15 best landing page builders.

In the world of digital marketing, landing pages is that single page created for marketing or advertising purposes only where visitor will see after clicking a link in an email or ad generated by Facebook, Google, Youtube among others.

After identifying your web builder platform, you can create an interactive landing page that may lead visitors to your blog, podcast, webinar or any other business website.

After doing adequate research and tested almost all the landing pages, we have come with a list of top landing pages builders.As a reader, you have to focus on features, new updates and pricing of each.

1.Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages is an affordable landing page builder with premium platforms for users. The platform is useful for converting advertisement clicks to sales and leads. It works by instantly loading Google AMP without the need for users to write any codes.

This page builder is recommended for ROI-driven marketers. The landing page is well-balanced. It also incorporates an intuitive and simple interface.

Ideally, the interface is flexible and offers professional tools for developer, designer,  and marketer’s needs. Notably, users have a fourteen-day free trial, allowing them to sample it features.

Swipe pages key features

Swipe Pages provides two options for its clients: Standard pages and AMP pages.

Standard pages offers the following features:

  1. Allows users performance optimized from CDN.
  2. The feature adapts all screen sizes and resolutions in the landing pages.
  1. This features allows full design flexibility.
  2. Allows users support for custom CSS & JS.

AMP landing page has the following features.

  1. This feature allows users faster landing pages that load instantaneously
  2. Limitations are based on the AMP framework
  3. Does not support custom JS
  4. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – This feature provides an instantaneous loading experience for users given that it is served from Google’s cache and pre-loaded. The feature allows users to gain more brand awareness and boost conversions using the most advanced landing page builder.Therefore:
    • This application is popular with top companies like BMW and its recommended by Google.
    • This feature is vital because it provides lower bounce rates. The AMP landing pages are loaded in less than two seconds.
    • Users have better conversations given that the feature develops a greater mobile experience and are rewarded with the lowest cost per click.
    • Simply Drag and Drop – This feature allows users to create fully responsive landing pages without writing a single line of code. It offers over twenty five Advanced Modules.
    • Users also have fully responsive, multi-screen editing.
  5. High Converting Templates – This feature is suitable for all uses. Users can create beautiful purposeful landing pages without a designer.
    • The template categories available for the application include: technology, travel, marketing, event promotion, properties & real estate, books & newsletters, lead generation & sales, E-commerce and health & medical.
  6. Users can make A/B tests, the CDN, and integrations (AWeber, ActiveCampaign, SendFox, SalesFlare, Zoho, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, MailChimp, and Hubspot.
  7. Swipe Pages allows users to publish landing pages to their domain. This feature allows users code optimization and caching hosting with SSL, and CDN image compression.
  8. Users can build their network given that conversations enable meaningful relationships due to credibility.

Price for Swipe Pages

Dislikes for Swipes Pages.

  • The landing page does not provide multi-user features for the standard plans.
  • The limitations with the AMP landing pages are based on the AMP framework.
  • Users could use a greater variety of sections and templates.
  • The customer service may take longer than expected with most customers complaining of the lack of response and honesty.


Leadpages is a landing page that provides users with easy access to their audience, collect leads and close sales. Users have a variety of high-converting templates and can create websites and landing pages without having to code.

Notably, users get to enjoy unlimited leads, page publishing and traffic. The software also allows users a fourteen-day free trial that enables exploring the landing page’ options.

The software offers intuitive tools that make it easy for users to create, publish, and update content easily. Leadpages has also been lauded for its excellent customer service with the real time support provided to clients enabling efficient use of the software. The software is affordable and its solid integration options make it suitable for consumers.

For smaller businesses, Leadpages is a suitable landing page builder given that the pricing policies are quite favourable to users.

Leadpages Key Features

  • Leadpages is conversion-optimized as it has infused the platform with marketing expertise  and real-time guidance, conversion-optimized templates, and AB testing.
  • Unlimited publishing, leads, and traffic – The software offers unlimited options on lead collection, page views and web traffic.
  • Lead magnet hosting and delivery – The software enables users to send digital products given the in-built delivery system for eBooks, PDFs and white papers.
  • Drag and drop feature allows users intuitive experiences without needing any expertise.
  • Rapid page load speed – Users can increase conversions and enhance visitor experience with industry-leading page load speeds.
  • Reliability – The landing pages and websites of Leadpages run on Google Cloud Services platforms allowing 24/7/365 support while eradicating any security issues.
  • The software offers world-class technical support with experts at the end at any time.
  • Leadpages Pro allows online sales and payments and unlimited A/B split testing.

Leadpages Price

Dislikes for Leadpages.

