Email subject lines for sales

Email subject lines for sales gives your recipient that first impression.Your email subject line is the most important part of your mass email marketing strategy. Statistics show that 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

What’s an email subject line?

The email subject line is also referred to as the headline. This is the first line that someone reads when they receive your email. You need to use it to grab the attention of the recipients.

Email subject lines:

1.For any occasion.

These are the favorite go-to emails that work in all situations.

*My gift to you{insert a gift}

Everyone loves gifts therefore sending a virtual gift is just as impressive as sending a physical gift. After using this line, you can send tips and tricks that can benefit the subscriber. You only need to keep in mind that the line works only when the recipient is interested in your gift.

*Thank you{insert name}

Giving thanks goes a long way in enticing someone. Sending out a thankful email is a great way to boost happiness all around. The thank you can be an appreciation of what they do.

*It’s like unleashing your inner {noun}

This makes you bond with the person you are sending the email to. You can replace the noun depending on the occasion.


This looks short, simple, and informal. You can reserve the subject line for friends and informal business partners who are fine when you address them using informal language.

*What’s your favorite passion subject?

This is utilized by conversation starters to start any email. It’s reserved for people who like chatting about several subjects and it makes them get curious to answer the question.

*Question for you

This subject line works because of Benjamin Franklin’s effect -when someone does a favor for you, they end up liking you more. You can start an email subject lines for sales to get the attention of the subscriber.

*Hey there{name, check this out

This sounds simple yet it’s an eye-catching email line. You only need to ensure that whatever you are talking about is worth checking out.

*Still thinking about it

This happens when the person you are sending the email has something on their mind that you know about. You happen to know that it’s important to them and it can therefore trigger them to open the email.

Note; you should always personalize your emails and add your flair of emojis, writing style, and any other personal additions that make it unique.

2.Best email subject lines for sales.

You need to strike the perfect balance between relatability and selling when engaging in sales emails. The emails shouldn’t be misleading. Statistics show that 69 percent of people who report spam send the report based on the subject line alone. Here are some of the sales subject lines:

*You have two choices

Options are things that everyone loves. This line draws people in and they expect some kind of choice. This is a great subject line for sales because choices influence people to take action.

*Why you can’t {insert a problem here}

This varies. You just have to find a common problem and offer reasons that make it exist and probably solutions. For example, why you can’t lose weight; why you can’t sleep at night; why you can’t feel happy at work, or any other common problem that propels readers to open seeking solutions.

*So many deals now; find something amazing

This subject line is used to inject a brand’s personality into sales emails. It works wonders because it targets a younger audience. There is normally a playful emoji added at the end.

*You are a perfect fit{insert opportunity here}

If you are offering something, this is a straightforward way of telling the person that you think they fit the category of the offer you are giving out.

You tell the person straight away that they are the right match for the offer. You should however keep in mind that not everyone is interested in your offer but if the person you are targeting wants it, it becomes a great subject line.

*Psst…Here is a freebie

People always love free things. They will be triggered to open your email if it portrays a freebie in the offing. What you need to make sure though is that the freebie is worth the effort or else you risk getting unsubs.

*Save up  to $ 10 per month for life

Everyone is interested in saving money. You only need to get interesting and creative and make sure the offer that you are dishing out can make sense to the recipient of the email.

*Hey! You forgot this-here is your 20% off

Here the receiver may be intrigued because it’s something they just forgot and didn’t dismiss. This makes them want to know what it is that they forgot.

*Get an {adjective} 20% off your next offer

When in sales, you don’t have to go overboard all the time and so unleashing discounts goes a great length at enticing your customers.

*Don’t just take our word for it

This subject line is used when you have a reputation behind your brand. It normally goes hand in hand with testimonials which eventually makes the email a killer.

3.Cold email subject lines.

A cold email is an email sent to someone you may not know for marketing, networking, sales, or any other outreach promotion. These are just emails aimed at increasing conversion rates,  the number of sales, clients,  or customers.

Here you need to make your email stand out so that you can get noticed. Here are a few that work wonders:

*Hope you are doing well{insert name}

This makes the email personalized and it shows that you are talking to a friend that you haven’t been in touch with for some time.

*I loved your article{topic inserted}

When someone acknowledges having read your article, you feel obligated to click and read through the whole email. A little appreciation goes a long way to getting attention. So writing an email using such a subject line helps get a person’s attention.

*You will love this article on {topic here}

You can grab someone’s attention by offering an article that you know has value to the reader.

*Are we still good for 2 pm today?

This becomes catchy if you are cold-calling CEOs or other busy people that you know. If your offer is good, you can get time off their busy schedule.

*Can I help you with{problem here}

This works if you know the target audience is struggling with a problem. If your timing is right, you might just be on time to offer the product or service that they are craving.

*Hey{name}, I am looking forward to seeing you at {place}

This is a less direct invitation to people whom you don’t know what their schedule is.

