can be used to showcase photographs,painting and visuals.It is a drag-and-drop builder which is functional and simple to use eCommerce integration.It however has limited storage and design flexibility.

Key Features for PIXPA

-Designing-although it is considered a drag-and- Dr website builder,it actually functions as section based builder.This means you must choose a section where you want to place a particular ad.Its lack of flexibility in a way makes the the builder easy to use.If you are advanced,you can use HTML to edit your site.

-Templates- it offers 85 responsive and modern looking all purpose options.The themes are pleasant and each template is responsive on mobile phones,tablets and desktops.

-E-Commerce builder-it is a portfolio|eCommerce website builder and so all plans,including the cheapest,allow selling products online.

Pixpa builder allows you to sell both physical and digital products and services and also allows you to;create and edit product pages and product lists,group products into categories,create discount codes,track your orders,accept online payments,add shipping regions and edit the checkout page and you can also integrate the eCommerce page with any of Pixpa’s  plans.

-Customer Galleries-you can create individual galleries with multiple folders within them for each and every paying client and the chats can mark favorite pics or leave comments.

-Mobile Gallery App-this app helps to quickly and conveniently send images to your clients if you run a photography site.

-Pixpa Marketing and SEO-though not very advanced,it offers features that are up to the task.These include;marketing popups,cookie consent banners,website and page specific SEO settings.

-Pixpa allows you to design marketing pop ups that you can edit to fit your needs and this makes collecting customers’ emails easy.You can also edit your cookie consent banner,change the text and font to keep the visitors informed on what kind of cookies you are using.

-You can also edit your website SEO title and description as well as each URL;

page title,its description and you can even hide any chosen page from search engines if you wish.

Pricing for PIXPA

Also,Pixpa offers 4 plans

1.Light-$3 per month

2.Personal-$7 pet month

3.Expert-$10 per month

4.Business-$16 per month

-All the plans have a 15 day trial and all the plans apart from Light allow online selling.-All plans include a free SSL certificate and a possibility to connect to a custom domain.All except Light offer a free domain,advanced SEO features,unlimited Bandwidth and a blogging platform.

-Apart from the 15 day trial  offer,there is also a 30 day money back  guarantee if you choose to cancel your subscription before that time.The refund is full.


Although there is limited storage,you get all the necessities;domain name,SSLcertificate and the ability to sell online with any plan at such a low price.It therefore follows that Pixpa is actually an affordable website builder for those with limited funds yet would desire to sell their products online.


This website Builder is a free, open source website creation platform that is considered as one of the most powerful blogging website builders in existence today.It encompasses blogging,eCommerce and portfolio websites.It is designed with usability and flexibility which makes it a solution for both large and small websites.

WordPress powers both the backend of the website{the interface where a user logs in to make changes or add a new content} and the front end{the visible part of the website that visitors have access to}.

Websites that WordPress can build include blogs,eCommerce,business websites,membership websites,forum websites,events,wedding and e-learning.

Unique features for wordpress.

-It is a simple free.This means that the actual software is available although you have to pay for web hosting and a domain name.

-It is flexible and therefore allows users to create many types of websites.

-There is no need to know code in order to build a website.

-It is expendable with WordPress plugins.This means that the core WordPress software can be extended with plugins to add more features such as eCommerce,SEO backup,contact form and others.Some of these features are offered free of charge by WordPress but some have a premium pay attached in order to get access to them.

-It is highly customizable with WordPress themes such that you can change the entire look of your website.The more advanced page themes are like builders,giving you control of the layouts.

-There is high ranking security.

-There is a thriving community of users through WordPress meetup,wordcamps and others.

-Premium plugin and theme industry-paid for plugins are better because of new features like security patches and all the features that come with the paid premiums.

*Paid upgrades include a custom domain,Google Analytics,Integration,more storage space,themes and the ability to add your own plugins.

Key features for wordpress.