  • The landing pages do not provide customization options to users. This makes it challenging for users to match design and branding on their personal websites.
  • The landing pages lack enterprise options and this limitation makes it a difficult choice.
  • The drag and drop builder is quite sluggish compared to other landing pages options.
  • Leadpages provides limited form options.
  • The Standard plan does not provide extensive A/B testing options.
  • The quality of templates provided do not align with the quality of landing pages like Instapage and Unbounce.


Unbounce is a landing page builder that allows users a simple drag-and-drop tool that is easy to use. Unbounce provides a single digital marketing solutions that help with Software as a Service, e-commerce and small and medium businesses.

For users seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial journey and improve lead generation and conversion. Ideally, for those seeking tailored services, the unique features enable customizations. The landing page builder places a focus on security and this makes it quite lucrative or suitable for financial transactions.

Unbounce offers different plans to its users. For beginners, the Unbounce Launch plan allows users the tools needed to test, build and optimize their pages. The plan only allows 20000 visitors, 500 conversions, and one connected domain.

For the Optimize Plan, the software allows basic plan tools and Smart traffic, Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) and A/B testing.  The Accelerate Plan allows growth for digital agencies.

Unbounce Key Features.

  • Excellent customer support – the landing page offers a responsive and real-time customer service without the need to pay any extra features. Users have phone, email, and live chat support with all plans.
  • Landing page builder UI – the user interface is quit suitable for players given its ease of access.
  • AI-Powered tools – Unbounce features Unbounce Comversion Intelligence Platform which gives access to Smart Traffic and Smart Builder.
  • These tools are effortless in improving campaign conversion rates, increasing marketing confidence, and delivering relevant content to visitors.
  • Easy conversion tracking – The landing page allows users access to analytics about pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Unbounce offers more than 100 landing page templates.
  • Users can integrate and connect with more than 100 popular marketing applications. In this case, they can email marketing clients like MailChimp and popular marketing CRMs like HubSpot.
  • Designers can import their images and graphics to use with their templates.
  • Popup and sticky bars – This feature allows users to add popups and sticky bars on any page and website immediately. Users can also triger customized offers and target potential converts.
  • Users can capture more leads with high-converting landing pages they can optimize instantly, all without a developer.
  • Unbounce uses can launch campaigns faster with quick-launch templates, fully customizable to align with SaaS brands.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder – This feature allows users stunning landing pages for desktop and mobile without writing any code.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality lets users pull together pages faster spending more time converting.
  • Integrations and connections – This feature allows users to automate tasks, save time and focus more on their campaigns by incorporating Unbounce with the rest of their technological applications.
  • Unbounce allows users to connect to WordPress.

Price for Unbounce.

Dislikes for Unbounce

  • While using the landing page builder UI mat be easy, users may need some design skills to ensure their landing pages convert.
  • As a standalone product, Unbounce is quite expensive.
  • The use of this landing page software requires a steep learning curve, suggesting that professionals are more likely to use it than others.
  • The software does not provide 24/7/365 customer support even though the live chat does not function as well as it should.
  • Unbounce is not particularly effective in the creation of websites since it does not provide all the relevant tools to its users.


Ucraft is a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder for anyone who wants to create a professional and responsive website. The landing page caters to small business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

The drag-and-drop feature helps build websites without needing to use codes. Additionally, one can freely host their websites securely and effectively on Google Cloud. Compared to other landing page software, Ucraft is relatively affordable.

Ucraft customers achieve higher conversion rates and sales compared to their competitors with the help of the professional landing page creator. The landing page makes it easy for users to build, customize and optimize landing pages for a variety of campaigns.

The user interface is simple, while the template designs are contemporary, eye-catching, and uncluttered. Ucraft has already considered how landing pages will look on different devices.

The landing page’s adaptive landing page layouts automatically adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions: from desktops to tablets and smartphones. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, users can quickly launch mobile-friendly landing pages and scale their businesses.  

Key Features for Ucraft.

  • Ucraft users have access to more than 360000 customers as the landing provides access to this network, enhancing one’s potential for success in launching online brands, generating leads, and achieving leadership in their niche.
  • Website designer – The software has over 100 prebuilt blocks like forms, testimonial sections, FAQs, sliders, footers, and eCommerce storefronts. Users can save customized blocks to reuse them on other sites, edit header and footer for all pages or individual pages, add effects to elements, and much more.
  • The landing page allows website integrations whereby one can integrate their website with online services such as customer support, marketing activities, and customer support. Ucraft has many integrations options for ecommerce, marketing, analytics, communication, and social media.
  • Domains – Users can buy a domain and connect an already existing one. Additionally, users can get free hosting and an SSL certificate.
  • Ucraft offers numerous customizable website templates that allow users to create professional websites that meet their needs. The all-in-one platform includes tools, designer-made website templates, and integrations that expand one’s online presence.
  • Ecommerce – Many features such as a multilingual storefront option, a calculator for taxes, discounts, and abandoned carts, among others, help with online business branding and marketing.
  • SEO tools –This feature allows users access to favicon, automatic image optimization tool, alt tags, redirect links (301 and 302), sitemap, and more to optimize pages for better ranking on Bing, Google, and other search engines.
  • Logo makers –Ucraft lets users create a professional-looking logo for free.

