Why you should use Automated email marketing.

Automated email marketing is the practice of sending emails to people based on their online activity. This can be used to help people understand how they are interacting with your website and how they might want to interact with it. It can also provide a way for you to send out special offers or invitations depending on what type of information the person may have shared with you in the past.

The automation can be done in various ways. Some people use a program that manages their email marketing for them, while others do it manually. Some people even do it with programs that are not specifically designed for email marketing. Manual systems include things as simple as creating an Excel spreadsheet of potential contacts with columns such as name and email address and then adding information to the spreadsheet whenever you get it.

Automated systems typically involve adding a piece of code to your website that can recognize things like the user’s location, browser type, IP address or even mouse movements. This information is then used to determine which messages they may receive in the future.

There are a couple of ways that you can use automated email marketing to gather information from your users. One is by sending them an email. Another is via your website. Some people like to include a link in their automated emails that takes the person to your website. By doing this, you make it easier for the person to complete tasks or buy products or services on your site as well as gaining valuable information about them.

Automated emails then allow you to send special offers or place invitations in those emails if the email was sent out based on a bit of information pre-loaded by yourself or other members of your company based on past interactions they have had with them .

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