19 best Podcast Hosting Sites.

Podcast hosting sites can be stressing especially when you are a beginner.Choosing the best hosting site for your podcast require more research so as you can get what you really want.You need a well established podcast hosting site that will help you build your personal brand.Remember, you also require enough digital marketing techniques to market your podcast channel along with other video editing tools that helps create professional videos for podcast.Furthermore, graphic design software will help you edit pictures, sketch and run a successful podcast.In this page, we researched ,ranked and described the top 19 best podcast hosting sites that will get you started and boost your e-commerce profits.

At a glance:


The term RSS is the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication.This Podcast hosting sites offers an easy way to stay updated on new content from your favorite website. The platform was created by a website publisher and generate links that enable the website subscriber to follow whenever new content is posted. Since the RSS feeds are published and update in the real time, the subscriber to your site’s RSS feed, will access any new content published. This is a best Podcast hosting site for podcast creators since the art of the podcast require you to maximize your listener base and always come back whenever you upload a new show.

A podcast RSS feed sends audio content across the internet, accessing all sort of directories and update the new content created. The feed also pushes the audio content to your lister’s podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Google play.

Key features for RSS

  • The RSS feed collect information your users or the information you need.
  • It gives access to popular feeds
  • It allows you to recommend topics based on your interest
  • It also displays everything in one place
  • It creates and spread popular collection.
  • Allow users to keep track of a website in a single new aggregator.

Rss Pricing

As a Podcast hosting site, RSS allow users to purchase three version. The current pricing is as follows:

The only difference between the pricing version is that all in one podcasting allow monetization via sponsors but all the other version provide the same services. These services include:

  • Unlimited duration.
  • Episode scheduling
  • Automatic submission
  • Provide RSS feed for your podcast
  • Provide analysis for your platforms
  • It provides Custom embedded player.
  • It provides free website for your show
  • It provides automatic distribution
  • You are given 24/4 customer support.

Latest updates made

  • The platform has provided a new stat
  • There is new device stats
  • New application stats
  • New Heatmap stats
  • The loading time for signing has been reduced by 25%.
  • The episode schedular UX has been improved.
  • The mobile podcasting page has been improved.
  • The email validation process has been improved by including a copy/paste feature
  • Small bugs were fixed.
  • A search for podcast was released.

How to connect RSS feed URL to apple podcasts

If you want to create RSS feed on Apple Podcasts, you only need a service called iTune connect. Visit iTune connect page and sign up with your Apple ID and once you are in, click iTune connect dashboard to access a button that will allow you to add your RSS feed. This will be followed by you clicking validate button and this starts the process of validating your feed before it is added to your iTunes system. This takes less than 24 hours.

How to connect RSS feed URL to Google play

This is simple too; you just have to visit Google play podcast portal and click the button to add a podcast. Here, you will paste your RSS feed URL into a text box field and then verify your ownership via e-mail, review the information and click publish. The platform will review your submission and before acceptance and publishing to the distribution tool.


I would suggest that the free version would be best for beginners but after a while, it will be valuable to you try pay for all-in-one podcast since it will allow you to monetize your links via sponsors. This will allow you to make some money through podcasting.

2. Spreaker Podcast hosting sites.

The sky is the limit with this Podcast hosting site platform that allow you to create, distribute and monetize podcast spoken word audio. It gives the user a chance to take part in creating audio broadcasting that is used in shows, tracks and playlists. Talented individuals can use mixing console to create their mixes of voice, sound effects and music.

Key features for Spreaker.

  • Podcasting distribution: this feature allows Spreaker to syncs with all main distribution platforms and start growing an audience fast. This allows the users to post podcast everywhere within a few clicks.
  • Monetization: This feature allows users to make use of technology implemented in Spreaker to generate revenue from their podcast without must strain for seeking sponsors.
  • Podcast analytics: This feature allow users to view time-based over-view of their podcast performance such as how many times their podcast has been listened and how many listeners are tuning into your live performance along with how many downloads were made over time.
  • Enterprise podcasting: This feature allows publishers and large distributed team to easily manage their podcast.
  • Podcast recording application: The application makes it easier for users to easily record their podcast using few simple steps. The app also have simple mixing tools with music and sound effect.
  • Podcast application: Spreaker provides an application where user can download and listen to their favorite podcast. The app also allows them to save and discover new podcasts along with creating their podcast.

Pricing for Spreaker

The following are the current pricing for Spreaker podcast hosting platform.

Each version has its benefit but as you can see there is the most popular version of Spreaker called Broadcaster and only cost you $20 per month. The version contains all the necessary features that will make you make money through podcasting. It also provides an overview of your podcast performance along with RSS feeds.

My recommendation

Despite the fact that many users go for Broadcaster version, I would recommend you start with On-Air talent as a beginner. You can only go for Most popular version after you start making money from your podcast. This will prevent you from incurring losses at the beginning. However, be ready to deny yourself performance statistics for the next 6 months. These statistics can help you focus on the most popular podcast you once posted to create more download and more earnings. However, Spreaker get you covered whenever you advance as they have publisher version with all the required features. You can always make your dreams come true through hard work.

3.Transistor Podcast hosting sites.

This platform has been around since 2018 and got its excellent reviews recently. Since podcasting can be challenging for beginners, the platform has helped the beginners to remove friction.

Key features for transistor

  • With few clicks, you will get your podcast name, bio and upload along with your podcast image by creating the RSS feed which can be distributed to popular podcast directories such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher among others.
  • You can import your previous uploads from your previous hosting provider and embed your podcast. In this case, you can connect your email providers live MailChimp or MailerLite to interact with and share your uploads with your subscribers.
  • Transistor provides podcast creators with options of creating a standard website with podcast.yourpodcastname.com’ domain. This will reduce customization apart from your logo,color,font and colors. The website also enables your listers to get build-in player to help them listen your content with just a simple click.
  • The platform also gives podcast analytics that helps its users to have a overview of their podcast performance. This includes world map of listeners, trend graphs and average downloads.
  • Transistor provides the estimated analysis of subscriber count which is something that is not provided by other podcast hosting platforms. This helps the users to get idea of their potential growth and the episodes that resonate with their audience.
  • You can host multiple shows in one account.