Price for Ucraft.


  • The landing page builder does not have photo editing options.
  • When users want to build big websites, they must seek alternative options.
  • Ucraft does not provide phone support.
  • The websites have limited design tools and capabilities, making them unsuitable for particular professional designers.
  • The landing page is not easy to use, and users must indulge in training and education material to be fully proficient.
  • The landing page does not provide premium features to its community.
  • The integrations offered by the landing page are few compared to other landing pages.


Instapage is a landing page builder that allows users to host their content on the cloud. This ensures they can perform everything from creating to publishing landing pages quickly.

Selecting this page builder is popular because of its library of customizable templates, intuitive landing page editor, and a good selection of widgets. The software also contains numerous reporting data and tools that positively impact one’s optimization offers.

More critically, online documentation and the responsive chat support channel make it suitable for designing mobile-friendly landing pages.

Features for Instapage.

  • Instapage offers a fully customizable builder to create stunning, conversion-friendly landing pages. Users can access over 5,000 fonts, contextual element editing, and 33 million images to work with. The landing page is suitable for producing on-brand, conversion-friendly landing pages.
  • Instapage offers template layouts depending on use and industry case – The feature allows over two hundred fully customizable and optimized templates for increasing conversions.
  • Global blocks – This feature allows Instapage users to manage global templates, which ensure that all pages are brand compliant. Instapage users can build custom, on-brand Instablocks like header, footer, or product blocks across hundreds or thousands of pages. 
  • Instablocks – Instapage allows users to quickly build hundreds of personalized landing pages by using individual page blocks that allow customization, saving, and reusing. Users can access a selection of pre-designed block templates, like headers, footers, testimonials, and more. Alternatively, users can develop custom blocks from scratch. Users can manage and update global templates with a single click for those on the Enterprise plan.
  • Visual on-page collaboration – This landing page is the only one to provide a fully integrated Collaboration Solution. This lets users collaborate directly with teammates and clients in real-time to streamline the design review process. Instapage users can get their pages created, reviewed, published, and converted faster.
  • Image asset manager – Users can add photos to the Instapage landing page design tool to personalize their promotions or offers. The landing page has updated its image editing features with users scrolling through hundreds of photos quickly, easy folder organization to locate photos quickly, and clicking images to utilize the upload function.
  • AMP landing pages – Instapage allows users to build mobile pages that load instantaneously, create a better browsing experience, and drive more conversions with Google AMP-powered landing pages. The builder is unparalleled in creating and A/B test landing pages using the AMP framework. There is no need for web developers or expertise to use the software.

Price for Instapage.


  • Instapage’s business plan limit visitors per month to 30,000, 30 published landing page experiences, five workspaces, and five team members. With other plans from different landing pages, they might be cheaper options.
  • Instapage does not offer as many landing page templates as other tools, including Leadpages.
  • The landing page provides fewer page widgets than premium WordPress page builders, such as Divi.
  • The landing pages offer limited ecommerce options compared with other tools, such as Leadpages.
  • The landing page builder offers higher pricing making it unsuitable for casual website owners.


This landing page builder allows users quick ways to design landing pages without the help of designers or IT support.

Features for HubSpot.

  • The landing page allows users to personalize landing page content for individual visitors.
  • Additionally, users can display personalized content, CTAs, and forms for every visitor to improve the performance of the landing pages.
  • HubSpot allows users to provide customers with the best experience possible by tailoring landing page content to individual visitors.
  • HubSpot allows users to dynamically display different content based on a visitor’s location, source, device, lifecycle stage, or any other contact detail stored in their CRM.
  • This feature allows users to collect information about prospects using dynamic forms that never ask the same question twice.
  • HubSpot allows users to create and publish new landing pages quickly. Users can swiftly design and launch professional-looking landing pages without the help from developers or IT.
  • HubSpot allows users to evaluate, test, and optimize landing page performance. Thus, users can identify the best converting landing pages in a centralized dashboard.
  • Users can also acquire customized SEO suggestions to optimize pages for search.
  • HubSpot users can test up to five variations of a page and have the landing page builder automatically select the winner. In this regard, users can run tests on every element, including headlines, images, CTAs, forms, and more – driving more leads quickly.
  • Users can select from HubSpot’s built-in library of mobile-optimized templates proven to convert or build pages quickly.
  • HubSpot has an extensive template library for quick and easy design.
  • With the drag-and-drop page editor, HubSpot users can instantly customize the page’s content, forms, layout, and branding.
  • HubSpot has a WYSIWYG editor that enables accessibility to build professional-looking landing pages.
  • HubSpot allows users built-in personalization so that customers always feel directly connected to the brand.
  • The software allows integration with HubSpot’s sales CRM software or with Salesforce to keep customer records clean and up-to-date automatically.
  • HubSpot users can also preview how a page looks on different devices before publishing and converting leads.

