Health insurance options for retirement.

Health insurance retirement options

Have you been working for a long time and now it’s time to retire? When we talk about retirement, we mean you are around 65 years and above.

Well, this article is for you. Before, you retire there are several plans you should consider for you to continue enjoying life after retirement and health insurance is one of the plans.

Health insurance retirement option covers you in the times of illness or diseases. The cover ensures you get better treatment at the right time and place.

Most individuals lose their life just because they did not consider their health status at old age. This article will give you options for health insurance before you retire.

First, health insurance is defined as the protection against the risk of incurring medical expenses, in return for a periodic payment or series of payments.

For Health insurance retirement option, there are various things that one needs to know about health insurance. They include;

1. It is very important to understand the kind of insurance that you have bought and whether it covers everything that you need. This is whereby you will get to know how much you will be paying in terms of your premium.

2. You should also know that there are many things that insurance companies do not cover because it is not essential for the health of an individual. Examples include meeting the cost of cosmetic surgery, dental money, and treatment for smoking related diseases.

3. It is better to get a health plan from a company which has been around for long periods as this is where you can be sure about the services that you are getting and also ensure equity in accessing health services across all income groups.

4. You need to compare the premiums that different companies are offering you and get what suits your pocket the best.

5. It is very important to know the difference between private health insurance and public health insurance.

6. You should also follow through on any claims that you might be submitting against your health plan provider as this will help you understand how much it will cost you to get medical assistance in case of an emergency or accident.

7. One can also be covered for family members under the same health plan if they are already covered under another insurance policy with a different company.

What should to consider before taking health insurance plan.

  • Know how you will share the cost of your plan. This has nothing to do with quality of healthcare.
  • You should know how much you pay monthly or yearly
  • You should the type of plan you are taking since a plan type will help you know which doctor to use as some plan restrict other doctors

Health insurance retirement options;


This is one of the best providers of community-based care with wide coverage of treatment across different countries.

Only to mention a few, the provider offers diagnostic imaging for NHS and private sector in many locations including UK. They also deliver services locally through mobile facilities.

Why should you consider Healthshares

  1. You pay less per month based on the program you choose.
  2. It is more affordable as compared to traditional health insurance.
  3. One can bargain their medical and pharmacy services rates
  4. The provider can explore patient’s specific needs.
  5. You can choose your preferred doctor or specialist provided they are part of Healthshares Program.

Some of common medical services provided by Healthshares.

  1. Prescriptions
  2. Ambulance service
  3. Telehealth
  4. Specialist visits
  5. Emergency room visit
  6. Hospitalization
  7. Diagnostic X-Ray, Imaging, and Lab Services
  8. Annual checkup

2.Affordable care act

This is a comprehensive health care reform which was established in march 2010.The act was established to ensure the community access affordable health insurance to low-income earners among other earners, to expand Medicaid programs to adult of low income and provide innovative medical care services.

Why should you consider Affordable care act

  1. It qualifies one to access premium tax
  2. There are no hidden fees
  3. It is cheaper
  4. It is accessible and easy to reach out.


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