Pricing for transistor

Transistor does not provide free plan and this makes it different from other popular hosting platform. This is because they are confident with their interface and back it up with a 15 days free trial. The following is the platform current pricing.

Disadvantages of Transistor podcast hosting.

The platform aims at making your podcast go viral as soon as possible by scaling and optimizing your podcast. However, the platform is missing some features. These are as follows:

  • No build in transcription
  • No option to create video clips or monetize marketplace.

New updates

With transistor Podcast hosting site platform, you can create private podcast that allows you to generate unique and protected RSS feed for each subscriber. This allows you to publish specific content to specific people. With private podcast, the subscribers will receive new episodes on their phones and download them for offline listening. Also, they will be updated whenever a new show or episode is updated and lasting, the user may use private podcast to send updates to members, investors, students, employees and other stakeholders.

How to create private podcast in transistor hosting platform

Using your Transistor account, you can create a private podcast by clicking “Add a show” and you will see an option to create an enhanced private podcast when you click “Add a new show” as follows;

However, not all podcast application that will support your private podcast. The application that will not support are as follows:

  • PodcastOne
  • DoublePod
  • PodcastHD
  • Spotify
  • Acast
  • Podcast App
  • Podcast Guru
  • Google Play
  • Stitcher
  • iHeartRadio

4.BuzzSprout Podcast hosting sites.

This is the one of the best Podcast hosting site that provides businesses with perfect tools to create, promote and publish episodes across different platforms. In this platform, supervisors can monitor and gain an overview of episode downloads, number of listener locations and other important metrics. As a podcast hosting software, users can also upload files on the platform, add title or show descriptions and schedule them based on their requirements. Furthermore, this platform allows organizations to embed a podcast player on the website which can be applied by the subscribers to listen and share their favorite episodes. Also, it allows the organization to shortlist episodes across various podcast directories such as google podcasts, PodChaser, Stitcher, Spotify and PocketCasts.

Key features for Buzzsprout podcast hosting.

  • API enabled
  • It provides audience analytics
  • It provides audience engagement
  • It enables users to upload their Audio/Video file.
  • It enables users to carry audio transcription.
  • It provides dashboard for users.
  • It helps the users to manage their show distribution.
  • It can host the podcast show
  • It allows live streaming
  • The platform allows the user to moderate comments and views.
  • Users are provided with multi-channel distribution.
  • It allows the users to analyze their performance
  • It helps users to recognize speech whenever they podcast.
  • Whenever the user use a website, the platform helps to manage the website.

Pricing for BuzzSprout.

Disadvantages of BuzzSprout

  • This platform will not give back your space for a month if you don’t use it. Which means that there is no unlimited storage for the platform.
  • Also, with the growth consumption of platform such as Spotify, it is not motivating as the platform do not directly publish the podcasts that are uploaded and this makes it not motivating for their commercial offer. Also, they should improve the benefits of their business plans


Podcasting can take your show to the next level if you utilise these platforms. For beginners, I would recommend the use of the second offer which is $12 per month and allows you to upload 3 hours each month. Unlike the free offer, the episodes or show are hosted indefinitely and the user can upload more content for $4 per hour. Also, this offer does not bring ads on your podcast website. You can always grow in this business and focus more on other enterprising offers.

5.RedCircle Podcast hosting sites.

This podcast hosting platform that provides powerful tools that support podcast community with their effort to grow, earn and be heard. It offers great analytics and cost-effective way to share your podcast. The company connect users with powerful features that enable them earn more money right away. The features allow users to advertise their podcast through the RedCircle Ad platform and accept lister donations or sell subscriptions to exclusive content. It also allows users to choose how to monetize their content by providing flexible features.

Key features of RedCircle

  • It has the ability to manage multiple podcasts
  • It allows bigger podcast platforms to perform almost everything they need without cost burden.
  • It has a pre-installed application in iPhone and you can’t uninstall it. In android, it recommends the use of podcast addict and pocket casts.
  • It provides free and unlimited hosting, distribution and analytics.
  • It provides a cross-promotion marketplace that helps you grow your audience.

RedCircle dislikes

  • Some individuals used paid version of the platform but the player has RedCircle brand on it.
  • There distribution is confusing.
  • Something while submitted cannot be changed.
  • They do not offer great integration with third party analytics.

RedCircle Pricing

There are four types of pricing offered by this platform. Each pricing has its benefits and missing elements. These are as follows;

From the pricing platform, the company has provided the most popular pricing plan and this is growth plan. This plan provides cross-promotion market place, instant payout, ability to generate videos for podcasts, unlimited dynamics insertion, ad free podcast webpages, unlimited podcasting and advanced analytics.

RedCircle Latest updates

  • The platform added a new feature for data visualization and upgraded the design so it could add more visuals.
  • The platform updated its web-based podcast player.
  • It allows the user to send a tip support just by a few clicks.
  • Podcasters can do one-time payment via PayPal or Venmo.


Are you stuck with making decisions on which plan to choose? Well, here is the best option for you. For beginners, I would recommend growth plan which is $9 per month. You can try this version and see whether it provides what you needed. However, after you start earning more audience, you can always go for a pro plan which provides special features such as one clicks distribution on YouTube.

6.PodBean Podcast hosting sites.

This platform is designed to hosting, publish, promote and stream podcasts via a unified platform for users. It provides a custom website which helps users to personalize the interface with built-in themes to upload their audio files or schedule episodes. The platform allows content creators to embed their podcasts into various blogs and websites and automatically share posts across several social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter among others. In this podcast hosting site the administrator can respond to audience’s comments, view, followers and follow other artists. The professional podcasters can use the mobile application to edit and record their shows, add background music or sound effects and streamline post-production activities using android and iOS devices.