Price for HubSpot.


  • The software is expensive when one begins using it heavily. For small businesses, it may be an option. Nevertheless, for big websites, users might find it costly. Moreover, as users’ businesses grow, the prices rise pretty steeply.
  • The landing page does not provide flexible premium options, with users locked in contracts or agreements that make it necessary for businesses to consider before joining.
  • HubSpot does not provide a one-in-all tool to ensure easy customization of websites. Most businesses cannot run on a single platform, so using HubSpot’s CRM, sales, service, and marketing tools are ineffective.
  • The free or low-rate payment options do not offer A/B testing, with users struggling to determine the best options for their brands.
  • The landing pages offer limited reporting, and the lack of segmented traffic reports makes it complex to understand traffic analytics.
  • HubSpot’s templates are complicated to customize as users must know about CSS prior.
  • HubSpot provides users with all-in-one inbound marketing software that enables them to build their brand effectively. These features include lead management, analytics, blogging, marketing automation, and email.
  • Users have to pay for technical assistance from HubSpot.
  • HubSpot offers limited features in its free version making it useful for basic things.


The landing page, Landingi, does not require any prior coding experience, with its simplicity allowing its use by users of different expertise and levels. The landing page enables collaborations with teams and is suitable for creating and managing subaccounts. Landingi offers a powerful, easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

Key Features Landingi.

  • Pop-ups – this feature allows users to easily capture their audience’s attention as they can create pop-ups and triggers that allow the display of contents with particular specifications (scroll depth and exit intent).
  • Landingi offers users advanced security features to ensure their data is secure. With GDPR compliance and SSL encryption, users receive secure services with access to hosting services provided by AWS. 
  • A/B/x Tests – This feature allows users to use different headlines and images or perform A/B tests as they create their pages. It also captures metrics in terms of user experience with landing page features.
  • Funnels – This feature allows users to create marketing funnels that categorize and gather the most engaged leads from visitors on the landing page. It is also suitable for designing and planning user paths to ensure a brand tailors the user experience uniquely.
  • Landing page grouping – This feature allows users to arrange their work for easy access when collaborating with teams.
  • One-click duplication – This feature allows users to work more efficiently when creating many landing pages for different uses and save time.
  • Custom code – This feature allows users to engage with page elements with their customized codes as they improve the functionality or efficiency of their pages.
  • Landingi offers excellent hosting solutions as it lets the user access custom or special domains. This integration comes with WordPress and is quite helpful.
  • There are over 400 templates for users, ensuring they can create professional-looking pages for their brands.
  • Integrations – Landingi offers many carefully curated integrations with access to over 4000 platforms. Integrations with CRM software such as chat tools and HotSpot ensure brands can connect with their customers better.

Pricing overview for Landingi

Dislikes for Landingi.

  • The core plan does not have powerful features making it challenging for single users to appreciate its tools fully.
  • There are barriers to small businesses wanting to use the application due to the large plans’ high fees.
  • The landing page editor differs for mobile and desktop platforms, making it cumbersome for users to toggle back between the platforms to ensure their pages are displayed correctly.
  • The third-party integrations are limited compared to other landing page software.
  • The application requires connecting email marketing software with its asset delivery feature.
  • The pages load slower than average at times.
  • Landingi lacks native analytics, making it a poor alternative compared to other platforms offering Google Analytics integration.
  • The pricing of the landing page builder is relatively steep compared to other software despite having a fourteen-day free trial.
  • Even though Landingi offers customer service and support, users have complained of the slow communication that makes it challenging to receive quality help with work challenges.


Wishpond is a free landing page builder that provides a professional appeal to users, allowing them to create high-converting and mobile-optimized landing pages in a few minutes. The landing page builder is tailored to meet marketers’ needs, using powerful tools to provide exceptional professional results.

Wishpond provides a slight learning curve for new users, and its real-time tutorials and customer support are handy. For business owners, the landing page builder enables brands to build traffic and monitor how best to enhance their brands.

Key Features Wishpond.