*Your expertise is requested

This works wonders because everyone feels that their services are appreciated because of their expertise and they are therefore most likely going to click on the email.

*You have this in common with {celebrity here}

 People love good compliments and will always want to be associated with high achievers.  This works better if the person admires the celebrity.

Note:remember that cold emails might be hard but sending the right subject might make all the difference.

4.Newsletter subject lines.

If you are sending out a weekly or biweekly newsletter to your subscribers, here are some of the Email subject lines you might use:

*Fake friends

This gets the reader wondering what the problem is. You can combine this with an interesting or lesser-known topic but you need not look like you are guilting people.

*One simple way to make yourself happier

Here all you need to do is find a problem and offer a solution.

*Three crazy theories that {set an interesting thing here}

You get the attention here by talking about a topic that is interesting and crazy at the same time. Everyone wants to learn something about science and you need to have your facts right on such an occasion.

*You are invited

An invitation as the subject line scores big because everyone loves being invited to occasions. It works even better if it’s being written for the first time.

*Learn how to{ skill here}

This line works well if you have a skill you have the skill to offer. The audience is always eager to learn and they will rise to the occasion.

*Studies show only 20% of people can…

You need to have a study to back this information up. Anything proven becomes relevant and people are always willing to understand what happens.

*Free resources to help you

Here you need to have resources that can aid the audience; the best writing tools, apps, and anything else that gets people fascinated. They will be tempted to open your emails.

*Want to play a game?

You can come up with a virtual game that gets the readers excited.

Note:newsletter headlines are always trial and error so you need to consider running a split test to find the best email lines that get opened the most.

5.Funny subject lines.

If you are looking to add humor to your email subject lines for sales, here are some of the funny subject lines:

*Shhh..this is for you only

This email creates a sense of exclusivity and suspense and it can therefore get the attention of someone.

*Since we can’t all win the lottery…

You can include something along the body email, like, we might not all be lucky but at least we can …{here you insert an achievable and realistic goal}.

*Why did the chicken cross the road?

You need to create an air of intrigue here and include up top in your body email the punchline.

*May the fourth be with you

You can only send this to those people you know who can understand the humor therein.

*Re:are:re: let’s chat

This can excite a chuckle from someone if it’s for the first time.

*Ugh…Not another email

This can make the recipient open just for curiosity.

*Why didn’t you like me?

This works if you are sending an email to someone you met yet they didn’t seem to appreciate you. You need to make sure that the conversation doesn’t end up in a way that shows you were guilt-tripping someone.

*Subject line

This works wonders if the person knows who you are.

Note:those are just some of the subject lines that make people click on your emails.

6.Holiday email subject lines.

If you are in sales, email subject lines for sales holidays are a great time to build up your customer base. You can use these tips:

*Happy birthday{name}. Here is a gift

If you can combine a birthday wish with a gift it can work wonders. You only need to make sure you include a decent gift.

*Happy birthday from{company or individuals name}

This is a simple email that goes a long way in appreciating your customers.

*Five Thanksgiving facts to know

There are cool facts that surround every holiday and your audience may be interested in knowing. You can score big by giving them an insight into what actually surrounds the holiday they are engaging in.

*Holiday guide; everything you need to know

If you have excellent tips that help people enjoy their holiday, make them know. They are curious to make the holiday a success.

*Happy holiday from{name}

If you can include a digital postcard in such a message, it makes the email great.

*The first thing to do after email

This is a great subject line if you have an event coming up or an action-oriented product. You can include it after creating an intriguing email.

Note:just make whatever the lines you choose positive and in a way that keeps the spirit of the holidaymakers high.

7.Networking email lines.

A lot of networking happens online nowadays. If you meet someone at an event, you feel obligated to make a catch-up. Here are some of the subject lines:

*Are you coming?

You decide to invite them by asking a question directly.

*You are not alone

You just make people feel that someone out there is interested in them.

*Did I lose you?

This works if someone you are writing an email to hasn’t contacted you for a while.

*I finally found you

This is meant to locate someone you have been looking for for a while

*So happy to finally meet you

This is a follow-up to someone you have contacted in person.

*Can I introduce you to someone?

You can write this email and include the name of the person you wish them to communicate with.

*I loved our conversation about{ topic here}

This helps bring out the highlights of the previous meeting. It works wonders if the conversation was a spark. You can bring it up to relive the memories.

To sum up.

The email subject lines for sales entices your receiver to want to open it and that sets the stage for reading what is therein. To make the subject line enticing, you need to follow the following tips:


Find similarities between you and the receiver to engage them.


Find ways you can connect and bring a human side to your email.


You need to add a sense of urgency or time limit.


Engage the receiver just enough to make them feel like opening your email.


You can add in excitement or another positive emotion that makes the receiver feel obligated to click.


Avoid the common pitfalls, like spam, that most emails suffer from.


You need to make sure the length of your email serves the appropriate purpose. You can’t be unnecessarily lengthy but you should also ensure that all the content is contained in your email.


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