-The website Builder provides Search Engine Optimization-WordPress delivers an exceptional base for SEO.

-Speed-WordPress constantly removes ‘bloat’ that slows down the loading speed of a website.

-Mobile friendly-WordPress comes with responsive out-of-the box themes that male it work on tablets,mobile phones and desktops admirably.

-Easy to use interface-The website is easy to use as long as you can use the WordPress processor.

-Custom menu-the navigation menus are easy to use.

-Built-in blog-this helps to make it easy to add new blogs to your website.

-New WordPress 5.0-this feature,also known as the WordPress Block Editor,was introduced to help design and arrange your content with a more flexible drag-and-drop approach.

Other features

-WordPress backup plugin-since WordPress doesn’t have a built-in backup,you need to add this in order to save your data and also for security purposes.BackupBuddy is the origin plugin for WordPress for this purpose.

-WordPress security plugin-this is in the form of iThemes.

-WordPress SEO plugin-Yoast SEO helps add features and functionality.

WordPress form plugin-Ninja forms come in handy here to help with contact,survey,uploading files accepting donations and other such functionalities.

-WordPress eCommerce plugin-the recommended one is woocommerce that is used for selling online goods.

-WordPress theme; this provides the framework of your website.It provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress site.

Pricing for wordpress

WordPress offers a 14 day money back guarantee and it also gives an offer of starting with a free site.

WordPress plans are described below.

1.WordPress Starter-$5 per month and billed yearly.

-Domain name for a year

-6 GB of storage

-Google Analytics integration 

-WordPress plugins not included

-premium support not included

-Premium themes not included

-Woocommercenot included

2.Wordpress Pro-$15 per month and billed yearly.

-Unlimited WordPress plugins

-Premium support is included

-Premium themes are included

+Woocommerce is included

3.WordPress VIP-$2000 per month and billed yearly.

-There is no software bloat or hidden expenses.


Being technically a Content Management System {CMS} but also a free and open source creation,WordPress offers the simplest way to create your own website and blog as well as a secure haven for businesses with a high proficiency.


This website builder provides integrated custom digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses across the USA.It creates interconnected digital marketing solutions that maximize your visibility on search engines.

The custom marketing solutions are synchronized for better results with everything from a single provider.The flipside is that it is a multi step process because it is not DIY{Do It Yourself-where you don’t involve professionals in fixing things}.

It combines a comprehensive range of products and strategies into one interconnected marketing solution and as opposed to DIY,it’s a full service provider.

You need to work with a designated marketing specialist to provide background about your business and determine your goals.This information is used to help achieve your goals by among other things,increasing your visibility online,and improving market engagements.

The overall development process includes a no-obligation consultation,a review stage for your website and ad design for your final sign off.Pricing is monthly depending on the products and services that you select for your solution though changes can be requested anytime.If you do on your own,client dashboard provides 24|7 results tracking as well as DIY options for simple charges.

Hibu’s integrated solution system provides a comprehensive package of products that saves time and money.

Key features for HIBU

-The website Builder Offers quick website design.

-Excellent digital marketing  across many channels such as content creation,social media marketing display adverts.

-There is hands-on customer service.

-Offers a seven day review period before it’s published.

-Ongoing maintenance-once published Hibu can assist to make edits and you can add pages,like a new blog,contact form or video.

-On page SEO-this focuses on your website.Hibu increases loading speed and integrates keywords into text and image descriptions.Keywords are popular words or phrases that users are searching for and that maximizes your chances of being found  on search engines.

-Off page SEO-these are outside of your website that increase awareness and refer traffic to your website through guest blogging,social media posts and securing links to your website from relevant and respectable sites.

-SEM- search engine marketing relies on paid advertising on search engines to boost your website visibility and search engine result pages.

-Social media marketing-this is done by creating and managing accounts on various social media channels like Twitter,Facebook,Google,Instagram and YouTube.