  • Wishpond provides more than 50 landing page templates that professional graphic designers create with extensive UX experience. The templates can be used for the following: webinar registration, lead generation through email-gated content, home pages with navigation bars and multiple links, product showcasing, contact us pages, and coming soon pages, among others.
  • A/B testing – This feature allows Wishpond’s users knowledge of the performance of their pages and provides tools to improve their experiences.
  • Customer service – Wishpond users can access customer service and chatbots that help users navigate challenges.
  • Drag and Drop editor- Wishpond provides users with this tool to easily create land pages. The objects ensure that users do not require technical skills in coding or programming.
  • Mobile-responsiveness- Wishpond allows users a dynamic experience with its mobile-responsive templates as they can create pages that work well on mobile devices.
  • Integrated Wishpond Leads database- This feature enables users to track the activity on their website as they tweak features to improve their functionality and effectiveness.
  • Form fields – Wishpond allows users to form field builders that enhance the professional appeal of their landing pages.
  • Analytics – Wishpond provides users with analytics to enhance the effectiveness of their landing pages with information on views, conversions, and conversion rates.
  • Integrated Wishpond’s marketing automation – This feature is part of the customer relationship management framework that allows users to engage with clients better as it automates email responses and provides lead information.
  • Third-party tools – Wishpond allows users integration with third-party software such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft and others.

Price overview

Dislikes for Wishpond

  • Wishpond does not provide short and affordable pricing plans, making it difficult for customers to opt-out of its long-term plans.
  • The customer service and support are slow at times.
  • The application provides numerous errors and lagging when used in complex projects.
  • The integration with software such as Shopify may be challenging for users.
  • The marketing tools integrated into Wishpond are not intuitive, making them cumbersome.
  • The exporting and reporting capabilities of Wishpond are limited, making it necessary for users to seek other alternatives.
  • The pricing aspects of Wishpond are challenging for short-term consumers as they have to purchase scheduling from social media platforms.
  • The contest options and templates are limited to professional users requiring high-quality output.


GetResponse provides numerous features making it an ideal landing page for brands. The software is a fully-fledged email marketing automation tool with advanced segmentation and automation.

It offers advanced marketing solutions making it the best value for the money for all business sizes. Notably, it efficiently does simple tasks like set email autoresponders and beautiful newsletters and creating landing pages, among other functions.

Key Features GetResponse.

  • GetResponse is notable for marketing attributes.
  • Email marketing- Users can access professional templates, first-class deliverability and easy design tools.
  • Website builder- With the AI-driven code-free website builder, users do not require technical skills to promote their businesses online.
  • Webinars – GetResponse users have access to webinars that allow them to interact with customers quickly.
  • Marketing automation – This feature allows GetResponse’s users automation with the customer journey on their pages.
  • Predesigned templates allow GetResponse’s users mobile-friendly and easily customizable frameworks to develop their landing pages.
  • Forms and pop-ups- These features allow GetResponse’s users to enhance conversations within their website.
  • GetResponse allows users domain management whereby they can publish under personalized domains or those provided by GetResponse.
  • Drag and drop editor- This feature allows users powerful tools to create objects for their websites easily.
  • GDPR – GetResponse is 100% GDPR compliant, offers clear guidelines on how they take the responsibilities, and offers GDPR consent fields that help users integrate custom consent checkboxes in sign-up forms, create and manage multiple consent fields and segment subscribers in the workflow based on their consent.
  • Spam Score Checker: This free tool helps GetResponse’s users to scan email campaigns to investigate any potential element that could trigger a spam response from the recipient’s email client.
  • GetResponse is equipped with integrations for Facebook ads, Google ads, Facebook Pixel and social ads creator.
  • List Builder Wizard – GetResponse allows users to choose from various templates and customize them to their needs.
  • List Builder Apps – GetResponse allows users to create more complex forms, like an exit-intent pop-up or a shake box.
  • Plain HTML – this feature lets users generate a basic HTML form to which they can add custom CSS styles.
  • Integrations – dedicated tools to help you integrate with Facebook, WordPress, and more.
  • Inbox Preview Feature – GetResponse users see the end result in the recipients’ inbox.
  • Custom DKIM: Custom DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is an authentication technique used to boost the security of senders and receivers of the email. It enhances GetResponse’s users’ brand identity and also improves email deliverability.
  • Conversion funnels – This tool allows users to prebuilt funnels for specific automated campaigns. It includes sales funnel for products and services online, a lead magnet funnel for growing one’s list using lead magnets, ecommerce tools for enhancing online sales, a list building funnel for getting more sign-ups and nurturing the email list, and a webinar funnel for growing the audience and monetizing the content.
  • Live chat- This feature enables GetResponse’s users to live chat to connect with online audiences. It includes customization tools, chat availability, visitor capture form and chats notifications.
  • Chat analytics enable GetResponse users to determine how to improve their conversations with clients.
  • SMS marketing – This tool is responsible for SMS marketing information, including an SMS editor for personalizing content and creating emojis, URL shortener, and SMS reports.

Price for GetResponse

Dislikes for GetResponse.

