Why 2023 is the best year to take a travel insurance.

This is one of the best years ever since because the world is celebrating the partial defeat of the pandemic along with other related disasters. Most individuals especially travel lovers are now free to explore the beauty of the world. Maybe for those who don’t know what travel insurance is I will make you understand … Read more

Cheap car insurance

Buying a car comes with many desires and expenses. I bought my car 1 year ago and I was very excited. I needed to explore more information regarding the car and I landed on this cheap car insurance page. They had very interesting quotes and this made me more interested to read more about it. … Read more

Free online car insurance quotes

Free online car insurance quotes Have you ever imagined getting cheap car insurance quote for your lovely car? Well, first let’s discuss what is online car insurance quotes. Before getting an insurance cover for your car it is best to do a routine check on all insurance companies and what they charge. It is also … Read more

Best Artificial intelligence for insurance industry.

The emergency of Artificial intelligence has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. Insurance industry on the other side is facing laxity when comes to underwriting, claims, and provision of insurance cover. But with a rapid increase in technology, this industry may fade out if it would not embrace AI on time. This idea … Read more

Health insurance options for retirement.

Health insurance retirement options Have you been working for a long time and now it’s time to retire? When we talk about retirement, we mean you are around 65 years and above. Well, this article is for you. Before, you retire there are several plans you should consider for you to continue enjoying life after … Read more

How does Customer centricity applies to insurance industry.

The question is how serious do insurance companies take customer-centricity and why is this aspect considered powerful and attractive to insurance clients. According to research most insurance companies do not put customer-centricity into perspective and these make them lose millions of customers every year. What is customer-centricity Insurance companies must first consider this aspect before … Read more

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