3 best Email marketing platforms.

Email marketing platform is defined as an email marketing service that allows businesses and organizations to send, receive, and track emails with the integration of an online platform. This is done to enhance email campaign that will improve the business/company brand.

An email campaign is a marketing technique in which an entity sends promotional emails to potential customers who have previously provided their consent.

It is a highly personalized form of marketing that relies on the use of customer data and between the advertisers and recipients, rather than mass advertising.

An email campaign can be set-up using mailing lists that are created with specific targeting criteria—typically including one or more demographic groups. That way, only people who are most likely to respond will be contacted—a time-saving feature for companies looking to market themselves.

Benefits of Email campaign.

1. Save time and money. This is whereby the marketers saves the cost of developing a direct marketing campaign; production, printing and postage.

2. Increase visibility. Since an email campaign can be distributed over large areas, it is extremely visible on the internet; and it can be tracked for analysis purposes.

3. Easy to update and expand. Email campaigns are easy to change or expand at any time with little cost involved.

4. Boost sales channels. This increases brand awareness among potential customers, therefore creating new sales channels for your product or service to sell through via online retail stores such as amazon, ebay etc..

5. Increase conversion rates. Since the campaign is personalized to each person who receives it, response rates are higher than other type of campaigns.

6. Set up and manage quickly. With most ads you have to pay for by the number of people that see your ad, but with an email campaign you can track those that have opened your mailer which makes it easy to respond and make changes at a later date without paying for a new mailing list or a mailing list of your own creation.

Most popular email marketing platforms.

1.MailChimp was established in 2001 and today has over 500,000 users. It has become a staple place for small and large businesses to send email marketing campaigns to their customers. MailChimp is providing over 2 million email marketing campaigns a day on average.

Mailchimp is just one of the many email marketing services that are available to help you grow your business. But since it’s not possible for a single product to be everything, we’ve compiled a list of Mailchimp competitors (ones we like and use too) and how they differ from Mailchimp:

1. Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor is an all-in-one service for designing, sending, and analyzing your email marketing campaigns on the web. They’re probably best known for their drag-and-drop designer that lets you create professional looking emails in minutes without any coding skills.

2. AWeber: The primary benefit of AWeber is that it makes managing multiple email lists super easy. AWeber allows you to send marketing emails across all your accounts from one place. If you want to use unique subject lines or change the “from” name on different lists, you can do that too. You also get unlimited autoresponders (NICE!) and storage space for all your communications sent through email.

3. LaunchBit: LaunchBit is a marketing automation platform that does things in a different way than other email services. It’s kind of like AWeber, but it’s designed from the ground up to give you what you need to launch and manage your business.

4. ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is a feature-rich service that actually lets you do email marketing without receiving monthly subscription fees! If you’re already paying for your data, then ActiveCampaign will treat your account as billed data on their side, so any emails sent through ActiveCampaign are free to send.

5. iContact: iContact is an email service that lets you create and send beautiful emails, manage your contact lists, and track how many people are reading your messages and how often. Like AWeber, you also get one-hour support by phone or live chat.

2. Infusionsoft is a little bit more of an advanced email marketing software option. It offers a variety of tools to help you plan, expand and grow your business. Some of the most popular features include sales automation and marketing automation capabilities, which have been designed to help you run your entire business.

3. AWeber has been around since the early 2000s and has helped thousands of businesses grow their revenue with its email marketing platforms. With over 1 billion emails sent each month, AWeber has become one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the industry.

This is because AWeber was built to help businesses grow their revenue with email marketing. AWeber focuses on email marketing automation, helping you create and send targeted email campaigns to your customers. Some of the most popular packages offered by AWeber include:

AWeber offers several plans based on your specific needs. For example, AWeber “Go” is their basic plan, which includes access to hosted autoresponders and unlimited emails. They also offer more complex options like “Pro”.

All three of these platforms are very different in terms of features and capabilities. However, they all have one thing in common: they will help your business grow by providing you with powerful tools to build relationships with your customers that will eventually lead to more revenue for your business.


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