  • Segments are limited to a total of eight conditions.
  • A/B testing tools are severely limited.
  • Customers are limited to the Max Plan that provides phone support.


ClickFunnels provides users with a web designer oriented around creating a sales funnel quickly, with the lack of coding skills to enhance user experience. The sales funnel builder was created with entrepreneurs in mind as it allows a tailored journey for brands to make profits.

Ideally, the landing page builder allows users to guide visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process. With tools and strategies to help users market, sell and deliver products online, ClickFunnels is equipped to help professionals.

Most importantly, the demos provided by the software provide easily accessible manuals to help inexperienced users navigate the software.

Features ClickFunnels.

  • Follow-Up Funnels – This feature allows ClickFunnels’ users to create simple-but-powerful Follow-Up Funnel.
  • A two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel- This tool allows users to use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.
  • CllickFunnels facilitates a live webinar using third-party software like gotowebinar or zoom.
  • ClickFunnels is used to customize the registration process and increase conversion and sales.
  • Order Forms- This feature allows users to create an easy, non-confusing check-out process for customers and reduce cart abandonment. The landing page builder offers the traditional style order form or the unique 2-step order form, which captures lead information to market to those who abandon their cart.
  • Membership Areas- This feature allows users to create a member’s page that hosts training material or subscription content. It ensures customers can create a login and instant access to posted content. It does not need a third party, Learning Management Software or another tool.
  • The Automation Tab – this feature allows ClickFunnels users to set up email messages and sequences to reconnect with their audience.
  • Affiliate Centers – This tool allows users to quickly add their affiliate program to the back of ClickFunnels sales funnel with just two extra pages. Users can change commission plans and affiliate types inside the affiliate area, do payouts and create affiliate areas for affiliates with easy-to-download banner ads and example copy.
  • One-Click Upsells – This feature enables users to dramatically increase their cart value by adding pages that offer additional products or services to customers after they buy.

Price for ClickFunnels

Dislikes for ClickFunnels.

  • ClickFunnels is an expensive option for users with cheaper alternatives in the market.
  • The backend functionality is quite complex and requires a steep learning curve to master its use.
  • Customer service is quite challenging, with users finding it cumbersome to receive help when needed.
  • There are limited options for style and UI use, making it less attractive.
  • The landing page builder has technological blips highlighting errors when working on the pages.
  • Email marketing is clunky to use and is not available for all plans.
  • The user interface does not contain specific element formatting options.
  • ClickFunnels is not mobile-friendly, making it difficult for users to establish seamless transitions between desktop and mobile platforms.
  • There is limited space and options for customizing using the drag and drop feature for developing sales pages.

11.Landing Lion.

Landing Lion is a drag-and-drop page builder suitable for digital agencies and marketers. The software is notable for its responsive and custom websites. With businesses of all sizes catered for, the features provided by Landing Lion are quite price-worthy in the market.

Landing Lion is available monthly, and support is extended via documentation, phone and email. Landing Lion is a cloud-based platform that allows users to design SEO-compliant pages and track events such as visitor activity, file downloads, link clicks and more.

Landing Lion offers different plans, with the basic plan offering one workspace, domain, storage and Landing Lion badge.

Features Landing Lion.

  • Landing Lion also allows enterprises to publish websites through third-party integrations such as WordPress, Google Maps, Facebook Pixel, CallRail, Hubspot, Linkedin, Instagram and more.
  • Visitor tracking- Landing Lion lets its users capture visitor data and discover trends and valuable insights.
  • Easy Drag And Drop – This feature simplifies landing page creation, editing, and customization. Having a drag-and-drop interface, this page editor permits the creation of landing pages from a library of templates that can be easily customized and reused.
  • Intuitive landing page tool with great templates.
  • Web-hosting options – Landing Lion users can publish landing pages on their WordPress site or any domain they purchased from third-party domain registration services such as GoDaddy and Google Domains.
  • Integration with Capture Visitor Data and Zapier.
  • A/B test pages – this feature allows users to check which landing page designs best fit their audience and which are the most effective for increasing web traffic. Users can also test different ideas and optimize their landing pages to deliver a meaningful and personalized experience to their visitors.
  • Campaign analytics and conversion rate optimization – This feature allows users to track specific events and activities and manage traffic. Also, users can understand the locations, marketing channels, and social media platforms driving traffic to their pages.
  • SEO-friendly landing pages – This feature allows users to quickly build pages that rank highly on Google since it utilizes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for search engine optimization.
  • Generate leads – This tool allows users to create leads through appealing layouts and designs for the landing pages and forms that assist with lead management or CRM systems.
  • Page statistics.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) – this feature enables the usage of personalized text on the landing page depending on the keywords used by visitors.
  • Pop-ups -this feature enables users to trigger engagement with visitors.
  • Pixel perfect – Landing Lion users can perfectly place blocks/elements on any part of the landing page.