Key features for podbean

  • It allows integration with email marketing tools such as MailChimp.
  • It allows users to collect email addresses from audiences and automatically share new episodes with subscribers
  • It provides user management dashboard, customer engagement, analytics, data export and import.
  • It allows bulk uploading
  • Access control
  • It provides API
  • It provides collaboration tools.
  • It has chat/messaging platforms
  • It provides communication management platform.
  • It provides a third-party integration
  • It offers video monetization tool.
  • It has two-way audio and video
  • It offers social media streaming
  • It offers engagement tracking
  • Multi-streaming.
  • It provides customizable branding.

Dislikes for podbean.

  • Does not allow the user to publish to Spotify without a paid account.
  • Poor customer support
  • The analytics is not comprehensive.

Pricing for podbean

The platform offers different pricing that comes with specific elements and benefits. However, you have to be careful before choosing a pricing version of this platform.


For beginners, it is important to consider your financial contains before choosing your best podcasting price. However, I would recommend the Unlimited Audio version which is $9 per month. This version comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, domain mapping, ads marketplace, premium sales and podsads.

7.bCast Podcast hosting sites.

This is a hosting website created for marketers by marketers.It has tools specifically designed to optimise your podcast. The tools enhance audio inserts, transcriptions and publishing to YouTube. Monetising is enabled through a very helpful affiliate feature.It has marketing tools that are ideal for podcast hosts to gain online exposure especially if they are business oriented.

bCast Advanced features

-All the plans on offer by bCast are SEO optimized as customization of the design is allowed.This creates backlink to your domain name and episodes are listed in an organized way and to directories where people can subscribe.

-When people listen to your podcast series on your podcast website,the integrated affiliate helps in income generation.

-It’s easy to manage for beginners and is intended for people who want to monetise their website.

-bCast provides an embedding guideline that helps you to paste your podcast playlist on your website or your bCast podcasting website with just a couple of clicks.

-bCast offers unlimited storage in all the plans on offer.Starters plan offers up to 10 000 downloads per month,Growth offers 50 000 downloads per month and Legendary, which costs $75 per month has an unlimited offer.

-There are no bandwidth limits nor time limits for freedom of space to podcast.

-Audio form videos can be  created using an integration on the dashboard called Headliner.

-There are no in-depth analytics tools but with the monetisation and email opt-in lists, you can attract customers.bCast helps you attract customers because it offers guest notifications and with the name and email of the guest, bCast sends an email with social media links to share on social media networking sites which in turn helps grow your audience.

-Through bCast,you can grow your audience through Spotify,Google podcasts,Apple podcasts and Amazon music.They also link with top biggest search engines like Amazon {ASO} and YouTube to help in podcast optimization.

-Audio inserts-helps to bring in flexibility in editing your episode and is at the start and end of the episode for the period of time allocated for the episode.

-Time saving-it only takes a couple of clicks and a few seconds and it saves time during editing.

-Monologue-you can record a 20 second monologue snippet of you marketing your valuable piece of content.

-Record Audio Advert Ads;these help because you don’t have to give an advertiser the exposure to your podcast as you can do it yourself using a separate tool.

-Insert for the number of agreed episodes;this implies that when the sponsorship ends,audio inserts will automatically stop delivering and advert placement.

-Audio transcription;all plans offer this so as to reach larger audiences.

-SEO optimization;when you add the auto translated to your shows’ notes,it reflects on your bCast podcast website for Google to rank and the more the keywords the more it will be SEO optimized.

-Add transcript to your website; doing this using the embeddable audio podcast player allows audiences to read as an option and it’s mostly beneficial to those with a hearing disability.

-Publish to youtube-it takes just a couple of minutes after you connect your audio and video and post onto your YouTube  accounts playlist for your content to be seen.

Dislikes for bCast

The biggest downside of bCast as a podcast is that you can’t translate the audio automatically from the phone into bCast.

Pricing for bCast

8.Blubrry Podcast hosting sites.

Blubrry is composed of a podcasting committee that allows content creators to make revenue, get in-depth audience analysis and host their audios and videos.The hosting is WordPress compatible and so it’s easy to upload episodes and it’s also a business oriented platform. It’s the only podcast hosting service that offers free team support by phone calls and scheduled video conferences to help the users solve minor navigation or technical issues.

Key features for Blubrry

-Blubrry’s powerpress plugin is supervised and upgraded by an effective team such that you just create,upload and publish then wait for the results.

-Storage increases as you upgrade to a more expensive plan.The most expensive plan goes at $80 a month and offers 1000 MB.

-There’s unlimited bandwidth for all the plans.

-It gives you an area to specify the file size and duration of your media file and lets you auto detect for quicker files.

-It’s video supported and this helps maximise your content’s exposure on all media platforms.

-It has Podcast analytic tool that helps understand user’s preferences in your created content that helps you make informed decisions tailored to suit your audience.

-Listener location can be identified.

-Listener platforms can be identified.

-It has Podcast stats plan that will help you get distribution to podcast directories, apps, phones and browsers.You can receive clients and applications and this includes traffic sources of downloads from web browsers.

-Blubrry podcast directory offers additional distributions without actually trying to compete with other directories.All you need to do is to submit your podcast to other podcast directories to maximize visibility in as many platforms as possible.

-It provides and support professional {Pro}podcast production

-You can Edit and upload directly to Blubrry.

-It provides Easy production.

-They offer Support on every step.

Dislikes for Blubrry

-They don’t offer a free option.

-Can be complicated for a beginner who uses it directly from Blubrry’s dashboard.

Price for Blubrry

What we say!