Pricing for HIBU

There is no categorical pricing for Hibu because every digital marketing solution is tailored to your specific business.Hibu generally provides services based on a monthly payment schedule depending on the solution you choose.There may be an upfront cost that covers initial development and building of website,but website is part of a multichannel,not a stand alone such that cost varies according to:-

-complexity of your solution.

-whether your solution includes reputation management or not.

-whether your solution includes an interconnected ad campaign {search ads,social ads and display cars}.

When you decide on what type of website you would like Hibu to create you either pay a monthly subscription or a one off individual quote upfront.It depends on what you need but and therefore ranges.

*Monthly-$99-$159 per month.


Most generic websites{non commerce websites} will start at $99 per month but additional features come at a cost.

Marketing pricing-there are no set prices for digital marketing.It offers flexible custom pricing plans depending on your business requirements.

NOTE:While Hibu can create websites with eCommerce functionality,you cannot sell products on them.Simply put,you can’t turn your website into an online  store through Hibu.You will need to install the online features in the backend which is not an easy undertaking for those who aren’t tech savvy.

There is no email marketing on Hibu.


Since Hibu provides web designs and digital marketing,it is ideal for small businesses.


This is a website Builder with inbound marketing tips that helps in successful digital marketing.Inbound marketing aims at attracting and engaging customers to your products and services through content marketing,social media marketing,search engine optimization,branding and email marketing.

Content marketing involves planning,creating,distributing,sharing and publishing content to reach target audience and buyers.If effective,it creates awareness of brand,engages target audience and converts them into sales opportunities.

By definition,content is what makes digital marketing tick.

Hubspot  helps in all these  issues of inbound marketing by creating,monitoring,tracking and automating all your content marketing.

Key features for HUBSPOT

1.Website Content Management System{CMS}

CMS allows you to create,publish and manage your website content.The hosting and maintenance of your Hubspot CMS are all inclusive.

*Content Delivery Network

This allows for the fast delivery of your website content for the requesting end user,providing an excellent and helping with search engine rankings.

-It protects your content and users of your content by providing defence against a wide range of attacks without compromising the delivery of your content.

-Provides data and intelligence about your end user connectivity,device types and browsing experience.

-Your content remains accessible to end-users even under high stress situations such as excessive user traffic,intermittent spikes or server outages.

NOTE:The Hubspot website Builder CMS includes CDN.

A CDN is a separate system of distributed servers that delivers your web content to the end user based on the geographical location of the user in closeness to the location of the web content.

2.Live chat and ChatBot for content marketing

This allows you to engage your website visitors who are included in Hubspot.

3 Campaign supporting assets for content marketing

The Hubspot website CMS hub,CRM and marketing hub are equipped with the necessary privacy regulation options to enable then to:

-Create,publish and manage Calls To Actions{CTA},loading pages  under email.These help to personalize visitors’ experiences.Hubspot does it with the same tools it uses to manage your website and blog.

-Make effective follow up on the forms on your website.The CRM must comply with International Privacy Regulations like EU General Data Privacy Regulations {GDPR} and other different  US privacy regulations.The Hubspot website CMS hub,CRM and Marketing Hub are well equipped to comply with these set rules.

4.Blog article content

This helps in  content publishing efforts that help attract an audience and increase domain authority and SEO effectiveness in search engines.

Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator helps come up with blog titles for blog topics.The Hubspot CMS Hub and Marketing Hub include a blog to publish articles that can be done anytime.

NOTE:Blogging has become part of in inbound digital marketing.

5.Search Engine Optimization

Hubspot has a range of SEO tools that help optimize the SEO by integrating.They also have content strategy tools that provide content topic suggestions based on the relevance to the audience.You can also track all your content in a report dashboard and  Google search console integrates with Hubspot platforms hence giving detailed reports on SEO results and this improves the SEO performance.