Dislikes for Landing Lion

  • Since landing Lion is still in the start-up stage, the list of integrations is not that long yet.
  • Landing Lion could use Adwords and Analytics integrations for their software.


ShortStack is a digital marketing tool that allows users to run social contests, develop unique contest landing pages, games, and quizzes, choose winners, send emails and analyze results from one place.

Additionally, users can access instant win and photo-vote contests, hashtag contests, and simple sweepstakes. The software offers readymade, customizable templates to build mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes. The software offers a free trial.

ShortStack does not require programming expertise and provides a campaign builder that helps develop pages. Additionally, professionals can insert their codes to improve the page’s appearance. Arguably, the software is the best option for marketers looking to generate leads and connect with customers.

Key Features for ShortStack

  • Landing pages – ShortStack provides users with landing pages to publish campaigns as standalones.
  • Embedding – This feature allows users to display landing pages on websites they control.
  • A/B testing – This feature allows ShortStack’s users information about the performance of their pages and provides tools to improve their experiences.
  • Integrations – dedicated tools to help users integrate with MailChimp and WordPress.
  • Custom domains – ShortStack enables tools to promote brands, increase customer trust, and improve SEO.
  • Contest management – This tool allows ShortStack’s users to run competitive campaigns to improve their brand visibility.
  • Sixty templates with suitable categories and functionality for users.
  • Online contests – Online contests can drive traffic from social media sites as they engage users in activities related to their interests on online platforms.
  • Analytics and management – ShortStack provides users with landing page analytics, email analytics, and entry management to ensure they can track their customers’ activities on their platforms.
  • Platform management and account services – ShortStack is suitable for team collaboration, moderation, and custom design services.
  • ShortStack provides users with a rich knowledge base and tutorials to enable first-time users easily navigate tools. 
  • Complete security – ShortStack provides a range of security features ensuring the privacy and safety of data. This includes SSL encryption, GDPR compliance, and single sign-on (SSO with the OneLogin integration that enhances the security of the software.
  • The customer service provided to clients is reliable and on point.

Price overview for ShortStack

Dislikes for ShortStack

  • Unfortunately, ShortStack offers minimal native integrations, excluding the plethora of services needed to run an online brand effectively.
  • When ShortStack users use Zapier to access other applications, they experience complications as they have to connect it through Webhooks.
  • ShortStack has a limited number of templates compared to other software.
  • Creating contests can be difficult without the ShortStack support team.


Elementor is a landing page builder that is suitable for amateurs and professionals. The landing page is easy to use with the inbuild code builder helping users. Elementor is quite functional as it provides essential tools for the average user.

Key Features for Elementor

  • Elementor allows users to design high-converting landing pages with dozens of templates, a no-code live editor & tools to speed up workflow (lead capture pages, sales pages, eCommerce product pages, event registration pages, and much more).
  • Live drag & drop editor – This feature allows users to create landing pages in a complete visual canvas without coding.
  • Workflow tools – Elementor enables users to build unlimited landing pages and easily manage them in one powerful platform with no extra costs, integrations, or plugins.
  • Designer-made templates – Elementor has high converting, fully responsive landing page templates with unique categories.
  • Built-to-scale – This feature allows users to save the created page blocks and components. It speeds up the creation process.
  • Form builder – This feature allows Elementor users to easily add custom forms to landing pages as they collect lists, grow email lists, and register participants for events.
  • Custom forms include unique, engaging custom forms that enable the collection of information in 20 dedicated form fields, with customizable form designs and layouts.
  • Form submissions – This feature allows users to store information with easy management of submissions, entries automatically, and data export.
  • Integrations – This feature allows users to seamlessly integrate leading marketing and CRM tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and GetResponse and engage with customers on multiple platforms.
  • Optimization and analytics – This feature allows Elementor users to link with analytics and optimization tools such as Hotjar, Google Analytics, and Optimizely, among others. Users gain insights into customer behavior to optimize ROI and conversions.
  • Dynamic layout – This tool allows users to personalize customer journeys and experiences by using data to target visitors with relevant content.
  • Mobile Preview – This feature allows Elementor users to preview their design on tablets and mobile devices anytime. This makes it easy to design a perfectly responsive website as they can adjust the design until it displays without any issues on any screen size.
  • User experience and SEO – This feature allows Elementor users to reduce bounce rates and improve their experiences with leads.
  • Customer support – Elementor provides users with daily information, articles, guides, and tutorials to help them overcome challenges.

Dislikes for Elementor.