With high quality sound and tone and quick publication of content that is buoyed by free calls and scheduled video conferences for technical support, Blubrry stands out as a unique and favorable podcasting host.

9.Anchor Podcast hosting sites.

Anchor is equipped with built-in uploading,recording and editing tools to better your podcasts episodes without confusion in the publication process.You can create an audio recording,distribute and monetize your podcast episode free of charge.With the tagline ‘Podcasting made easy’,it’s one of the easiest podcasting hosting platforms to use.

Key features for Anchor

  • Anchor has a feature called Anchor Sponsorships which allows monetization of your podcasts.
  • Distribution to major listening apps is done in a couple of clicks and they publish immediately in the anchor app.
  • It does not concurrently have a WordPress plugin but you can manually embed an audio player into WordPress using RSS feed code then paste the code into the designated field of your website.
  • Editing-the software is provided on iOS and Android devices.You can trim or split your audio to edit offensive language or fill the gaps.
  • Files can’t exceed 250 MBs when you upload and when using a WAV file it takes longer than 15 minutes.
  • The amount of bandwidth offered is unlimited.
  • There are no time limits for recording episodes but consideration should be put on the listeners’ interests in terms of the length of episodes.
  • Anchor is not video supported because it’s created by a music and podcast listening app-Spotify and as long as it’s 250 MB and is on one of the following apps-MP3,WAV,MPg-once you finish recording through Anchor,it will process and your content will be stored in your library.
  • IAB 2:0 certified metrics-allows you to receive insightful analytics directly from Spotify in one dashboard.
  • Engagement tracking is enabled to help plan your podcast goals  based on who where the  audiences are located.
  • Demographic audience statistics is enabled to provide audience breakdowns on age,gender and types of listening apps to enable you to better your podcasting content for the needs of the audience.
  • Anchor is supported by a one click distribution through Anchor’s RSS feed .The listening distribution apps are equipped with RSS readability to process such that it can be distributed on Spotify, Apple podcasts,Google podcasts as well as  Castbox,Overcast,Pocket cast and Radio public.
  • You can also copy and paste your RSS code and distribute to other websites
  • Anchor has a music tool that allows you to add Spotify songs to your podcast and it’s better if you have a music podcast and you want to include snippets or even whole songs for your listeners.
  • Anchor allows you to make money through monetization but this is available to US creators.Anchor takes a percentage from your proceeds.
  • Listener snippets on Anchor also allow the audience to set up a monthly donation to support your podcast.

Dislikes on Anchor

  • Limited in its capabilities to provide full metrics and analytics of your episodes if you automatically distribute across various platforms.
  • You can’t tell how many people listen to complete episodes or where they switch off because of lack of access to apple’s podcast.
  • No analytics to show where listeners are coming from and the apps they are using.
  • Anchor only allows you to attach your episodes to one category and so you can’t be diverse in your presentations.

Price for Anchor

It starts for free.There are no monthly or annual fees and supporters don’t need to be signed into an Anchor account to subscribe to your content.Your anchor profile allows listeners to donate monthly without an account.

What we say

The upside of Anchor is that it distributes the completed episodes to Spotify and other platforms for free.

10.SoundCloud Podcast hosting sites.

SoundCloud allows you to create content and expand your audience with both paid and free plans and paid plans on the podcasting platforms suitable for desktop and mobile services.SoundCloud offers a creator guide and videos taught by experts.

Key features for SoundCloud.

  • Advanced podcasters can monetize their soundtracks by signing the SoundCloud premier monetization form.
  • The repost plan utilizes monetization features to be put on the major listening platforms to increase revenue chances.
  • The storage is based on the plans you buy.Free plan has up to a 3 hour upload.The unlimited plan has an unlimited amount of upload.
  • It offers up to 256 kbps and the program is video supported.
  • SoundCloud has immediate feedback with advanced analytics stats that help grow your audience based on issues such as what they listen to.It also shows the previous week’s account of who listened to your podcasts.
  • It also provides listener location in real time and enables interaction such that listeners can comment at a certain section of the soundtrack to show you what part of the podcast they resonate with.
  • It offers a one place host of your podcast episodes and you can upload for free,share content with active listeners or if you like,you can go private and share a link with a select few.
  • You can reach your audience for your podcasts through  distribution platforms such as iTunes,Stitches and TuneIn through an RSS feed on SoundCloud.SoundCloud  enables you to share this RSS feed into your social media networking sites too.
  • Soundcloud premier monetization-through this you can monetize downloads on SoundCloud and other music services.
  • ISC{International Standard Recording Code}is a unique code assigned to a sound recording to enable a track to be monetized,if the agreement is signed.

Dislikes for SoundCloud.

  • It’s difficult to navigate the site.
  • It’s difficult to find a certain performer when trying to locate them at a specific time.
  • It’s harder to listen when offline and so if you’re not connected to wifi you can’t access it even if you have a downloaded SoundCloud app. 
  • It has the same theme which is now monotonous.

Price for SoundCloud

1.Soundtrack basic-free (3 hours of upload)

2.Soundtrack pro unlimited-$12|month

-unlimited upload time and all other offers on Basic plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

*Repost by SoundCloud-at $2.50|month you can get heard on the most popular distribution track platforms.

What we say

With SoundCloud, you can upload and listen to tracks for free and with a combination of social networking and streaming services, a chance of your content going viral is there.

11.PodOmatic Podcast hosting sites.

PodOmatic provides users with access to certain services that enable one to create,browse,search,listen to and manage podcasts by providing general and  personalized content.It also offers hosting services,communication tools,forums,mobile applications,eCommerce tools and other services.It’s ideal for podcasters who need the essentials of creating a show and promotional tools to market it.It allows you to share your episodes to your online community via social media or your podcast WordPress website.