6.Social Media Content

Hubspot helps you  engage in social media publishing through Hubspot Marketing Hub.You can create,schedule,publish,monitor,respond,comment,and track performance across most of social media platforms through one dashboard on Hubspot Marketing Hub.Integrating  some marketing and sales through individual social media accounts such as LinkedIn into Hubspot is also a possibility.This enables your social media content to be published in your employees’ social media networks hence increasing your availability.

7.Email marketing

 Hubspot email marketing includes email campaigns,market automations,workflows,sales sequences,A|B split testing and insightful analytics which increase click throughs and open rates.

Hubspot,through integrated CRM,helps you personalize emails based on contacts’ interests,actions and specific data.When marketers send professionally designed emails to clients,Hubspot notifies you when a targeted recipient opens emails,watches a video,opens a document,clicks on a link or any other clients’ involvements in your content.

Hubspot natively integrates with Microsoft,Outlook and Gmail and so you have all the emails tracked and logged in Hubspot CRM.

8.Paid Advertising Content

Hubspot gives you the ability to manage Facebook,Instagram, linkedin and Google ad campaign.You can  create,launch,manage,track,analyze and optimize your paid ad with Hubspot.You can also determine the effectiveness of the ads in each platform and know what needs to be done to improve awareness.

Instead of relying on tracking parameters and spreadsheet gymnastics,you can let Hubspot track the leads for you.

9.Marketing Automation Content

This automation helps ensure that content is attracting and engaging target audiences across digital channels.Hubspot gives you the ability to know the effectiveness of the content across channels and allows you to customize content to each user.Implementing workflows triggers your content to be delivered in a sequence that helps qualify recipients as leads and moves them to the next stage of the transaction.It therefore enables to  target the right user and at the right time.

10.Sales Automation Content

Hubspot website Builder automates tasks such as creating emails,presentations,proposals,quotes and contracts through creation of sales templates,snippets and sales sequences.Sales professionals receive notifications when their leads and customers interact with the content and you can respond by creating reminders and follow up tasks.

Sales automation content includes data and reporting responsibilities and capabilities and tracking as well as updating data on leads.The automated reporting is customized to the professional sales team.

Hubspot CRM therefore provides insights that reduce or eliminate time consuming tasks.

11.Customer Service Content

This is the provision of a knowledge base that allows customers to solve problems encountered all by themselves.The knowledge base tool is useful and it helps track the impact and usage of your articles.It analyzes what people are looking for and makes suggestions for them.Live chat,team email,chatbot,Facebook messenger integration  give the customer service team the messaging tools and context for unlimited personalized conversions with clients.

Hubspot offers polls and survey tools that gauge the performance of your customer service team and helps you to upgrade the services.

12.Content Marketing Performance

You need to do tracking,analyzing and optimizing your content marketing performance.In this case you need to identify and track your  Key Performance Indicators attached to your goals.

The following are some of the KPIs that KPI helps you to focus on:

A.KPIs related to attracting your audience by generating traffic from digital channels which include:-

-Website traffic from search engines,social media,referring websites naf emails.

-Website page views.

-Social media post engagements including likes,shares,following and clicks on links.

B.KPIs related to converting your traffic to leads by delivery of an online image and engaging with your company.These include:-

-Newsletter signup.

-Email open rates.

-Forms filled up.

-Requests for information.

-Contact us page views.

-Website conversion rates.

C.KPIs related to nurturing your leads to create more sales opportunities to close into customers include:-

-Sales follow up calls and emails.

– Sales price quotes.

-Sales proposal rates.

-Sales closed.

D.KPIs  related to delighting your customers when you exceed  customer expectations hence creating a positive experience with your company.These include:-

-Customer satisfaction score  survey and polls.

-Customer service response time.

-Customer retention rate.

-Average time to close a customer ticket request.

Hubspot provides tracking,analysis and reporting for all these KPIs and even much more.You receive Actionable Intelligence which indicates what’s working and what needs improvements.

The built-in analytics reports and dashboards in Hubspot enable the user to measure performance of your marketing,sales and customer service activities and the reporting  to the person with the role in the company.

