Cheap car insurance

Buying a car comes with many desires and expenses. I bought my car 1 year ago and I was very excited. I needed to explore more information regarding the car and I landed on this cheap car insurance page.

They had very interesting quotes and this made me more interested to read more about it.

Cheap car insurance comes with more hidden information that if not careful, you may fall into their trap. Before I discovered this, I did a lot of research myself and since I was broke after buying my car, I felt like trying cheap car insurance for the first time.

It was very easy to get my car insured but its consequences could not make me go silent on this. 

This is what I encounter;

The company was not reliable. Sometimes I could call the company to guide or give me directions whenever I encountered minor accidents but no one picks my calls.

Hidden fees; they say cheap is expensive. This insurance gives what is called excess payment. Whenever you are involved in a major accident, they will only finance 10% of the entire budget.

My friend who also bought a car the same year was a victim of hidden fees. He was involved in a serious car accident and he was only financed 10% of the entire budget. This made him buy another car and took more realistic car insurance.

Cheap car insurance does not cover the more damages for you. They have very few coverages and this might not help you. All they do is lure people to purchase their covers and they go missing.

They do not have offices and thus they are not recognised by the government. Sometimes you may need to get clarification and more information regarding their insurance covers. This information is not provided by their website just to make you ignore and face it later.

What is the way forward?

Now because of my experiences, I would not like you to undergo such but help you as a reader to get this done. There are many ways you can evade and first, you have to stop buying cheap car insurance online.

As a car owner, you have to be careful because car insurance is what makes us get back to our wheels whenever we undergo losses.

To avoid losing your car completely just like my friend, please take comprehensive insurance from a reputable company. Follow this link to get information on how to find the best and most reliable insurance company.

But for quick guidance, you can check the following tips whenever you buy insurance online;

  1. The company should have its insurance policies.
  2. The company should offer a discount.
  3. The company should have a well-written company profile.
  4. The company should be in the industry for a long-time (Do not go for new insurance companies).
  5. Consider calling their help desk or any customer care number to ensure the contact information is working.
  6. Always seek advice from your old friend who owns a car, he or she may have some experience with insurance quotes.
  7. Do not purchase your insurance if the website is not encrypted (Just on the right corner of your screen, check the link/URL/domain of the website whether it is written “Not secure”. Always go for a Secure link/URL/domain.This will help you secure your sensitive information such as your credit card password.See the picture below for clarity:

There are many insurance companies that offer cover for cars each at different costs depending on what it covers.

The cost may also vary depending on your driving record, if you have multiple records of driving under the influence of alcohol the insurance cost might go higher.

We will try to look at several insurance companies and what they offer but also maintaining good coverage for your safety.

Cheapest car insurance company. 

Erie Insurance


Erie Insurance

Erie is a fortune 500 company founded in 1925 in Pennsylvania and it is still located there to this date. It does not cover the whole of the U.S. unfortunately for some states but covers 13 states which include Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Wisconsin, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois and Indiana.

Erie is quite affordable to many people as compared to other car insurance companies out there going by today’s rate.

They are also very easy to acquire and offer a wide range of coverage to its users as they have over 13,000 agents ready to help you get started with your insurance plan.

Although they have limited reach in the other states that they do not cover they have great accessibility. Their only disadvantage is they do not have a mobile app for customers and also they do not process their claims online.

Types of car insurance offered

Their best car insurance cover is the comprehensive policy where the driver and the passengers are insured in case an accident happens. This covers all natural disasters also referred to as “acts of god” such as a storm or floods.

Comprehensive insurance also covers vandalism, car theft or loss of any items stolen from your car especially expensive pieces of equipment that may be difficult to replace. 

Collision insurance where the car is insured against damage or injury resulting from hitting or being hit by another vehicle regardless of who is at fault. Bodily injury liability which caters for the treatment of any bodily harm you may suffer when involved in a car crush.

Property damage liability which cushions the driver against any building or property you may have damaged at the time of the accident.

Roadside assistance which offers towing services when your vehicle has a breakdown of mechanical or engine failure at the side of the road while driving it.

This might be of great help when you are with your family going home and your vehicle just shuts down in an insecure area in the middle of the night. Other insurance covers are rental car expense cover, uninsured motorist cover, pet injury cover, ride-share cover, motorcycle insurance and new car insurance.

Erie insurance Discounts has a unique discount offer called Erie rate lock which essentially locks in your rate so that it is not affected by inflation or other economic adjustments. 

Erie also has an option where the customer can combine two components such as an increased limit to the policy plus a reducing or waved deductible.

Students who drive can also get great discounts at Erie plus the whole family discount where the more family members get Erie insurance the more cheaper there policies will be. Erie is also very accessible as you can register with them online anywhere.

Since car insurance is mandatory by law why not get the best insurance cover at the best competitive prices on the market and save some money while staying safe on the road.


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