Key features for PodOmatic

  • Promotion tools include options of partnering with advertising agencies to place ads directly on your podcast  series page.
  • There is no integrated plugin but you can copy and paste your RSS feed onto any website to embed  a player.You can place it on WordPress to have all your episodes in one place and promote on your social media accounts.
  • The free plan:15GB of bandwidth and 2Gb of storage  per month.
  • Pro plan:20 GB of bandwidth and 3 GB of storage per month.
  • Pro platinum:500 GB of bandwidth and 5 GB of storage per month.
  • Pro plan offers 6  hours of recording time.The first 20 episodes are free.
  • It’s not video supported especially because this podcast focuses on providing high quality audios.You can record a video version separately and share it on your website or YouTube.
  • It offers daily statistics to track audience insights to better your performance and satisfy your target market needs.This includes Geographic analytics to track audience location and Track downloads for tracking episodes and lastly user engagement that allows comments,likes and playlist visits.
  • By choosing to make your content available on third party platforms,you consent to Podomatics’ disclosure and transfer of your content and any other information required to be sent to such third party platforms on your behalf.You also agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the third party in regards to using your content.

Dislikes for Podomatics

-There is this downside of Podomatics whereby older files eventually have to be removed and deposited to another platform.

Price for Podomatics


-Limited bandwidth and storage.

2.Pro-$2.49|month for annual plans.

3.Pro plus-$8.32| month for annual plans.

4.Pro platinum-$20.82|month for annual plans.

Pro plans have more bandwidth and storage and also include advanced features like analytics,pro design tools and others.

Upon registration,Podomatic provides user ID for your account by permitting access to their services and if you don’t provide accurate results your account may be canceled.

What we say!

Podmatics makes it easy to upload talks,meetings and discussions and its ease to sign up and simplicity in recording,posting and promoting gives it an edge over other podcast hosting softwares.It also,on top of that,lets you keep track of your podcasts.

12.OmniStudio Podcast hosting sites.

It’s the most advanced platform that’s equipped with on demand audio and easy to publish to major app directories.It has all the tools for creating high quality on demand audio content.

It’s perfect for business podcasts and only takes a few steps to bring out amazing content.You can fine tune your audio with editing tools and monetize your podcast episode with ad insertion and sponsors.With the best technology to distribute,analyze,monetize and archive on demand audio content,you have an added advantage of publishing anywhere including social media,to gain worldwide exposure online.

Key features for OmniStudio

  • You can use the powerpress plugin for WordPress to embed a podcast playlist into your WordPress website.
  • All plans have unlimited and secure storage,including episodes,uploads and user per podcast episode.The audio ad-on includes unlimited archives.
  • All plans have a limit of 1 TB per month which is enough bandwidth for most podcasters.But if need be,the sales team is at your service to estimate for you your requirements if you feel you aren’t sure of the exact amount that you need.The extra bandwidth will come at a fee plus more tips by the sales team on how to maximize and monetize your podcast series.
  • There are no time limits and you can upload and publish multiple shows with the most popular files like MP3,WAV and others.
  • It’s video supported and has video publishing on websites or social media networking sites to optimize audience engagement.
  • You receive in-depth analytics through built-in stats that enables you to see the download metrics and audio listening trends.
  • IAB certified reporting-this filters out downloads to ensure each one is industry trusted and certified.
  • Present time updates-you can see the audience as soon as they begin to listen.
  • Compare and contrast trends-reports on specific date limits so you can group results to shorter spans of time.
  • Downloads reports and Exports-it is equipped with cloud storage systems and Excel compatible CSV format to collect insights.
  • Additional stats are listener location,device type,the app service listeners use and the number of downloads per episode.
  • You can upload and distribute your podcast to smart speakers,including Amazon Echo,in a few clicks using Omny RSS feeds.Other compatible ones are Pocket casts,Overcast,TuneIn and more.
  • The major ones that are compatible here include Apple Podcasts,Spotify,RADIO COM,Deezer,Stitcher and others.
  • Built-in ad campaign-targets campaigns using dynamic insertion technology.
  • Video ads-embed your far video advertising using Omni Embeddable podcast player company that finds connections to most popular videos and services that eventually finds ads for you.
  • Location advertisement targeting-targets listens in any location in one episode to reach large audiences.
  • Sponsored content-develop and publish podcasting shows led by advertisers to increase monetization.
  • Powerful video editor-helps to add images, GIFs or video content from many video libraries to enhance your video media presence.
  • Video captions-you can custom write your captions to intrigue and brief listeners on what’s in the main content.
  • Social sharing ability-the pre set templates help publish your creative videos to YouTube,Facebook,Instagram and Snapchat.

Types of Omny Fm Web Players

  • Show page and web player
  • The Twitter Card
  • Facebook Open Graph

Advanced publishing tools for OmniStudio

  • Transcriptions-these are machine or human transcripts to add to any episode.
  • Scheduled publishing-this enables you to plan your publishing before it happens.
  • APIs-creates custom audio players or apps for all your episode content.
  • Ad-free feeds-offers ad-free RSS podcasts in one click.
  • Geo block content-blocks or let in downloads based on listener location.

Dislikes for OmniStudio

The major flipside of Omnistudio is that most apps already have a large file download when you press play.So basically there is the problem of unreliable data.

Price for OmniStudio

1.Starter plan-$29|month.

-Hosting,publishing and monetization tools.

-Unlimited episodes,uploads and users per podcast episode.

2.Ad-on-get a quote and demo for your radio.

-Audio recording features include automatic live recordings, unlimited archives and many more.

What we say!

The podcasting software has made it possible to easily share content and therefore there is an increase in the interaction level as a result.

13.Audioboom Podcast hosting sites.

This solution helps podcasters brands to grow through advert placement and hosting endorsements.It’s ideal for podcasters to monetize their podcast and audio optimization through the basic tools on offer.It includes simple hosting,distribution,analytics,collaborators and monetization techniques.The monetization part revolves around subscriptions and ads to grow the brand’s visibility.