Check its pricing.


Hubspot delivers a desirable platform where you can manage all of your key content marketing sales and customer service operations.


Duda is a responsive website builder for digital marketing agencies.It is a hosting company with online directories and all web professionals that serve small businesses.It speeds up the website building process and provides website personalization tools for maximum customer conversions.

Duda has performed with big companies which include GoDaddy,Yahoo,Google,Dreamstead,OpenTable,among others.

Key Features for Duda

-Fully responsive-the Duda website builder comes with a built-in eCommerce solution that displays and works seamlessly across  mobile phones,desktops or tablets.

-Integrated design-the online storefront automatically incorporates the same colour palette and font styles as the rest of the website.

-Delivery zones-with Duda,you can set delivery zones for your store by marking areas on a map.You can also define multiple areas per store and set different rates per area.

-Tips and gratuity- it helps you add tips and gratuity at checkout for customers to show their satisfaction and appreciation as well as crowdfunding and donations.

-Product pages-you can show multiple product images and choose from engaging product layouts and customize the descriptions and designs as you want.

-The website Builder Search Engine Optimization-it is solid and unique and helps to create a professional service.

-Customer service support

Duda offers customer support through email.

Other features include white label,app store,eCommerce,templates,website personalization,mobile websites,widget builder,custom plan and affiliate platform.



All websites built on Duda platform are hosted on the servers provided via Amazon Web Services {AWS} so you cannot export code from Duda if you are on their plan.


This website builder creates websites and email builders designed for developers and non-tech users and also for Designmodo market and Designmodo jobs.These include articles,tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques.

It is an All-in-one solution to host HTML websites online.It is free,fast, simple and the most affordable static website hosting available.

Key features for Designmodo

-Web Hosting

-Email marketing services

-Form builders

-Landing page creators

-Logo design services

-Social media tools

-Freelance websites

-Credit card processing

-Cloud storage

-Redirect checker,my screen resolution,robots,texts checker,multiple URL opener.

-Offered through email,knowledge base and twitter.

Pricing for Designmodo


Based on its features and tools,Designmodo is definitely an option for personal accounts or small businesses.


This is a leading website builder and also good at online marketing services.It has a reliable customer support team.Its editor has upgraded from a row-based drag-and- drop format and so adding and rearranging elements within templates is easy.You can also customize each website page to reflect your business and brand.

Key features for Web.com

-The website Builder It is cheap and at $1.95 you can build your website and the renewal is at $10.

-It is good for small businesses who want to build a professional looking website within an hour and especially for those who want online presence for current business offering

-It has good drag-and- drop format

-It offers over 100 templates split according to your desired business or personal requirements.Webcom offers two versions of page layouts;single page layout and multiple page layout but both bring out templates that are clean and professional.

-Customizing the chosen template is not hard due to the webcom straightforward editor.

-Web.com website Builder comes with a ton of premade layouts for everything from Galleries to testimonials.

-Web.com website can be connected to Google Analytics and this helps in tracking the performance of the site and understanding what visitors want for future improvements.

Customer support

Web.com website Builder offers customer support through:-

-Email,live chat and phone support.

-Social media;Facebook and Twitter are popular and responsive.Its posts cover all of its services which include hosting,domains and website builder.

-Knowledge base;use the search bar to peruse although it’s not very productive because web.com sells hosting and domains also and therefore the results that come cover all the areas they deal in.But you can use the icons under search bar to go straight to website builder articles.

-Online Business Articles

These are small business websites resources found in archives of great online business articles which are more useful on top of sharing problems and ideas in forums.

Pricing for web.com

All the the three paid for  plans include:-

-Drag-and- drop website builder

-Free domain name for a year 

-Library of stock photos and videos


-Social media integrations.

For separate payments or higher plans you get

-site submission to Google and ad search engines{2nd tier plan plus}.