  • Elementor may be slow to use, with users finding it time-consuming when loading images on pages. It requires users objective of functionality compared to speed.
  • While Elementor has been rolling out updates, users continue to experience errors that make it cumbersome to use the platform.
  • The pricing plans offered for Elementor are steep and require long-term commitments from users.
  • The customer support is not top-notch, and users complain of delayed response times from the technical team.
  • The templates and blocks provided are uninteresting.
  • The user interface is outdated compared to other platforms.

Prices for elementor landing pages


Wix is a landing page builder that offers stunning features for users without costly charges. Users can access web tools that deliver accurate messages and generate better customer engagement. Wix does not have a steep learning curve, and setting it up does not require previous coding or technical experience.

Wix offers the best value in terms of quality and value. The extra features and marketing tools are helpful to small businesses and individuals. Additionally, it checks the right boxes for the ordinary landing page builder.

Key Features for Wix

  • Templates – Wix offers multiple templates for landing pages for almost anything, whether it is a “Launch Page,” a “Website Under Construction” page, or a “Coming Soon” page.
  • Optimized pages – This feature allows Wix users different functions for landing pages, whether it is for a business website, for photography, or online stores, and can be used to introduce a new service or product, generate leads for a mailing list, invite people to RSVP for an event, promote a future sale, or test a new target market, product, or service.
  • Short-term subscription plans – Wix offers monthly subscription contracts, making it possible for clients to upgrade their websites with minimal charges.
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface – This feature allows users to quickly create pages with previews to assist with web development.
  • Wix app market – This feature allows users to explore plugins that improve the functionality of their landing pages.
  • Strips, video background, and website builder.
  • Drag-and-drop capability.
  • SEO wizard – This feature allows users to rank highly on Google and other search engines.
  • 24/7 help center – Wix users have access to a 24/7 support team that is reached through phone or email.
  • Personalized Mailbox.
  • Communication tools – These tools allow users seamless communication with their customers.
  • Custom domain – users can easily integrate their websites and host online activities.
  • Knowledge base – This feature allows users information on how to use the software and improve their performance with Wix.
  • Web hosting.
  • Integrated payments – Wix allows users to incorporate payment options that facilitate marketing approaches.
  • Email marketing tools offer Wix users dedicated approaches to increasing customer engagement.
  • 40+ galleries – This feature helps users improve the design of their pages.
  • Mobile-ready – Landing pages can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices without problems.
  • Site analytics – Users can track the performance of their websites and determine the best ways to engage with visitors.
  • Site security – Wix ensures encoding and encryption of its landing pages without worrying about its data’s safety and privacy.

Dislikes for Wix

  • The templates provided by Wix are not interchangeable, making it challenging to shift content between platforms.
  • While using Wix is free, users must contend with Wix branding on their landing pages, giving it an unprofessional appeal.
  • For tracking and analytics, users have to purchase premium options.
  • Wix landing pages are not transferrable and make it difficult for users required to move to other platforms.
  • Wix only offers single-site features with its premium plans, which may be costly compared to other landing page builders.

15. Lander

Lander is a landing page builder that provides mobile-ready marketing tools for agencies, small businesses, and in-house marketing teams. Lander enables users to create high converting beautiful landing pages in minutes.

Users do not require IT skills such as CSS or HTML. The software is notable for the highly intuitive design that makes it easy for users to create highly functional landing pages without programming expertise.

Lander is easy to use, and its intuitive editing tool enables customization as users design brands and offerings. The software offers a fourteen-day free trial with cheap plans for customers with annual payments.

Key Features for Lander

  • Easy-to-do editor – Lander’s visual editor is super easy to design and customize landing pages. The drag and drop elements allow users to place elements where they want them to go.
  • A/B testing tool – Lander allows users to test up to three versions of their landing pages.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) – This tool allows Lander’s users to dynamically match PPC ad’s keywords with their PPC ad’s landing page. The tool also works with Adword’s dynamic keyboard insertion (DKI).
  • Lander offers LP templates created by pro designers and are focused on conversion. They are suitable for any type of marketing campaign.
  • Integrations with Facebook – Lander allows users to integrate Facebook on their landing page.
  • Mobile responsiveness – This feature allows users mobile-ready landing pages that seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Autofill forms- Lander provides users with automated form fillers that collect customer information and increase conversion rates.
  • Email integration – Lander enables users integrations to better link with customers.
  • Analytics – Access to Google Analytics allows users to track and monitor customer activities.
  • Layouts and Templates – Lander’s users can choose beautifully designed landing page templates from different categories: Products & Services, Coming Soon, Webinars & Events, Bio & Portfolio, and E-Commerce.

Dislikes for Lander

  • Lander does not provide advanced elements such as animations or conditional logic compared to other basic plans by software companies in the landing page sector.
  • Lander limits the number of visitors users may achieve in a month.
  • Specific integrations are available with the basic plan provided by Lander.
  • Lander does not have specific design features.