Key features for Audioboom.

  • Advertisers can find top tier talented personalities to match their ads with the best content audioboom.
  • It also provides a podcast directory.
  • There is no plugin equipped with Audioboom but you can still easily embed an audio player onto your website.
  • It offers up to 10 000 download plays for the podcast plans.
  • There is a full size limit of 500 MB and 300 minutes per episode .Audioboom.support these files;MP3,FLAC,AAC,WAV,OGG and  M4A.It encodes all audio files to distribute them in the different formats.
  • If you publish video promotions with Headliner,chips can be shared on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook to grow your audience.
  • The dashboard provides all podcasts’ analytics,listen durations and the number of subscribers amid other charts.Side analytics are also available on Apple podcasts and Spotify dashboard.You can find your top episodes by searching the title,date created and number of listens.
  • Other details include; listener location which includes the city and country,device type,the kind of listener platforms and apps audience are using and the demographics of the audience in terms of age,gender and other factors.
  • Dynamic ad insertions provide ad selections for the topic of your podcast that is relevant to the episode contents.
  • Podcast host endorsements attract audience engagement and passionate listeners.
  • Find the best shows to align your brand with top tire podcasters’ topics found in the entertainment market podcast.
  • Audioboom is compatible with Headliner to provide your podcast episodes.

Dislikes for audioboom

The biggest demerit of audioboom is that transcripts are not always available.

Price for audioboom

1.Podcasters plan-$9.9|month

-Unlimited episodes and limited downloads play.

2.Podcast pros-for over 10 000 plays per episode and unlimited episodes per month plus more features that include monetization.

What we say!

Audioboom is an accessible and profitable hosting platform that’s suitable for podcasters who want to advertise and  brand because they work with top notch brands in the podcasting industry.It’s easy to set up as well as navigate and the customer service via email can be counted on.On top of that,the audio files can be easily embed and shared.

14.Castos Podcast hosting sites.

Castos is designed for people podcasting with WordPress to upload to their podcasts blog.It’s a fast and seamless podcast that gives you audience insights that help you to tailor your content to fit your audience.This,in turn,helps you to grow your target and enhance your visibility in the listening platforms.

Key features for Castos

  • The Simple Podcasting version is found on the WordPress plugin.It makes it easier to unify your media.Having everything in one place allows you to view an array of analytics of your audience from one convenient dashboard.It provides players designed to suit any aesthetics your site is going for and you can customize the color of your player and add or remove certain modules with regards to relevance to particular episodes.
  • The Seriously Simple Podcast Plugin{SSP} was created for WordPress websites and it helps you manage your RSS feed,upload content and add new podcast analytics from your  WordPress site.The plugin manages everything on the backend of the website saving time and potential mistakes that come with uploading.
  • There is unlimited storage for stress free podcast episode upload.
  • There are unlimited bandwidth limits so listeners can access content.And Castos doesn’t penalize you if you create the same content that’s on demand for more than once.
  • There’s no time limitations but it’s advisable that you put the needs of the listeners in mind with regards to the duration of the podcasts.
  • The Pro plan is video supported.
  • The many insights that Castos provide are intended to enhance audience interaction.
  • The directories include Apple podcasts,Google podcasts,Spotify,Amazon and many more.
  • It provides Podcast transcript.Transcripts maximize SEO ideally for business podcasts to get their website to be visible on Google search engines.
  • It provides You Tube Republishing that allows you to repurpose your audio content for the target audience. It publishes each episode to your YouTube channel or playlist for easy navigation. It’s through this feature that you can shoot short videos which increase the likelihood of sponsor revenue.
  • It provides Customizable Audio player that allows you to design a player cover with images and color and can embed the player in any site like SquareSpace.And it has unlimited subscription links for Spotify,Stitcher,iTunes and others.

Analytics dashboard features

  • Total listens;see what topics are favored.
  • Best performing episode;it helps to tailor content to meet audience needs and to attract sponsors.
  • Browser usage;tracks which devices the audience listens on.
  • Listener geolocation;this helps explore ways to reach your target market.

Dislikes for Castos

The greatest demerit of Castos  is that given that it was designed with WordPress users in mind,it alienates those outside of WordPress.On top of that,it also lacks a free plan.

Price for Castos

1.Starter plan-$19|month or $190 per year if you subscribe annually.

2.Growth plan-$49|month or $490 per year if paid upfront.

3.Pro plan-$99|month or $990 per year if paid upfront.

There is a 14 day free trial and a 0.10 per audio minute charge connected with subscription included in your monthly Castos hosting plan.

What we say!

Castos is super easy to use and it’s enhanced stats and monetization features make it admirable.Not to mention the top notch team support that ensures your podcast is readily available for all major distribution channels and also ensures RSS can accommodate new channels that your audience prefer.It’s easy to sync with any existing WordPress site and with the many analytics,it offers varieties that help you to stay top of the trends.The podcast is built to empower podcast creators and monetize it on their own terms.


FuseBox is a website service that offers a suite of powerful podcasting tools that consist of three customizable podcast players in one.The podcast was originally known as Smart Podcast Player{SPP}.

Key features for FuseBox

  • It has mobile response players.
  • A light or dark theme options.
  • Ability to capture emails,custom colors to help brand your players.
  • Social sharing tools.
  • Player speed controls.
  • Ability to download MP3.
  • Timestamp.
  • Volume control.
  • Host migration.
  • SEO friendly live texts.
  • Dow loadable PDFs.
  • New tab popout.
  • Accessible design.

Likes for FuseBox

  • It’s beautifully designed.
  • The conversion   factor with a signup button is useful for growing your podcast listeners.
  • Listeners can download a show they like in directories like Spotify without having to leave your blog.
  • Listeners can share on social media using built-in social sharing buttons.
  • It turns listeners into subscribers who do the show promotion for you.
  • It enables search engines to read content and rank your shows for you.
  • Subscription to Pro plan comes with a transcript plugin which ensures you have more control of and options for  your transcript.