-option to sell online{3rd tier plan}.

-domain name renewal after a year{fr$37}

There is no free trial so you must commit to paying for at least one month.


This is basically a good option for small businesses.


Webflow website Builder is a browser designer that gives you power to design,build and launch responsive websites virtually.It is basically an all-in- one design platform.The visual and code are not separated so that what you create in visual edition is powered by HTML,CSS and JavaScript.It allows you to reuse CSS such that after defined,you can use a class for any elements that should have the same styling or use it as a starting point for variation{base class}.

Key features for Webflow

-The website Builder offers a hosting plan for $12 a month and allows you to connect a custom domain and host your HTML site and for an additional $4 per month you can use Webflow CMS.

-Has templates,some integrated with CMS,which means you can create CMS based content in Webflow.

-Webflow is an excellent tool for building high fidelity prototypes and inviting feedback from team members and stakeholders.The tool simplifies the transition from a prototype into a fully finished website.

-SEO controls-high tuned controls,high performance hosting and flexible content manageable tools.

Webflow’s globally distributed AWS powered hosting stack keeps the site running smoothly which makes the site visitors  search easy and search engines work.

-The website Builder Speed-with 100 plus centres worldwide,it makes it easy for visitors to work with Webflow initiated websites.

-Scalability-it has an infinitely scalable server fleet ready to meet whatever traffic that visits the site.

-Security- it has a built in SSL for all sites and therefore no need to update risk prone plugins.

-Powerful content marketing tools-user friendly interface and flexible content marketing tools allow you to build out whatever content type your site needs.

-The website Builder provides flexible CMS-this helps create any type of content your site needs because of a flexible visual CMS.

Pricing for Webflow

The plans offered are four.They include:-

1.Basic plan-$12 per month

2.CMS plan-$16 per month

3.Business plan-$36 per month

4.Enterprice-custom pricing.


Simply designed for solopreneurs and small businesses.


This is a website builder that is recommended for both eCommerce and brick and wall businesses.The interface allows customization  without knowing  how to code because of customizable templates to design your store and market your products.It has free add-ons like abandoned cart recovery.It’s really good in the sense that it is scalable and flexible,exceld with multi channel selling,has a strong SEO performance and fantastic theme designs.It also has unlimited bandwidth and and professional reporting tools.Its templates are advanced and  buyer centric and has a partner directory that helps you find an extra hand.

Key features for BIGCOMMERCE

1.No limits of catalog size,storage space or number of requests your web can receive in a month.

2.Single page checkout-this is activated by bigcommerce enabling customers to experience a single page checkout that removes distortions.

3.Less downtime-Bigcommerce websites are mostly on most of the time because of using an off-site hosting like Amazon Web Services{AWS} and this makes sure they are on all the time.

4 Coupons and Gift certificates-Bigcommerce includes a lot of tools that store owners can use to increase purchase and improve loyalty.You can offer incentives based on a criteria and so coupons and gift certificates can be created.

5.Product videos-Bigcommerce allows sellers to add videos to their products to enhance marketing.

6.Bulk pricing-Bigcommerce enables creating various pricing depending on the bulk purchased.

7.Ratings and Reviews-it enables creation of a simple system that helps in customer reviews and ratings.It also provides a customizable template for email invitations to review recently purchased products.

8.Product Swatches-product listings are allowed multiple variants for options like ize,colour or pattern.Options offered by Bigcommerce are dropdowns,checkboxes and size selectors.Colour or image swatches are provided to help in visual variations.

9.Customer groups and Segmentations-this is offered to Plus group and above.It enables the store owner to form loyalty groups for example:-

    -membership group;discounts

    -wholesale group;lower prices

   – tax exemption group.

10.Abandoned cart saver-A feature available to Plus and above plans.It helps in customizing emails in terms of design,content and time to send to customers who did not complete their purchase to remind them to complete and even later offering a discount so as to encourage them to complete the purchase.

11.Persistent cart-this is also available to Plus Plan and above and it accommodates seamless and flexible convenience that customers expect in modern day eCommerce.For example,in case a customer switches the device they began their shopping while using{a tablet to a mobile phone},the reflection of the transaction is not tampered with.Another instance is if a customer starts shopping before logging in,when they log in,the purchase continues uninterrupted because the purchase is associated with the purchaser’s account rather than the browser-specific cookie.

12.B2B features-because Bigcommerce is a good website builder for business to business websites,it has features that promote that kind of business.They include:-

-B2B optimized stencil themes.

-Product filtering,priority support,customer success management.

-Corporate account management with multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.

-Sales Representatives Quoting

-Stored shopping lists and ‘shop again’.

-Invoice portal.

-Quick Order Pad-this allows you to add products using partial skills

-Company Address Book Management,among other features.

Check pricing

All the plans of Bigcommerce have a 15 day trial so that you can establish which exact plan you wish to use.

1.Standard Plan-$29.95 per month

2.Plus-$79.95 per month{71.95 if billed annually}.It comes with:-

-credit card rates via PayPal powered Braintree{a transaction fee 2.35% +$0.49 per transaction}.

you can sell up to $180 k a year.

-you can create customer groups and segmentation.

-abandoned cart saver.

-persistent cart.

-stored credit cards.

3.Pro-$299.95 per month{$296.96 if billed annually}.It comes with these distinct features:-

-Google customer review which helps in customer feedback.

Product filter-this filters products in terms of size and colour in order to help find the products easily.

-Custom SSL-if you bought your SSL elsewhere you can still transfer it to your Bigcommerce website.

4.Enterprise-custom pricing so you contact the Bigcommerce support.It comes with the following features:-

-enterprise service and support features which include API support,express routing,priority support and strategic account management.

-custom product filters-uses custom product fields as filters in faceted search which enables customers to narrow search.

-price listings display different prices to different groups;wholesale or retail.

-unlimited API calls- you can send an unlimited number of calls to the server.

It is suitable for businesses that earn $400  per year.


Based on the inherent features, Bigcommerce is an ideal website builder for those who want to engage in business to business transactions.


Shopify might not be our last best website Builder but also all in one store building.It has easy and advanced eCommerce features on the robust platform that boasts of omnichannel selling.When you build your website on Shopify,you are set to sell directly to your website in person,or social media via third party marketplaces or elsewhere.The offering includes best in class suite of business tools.It does not not need much expertise to launch and scale business on Shopify website builder.It offers integrated sales channels with Facebook,Instagram,Google,Walmart,Marketplace,eBay and Amazon.It had a Point Of Sale{POS}

It is the best plan if you plan dropship selling because you can rely on Facebook ads and Instagram marketing.The interface boasts of a drag-and-drop editor and can allow payments via mobile apps in their brick and wall mortar stores.

On the flipside,Shopify has only 10 free themes although it has $100-$180 paid for themes to make up for that deficit,it also has a weak SEO which makes the presence on search engines not to be guaranteed,they charge a transaction fee if one is not using Shopify payments because of their rigid payment system and have rigid URL structures.But all these discrepancies are catered for by the merits of Shopify which include fast load time,ease of setting up the website{1-click selling},,allowing multiple channel and social selling,great themes and varied designs,just to mention but a few.

Customer support

You can employ call back phone support,email,community forum,support content.

Support service is offered in19 different languages.

The strong customer support system 24|7 navigation {CTA} ensures you can email,live chat and phone without a problem.

Key Features for Shopify.

1.Abandoned cart recovery-with Shopify,you can download a cart abandonment app or upgrade to ‘Advanced plan’  so you can set up a triggered email that automatically notifies any customer who leaves an abandoned cart.

2.Auto calculate shipping price for each customer-if you underestimate,you lose money and if you overestimate shipping expenses you scare aware customers.Real time carrier shipping calculates  the exact cost of shipping for each customer based on the location and size or weight of the product.When you update your plan,you can choose a carrier like FedEx to calculate exact rates for you.