Dislikes for FuseBox

  • The biggest downside is that the features are limited and can only enhance basic podcasting services.

Price for FuseBox

1.Free plan

2.Pro plan-$12|month ;$8|month if paid annually.

What we say

The podcasting host is easy to use and the support and updates are timely regardless of whether you are free or a Pro subscriber.

16.Podcastics Podcast hosting sites

With Podcastics Podcast hosting sites ,you can host,share and monetize your podcast content.Armed with a single Podcastics account,you can manage as many podcasts as you want with unlimited episodes per podcast.It offers podcast management abilities and in-depth statistics tools.It allows you to distribute your podcasts to all listening platforms and apps in the world.

Key features for Podcastics.

  • It offers unlimited storage for Pro,Max and Archive plans.
  • There is no time limit.
  • It’s unlimited for Pro,Max and Archive plans.
  • It’s video supported and you can promote your podcast by making short video clips to upload to your social media networking sites.
  • Podcastics also has Headliner,Audiogram and Veed and some features include subtitling,various export formats and customizing options.
  • Super easy interface that offers tools such as;Download tracking,Listener location-tell the location of your audience,Device or App-the devices the audience uses like desktop or mobile phones to listen to your content or the streaming platforms used.
  • You can use Apple podcasts,Google podcasts,iTunes,TuneIn,Stitcher and many more
  • CDN optimized
  • Scheduled episodes will remake your RSS feed by the time you reschedule an upload.
  • High quality audio players to embed into any website.
  • Social features such as podcast reviews,episode ratings,apple podcast reviews,notification system and private messenger.
  • Magic listener that redirects your listener to apple podcasts,Google podcasts or your website, depending on the device.
  • Ad networks that enable you can earn revenue with ad  insertion if you have listeners.

Dislike for Podcastics

It has limited features in the free plan.

Pricing for Podcastics

1.Free plan-unlimited episodes but limited features.

2.Premium plan-$4|month and first month for free.

3.Pro plan-$8|month and first month for free.

4.Max plan-$39|month and first month for free.

5.Archive plan-$5|month

*Choose archive if you have an existing RSS feed with all your episodes or if your shoe is already on Apple podcasts.

What we say!

With its intuitive dashboard and the ability to build teams with the dashboard because it enables multiple podcasts,Podcastics stands out as a team builder and live streaming enabler.

17.Captivate Podcast hosting sites.

Captivate offers gorgeous looking podcast players that are impressive to listeners.Each podcast player has a built-in Captivate logo which enables ‘captivate affiliates’ to turn the company’s logo into a referral link and potentially earn a commission.Captivate hosting platform offers a week designed and easy to use dashboard with short tutorials that help you navigate.There is also a chat box on each page.The chat box offers advice,prompts,tips and hints as you explore.It is a growth centered podcast with marketing tools such as analytics,audio players,distribution options and an easy-to-navigate interface.It also provides a free website builder to embed all of your podcast episodes quickly.

Key features for Captivate

  • Big Captivate sync
  • WordPress plugin
  • Bandwith depends on the plan.If you exceed captivate download plan limit in any single month,you aren’t questioned.But if you exceed the plan limit for over two months,you’re notified via email to pay I’m the next payment.
  • There is no time limit.However,it’s not video supported although you can add videos onto your podcasting website.This means you can film your podcast episode while you record.
  • IAB certified analytics to measure your podcasts’ growth with the 12 month view chart.
  • Download overview to view a rundown of how many downloads your shows get across a period of time.
  • Download averages to show how many downloads your shows get across a specified period.
  • Episode analysis to show your performance against other podcasts in terms of downloads.
  • It can be integrated with Apple podcasts,Spotify,Google analytics,Amazon music,Stitcher,Player FM and others.
  • Captivate’s customizable RSS feed can be added to any podcasting distribution apps by just one click.
  • Audio players with speed settings and sharing buttons compatible with any device and the captivate logo,embed playlist player on your website to show all episodes and latest episodes.
  • Sharing buttons-places the buttons on the websites to direct them to apps.Single subscribe page automatically creates buttons in suitable places on your website hence helping new listeners to get a one stop link to all apps.
  • You can then submit your generated RSS feed to directors for distribution making it easy for people to share, listen and  subscribe to your episodes.

Likes for Captivate

  • You can submit your show to directors like Spotify directly from this podcast hosting platform.
  • The buttons for sharing are put in convenient places.
  • Provides unique URLs for each podcasting episode that you can copy and paste into your social media posts.
  • Has a Full Transparency Mode which when enabled informs the listener of any third party tools that are being
  • used in the show for the privacy purposes of the listener.
  • You can create unlimited podcasts and also add an unlimited number of team members to your podcast.
  • It’s a one click submission to directories.
  • Unlimited podcasts from Captivate 2.0 new simplified dashboard.
  • The one click sponsor kit makes it easy to reach out to potential sponsors.

Price for Podcaster

1.Podcaster plan-$17|month

-12 000 downloads per month.

2.Professional plan-$44| month

-50 000 downloads per month.

3.Business plan-$90|month

-150 downloads per month.

What we say!

Captivate is a Podcast hosting sites that’s easy to monetize with the various sets of data and advertising features and the constant upgrades of new features every week{new updates every Thursday},in-depth stats to know how you are faring and a team passionate about podcasting and customer growth,you are good to go.

18.Simplecast Podcast hosting sites

It’s a Podcast hosting sites designed to help independent artists,network and business analyze,distribute and publish audio content across multiple platforms such as Apple podcasts,Spotify and Switches.It powers podcasts from well known creators and brandsThe features enable creators of any level to distribute their podcasts anywhere for listening.It has advanced audio tools and analytics to increase the engagement of the target audience.You can publish more than one show by managing from one account and independents can use audio recording for their own shows.

Key features for Simplecast

  • It doesn’t have a plugin for websites.However,audio playlists are easily embeddable.You have the option to put one show or one playlist on your website’s blog or any other social media networking sites.
  • The storage limits are unlimited in all the plans so you can host multiple shows on one account.You can mix in some collaborators,invite team members to more than one show and even give them permission to edit.
  • No bandwidth limits for optimal listening traffic audience interested in your podcast episode of podcast series.
  • There is no time limit and therefore recording and uploading is in all shapes and sizes and with added freedom to use all the tools to optimize and distribute your content easily.
  • It’s not video supported but you can create a separate video and publish on your website or YouTube channel.Simplecast’s focus is on quality audio production.
  • Audio analytics platform to track listener location,show episodes trends and IAB Certification analytics metrics
  • The podcast is integrated with Apple podcasts,Spotify and others.It also powers podcasts into platforms like Facebook,Harvard University,Politico and others.
  • It allows you to listen and share custom clips of episodes.
  • It’s optimized for social media sharing.
  • It had the industry’s first audiogram that delivers insights on listeners’ sharing habits.
  • Helps you build a website designated for podcast shows.
  • Allows you to upload tools that make publishing easier.
  • Analytics dashboard tracks everything related to your target markets.
  • Publishing episodes to shows episode details like the last published episode title.
  • Embed player you just embed once and the embed player customization is on the episode details page.
  • It has superior and intelligent web players. Whether you would like to embed a single show or an entire episode.It reveals listeners’ point of drop off,share points and listening speed.
  • You can archive the episodes that you don’t want published to the RSS feed and it won’t appear to the directories. You can turn public shows into private episodes and vice versa
  • There is zero data migration effort when you want to move your content to simplecast from your current podcast host. It’s a seamless effort as long as the basic procedure is followed.
  • You can upload your files from the storage device and distribute them.It is a powerful audio streaming platform that delivers audios in millions of minutes everyday.

Dislikes for Simplecast

  • It doesn’t support video podcasting.
  • There are download limits and they are not good for accelerated growth trajectories.
  • Lack of monetization functionality{only available on professional and enterprise plans}.
  • Simple set of features to fulfill just a focused purpose of hosting,managing and publishing.You can’t edit or monetize directly.

Price for Simplecast




Business and networking plans



There is a 14 day trial and no credit cards are required.

What we say

Simplecast Podcast hosting sites allows multiple shows for professionals with more than one show at a time and wants to manage all of them from a single platform.It also allows team players to collaborate with you and the limits and permission levels are according to the plans.You can publish your podcast in one click to all the major listening platforms.Its weekly podcasts helps in getting show out on the internet.It has  unique social sharing buttons on recast and a convenient and easy to use interface that supports OGG,which guarantees quality during production.

19.Resonate Podcast hosting sites

With hands-on support of audio and creative branding and podcasting professionals,Resonate offers an innovative team that has experience in broadcast,film,television,music and production to help you come out as the best.The team includes podcasting developers and successful clients of over 500 companies of entrepreneurs and influencers.It also offers efficient tools to influence podcast to meet the desired goals.

Key features for Resonate

  • This Podcast hosting sites player can be embedded into your podcast website.The resonate player logs in every user’s listening experience and measures engagement.
  • Unlimited storage limits so you can maximize user engagement.
  • No bandwidth limits.
  • No time limits in terms of how long your episode lasts.
  • It’s video supported through YouTube.You can use the video podcast production feature to embed playlists into  a YouTube playlist or by itself.
  • Insights dashboard that track podcasts’ growth with in-depth stats on its analytics dashboard.Better understanding your audience’s likes and dislikes regarding your content to tailor your target markets’ needs.
  • The podcast can be integrated with Apple podcasts, google podcasts,Spotify,Stitcher and many more.
  • Resonate provides a RSS feed to submit your podcast to directories.
  • The hosting platform is where all the information about your podcast lives and where the RSS feed is generated so that your podcasts are available on directories like Spotify,Google and Apple podcasts.
  • It offers video production services guidelines.
  • Technical editing,color correction and post production work.
  • Access to YouTube studio analytics to see how your performance is.
  • Custom.design;remote recordings,add backgrounds and color grading.
  • It ensures the sound is as professional as possible.
  • Craft mixing of your podcast to reduce background music or noise and balance out dynamics for each episode.
  • You can edit out awkward pauses ,off timed introductions and background noises.
  • You can Master balance each of the tracks to optimize streaming data in one master podcast file.

Likes for Resonate podcast

  • This Podcast hosting sites is easy to use and faster to navigate.
  • Embeddable media player is customizable and therefore you can share your podcast with listeners outside of the major listening platforms.
  • It caters for big production teams by allowing you unlimited team members in your account,even from the most basic subscription tier.
  • It’s convenient as you can record,edit,mix and distribute your podcast directly from Resonate although each process has a separate price attached.
  • Podcast websites;resonate refers to them as microsites.They are available as part of the premium hosting subscription or as a separate item.
  • There is expert advice on every aspect of podcasting.They also offer consulting services on every facet of podcasting.
  • Private podcasting;at an additional subscription fee,you can choose to create private podcasts either for individual organizational purposes or for paying subscribers.

Dislikes for Resonate podcast

  • It can’t monetize directly.Although it provides for dynamic ad insertion,there’s no integrated monetization direct through the platform.
  • No video podcast
  • It’s costly because every service and item has a separate price tag attached.

Price for Resonate podcast



3.Professional-contact to request a quote.

There’s a 14 day trial for Basic and Premium.

What we say!

With an innovative support team,Resonate is able to balloon a small podcast idea into a full blown audio production,as it once happened to a confessed podcaster.It generally has good sound design and mixing.


The above Podcast hosting sites are among the best in the market.All you need to do is read their features and choose the one that suit you.