3.Shopify POS-this allows you to take payments in the real world using a code reader that costs $59.So any sales are automatically linked to your online shopping account so your accounts and inventory match up,no matter where you sell from.

4.Create customer profiles to identify your best buyers-Shopify enables you to ask your customers to open an online account before buying from you and this helps you to track their trends and be able to reward them.

5.Use discount-you can use apps like Bulk Discount to generate discount codes for dollar,value or percentage discounts or free shipping.

6.Gift cards-Shopify gives you the tools that help create gift cards for customers.

7.Integration with Facebook- in case you have a big social following,you can recreate your entire shop on your Facebook page with a ‘shop’ tab and customers can buy from you without having to redirect to your website.

With API ,Facebook stores automatically sync payments and inventory with your shopping account to help you manage your activities from one place.

8.Fulfillment services-you can partner up with existing fulfillment services like Amazon or Rakuten to handle warehousing,preparation and shipping on your behalf  by storing your inventory at one of their fulfillment centers through dropshipping and fulfillment.

9.Dropshippong app-a dropshipping app like ordoro helps you place an order with a third party supplier who can then ship the product to your client without your client noticing that it was not actually in your inventory.

10.Shopify experts-these are expert partners in programming,designs,marketing,and photography and help according to price, location and specialization.

11.Shopify Analytics-you can download Sales,Traffic and Cart Analytics because they are essential for seeing how well your online store is performing in terms of traffic,where your customers come from,how long they are staying and what website referred them.

You can also integrate Google Analytics into your Shopify store

Shopify SEO Apps and Tools

Search engine result pages is essential for your product to be chosen by motivated shoppers.Shopify has upgraded its SEO tools to ensure that your presence and effectiveness online is maintained.They include:-

1.Plugin SEO-this offers all in one solution that helps to organize all the SEO optimizations.This includes tracking search rankings and helping implement recommendations to drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Its features include 404 error page notifications,Keyword Research tool,Rich Snippet,SEO health report,templates to edit meta descriptions and title tags and schema markups.

2.Reload SEO-this enables shop owners to renew competitor content analyses and detailed overview of the top ten pages that rank for your specific keyword.It actually offers a feisty spying capability  that is beneficial to outranking your competitors.

3.Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer-this helps reduce image load speeds that contribute to the overall site speed.It compresses images while still retaining the quality of the image.

4.Schema Plus for SEO-this offers advanced markup code that helps the site’s web pages get indexed quicker and more efficiently.The content therefore attracts more quality leads that result in conversions.

5.SEO Images King-helps in bulk optimization capabilities that optimizes hundreds of images in a few minutes.

6 SEO Metrics Marketing Tools-it offers an SEO checklist that helps improve keyword rankings.It has the ability to track how well your organization is doing on social media platforms such as Facebook,linkedin and Pinterest.

7.Fire AMP-this helps in speeding up websites and helping decrease bounce rates.It uses AMP HTML,AMP JavaScript and AMP cache to improve the Shopify store’s onsite experience leading to increased conversion rates and higher ranking in SERPs.

8.SEO HTML sitemap-when you update your products or content,it reflects the changes.It helps optimize for searches as the sitemaps are used to help users navigate your site.Broken pages are also reported courtesy of this tool.

9.SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge-this helps improve search queries and add JSON-LD information to your pages without altering your layout pages.The App currently supports landing pages,product pages,collection pages and blog pages.

10.Automizely Page Builder- this helps build landing pages that are specifically designed with conversion and SEO in mind.The landing page needs to be properly optimized to increase CTRs and decrease bounce rates.The tool helps create a mobile responsive landing page.

*Yoast SEO for shopify-initially designed for WordPress,there is this specifically designed for Shopify and it offered real-time readability and SEO analysis to help optimize product pages and blog pages.