Why 2023 is the best year to take a travel insurance.

This is one of the best years ever since because the world is celebrating the partial defeat of the pandemic along with other related disasters.

Most individuals especially travel lovers are now free to explore the beauty of the world. Maybe for those who don’t know what travel insurance is I will make you understand today;

This is insurance that covers your risks while traveling or during vacation. These risks include medical, lost luggage, traveling cancellation among others.

Different countries have different travel insurance and understanding this could help you know how to start. Since there has been more spread of diseases in many countries, the most required insurance is health insurance. This will help you as a traveler to be insured and taken care of in the new country.

To further explain this,travel insurance covers people who are moving from one place to another, domestically or abroad against any losses.

It protects travelers against unpredictable risks associated with travelling such as flight cancellation, loss of a luggage and fare hikes. Other more serious risks include injuries, illnesses or any medical emergency that is not covered by health insurance.

Most of the time the companies selling flight tickets also sell travel insurance for its customers. These policies cover a wide range of risks including damage to personal items or equipment and rental cars or accidental death coverage.

Travel insurance may cover special services such as replacing lost passports, options to reschedule canceled flights and emergency services.

Why take Travel Insurance Coverage

 Trip cancellation insurance which is also referred to as trip interruption or trip delay insurance offers compensation for travelling expenses incurred that had been paid upfront.

Reasons for trip cancellation which are accepted vary from one insurance company to the next one while also differing on the amount to be compensated. 

Reasons that are generally acceptable across several companies include death of a relative, medical reasons such illness and weather challenges.

Just in case you had booked and paid for a trip to a place and then your destination is hit by an earthquake or a hurricane your policy will not be compensated.

Luggage and personal effects coverage caters for any personal property that may be damaged, lost or stolen during the travel to or from the destination.

When an airline company looses your luggage they may compensate you but the amount may vary.

With the frequent number of times that luggage is lost during travelling travel insurance has become a necessity but the companies only agree to pay when all avenues have been used up.

Medical coverage is covered in two separate policies. Short term medical covers travelers who go on short trips and only covers them for five days up to a year.

Major medical cover on the hand is for travelers going for long trips from six months up to a year or more.

Medical insurance covers any medical emergency expenses while on the trip such as finding a hospital, transit to that facility which obviously will cost more if you are to be airlifted and transfer from that facility for additional treatment.

In order to be safe it is best to read and understand your medical policy before travelling just to be sure if it will still cover you outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage:This medical cover compensates any beneficiaries in the event of an accidental death, injury or disability of a policy holder or any close relative that was accompanying them.

Flight accident cover offers coverage against injury or death that result in a licensed aeroplane being involved in an accident. Compensation will not be valid in case the death was caused by a drug overdose or a medical illness.

If you are a policy holder for life insurance there will be no need for a flight accident coverage but just in-case you have both that translates to more lump-sum money payout to your family in the event of your demise.

What are travel insurance requirements in the USA?

In general, there is no insurance requirement in the USA but as American ,whenever you want to travel, the first question is where do you want to go? This is because many countries have their travel approval, especially during these pandemic times.

For example, certification of vaccination is required when traveling to the following countries;

  • Aruba
  • Argentina
  • Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Bolivia
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Cambodia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Paraguay
  • Mauritius 

In most cases, countries require their visitors to take health insurance cover or certificates to reduce the financial health burden that might occur during visitors’ vacations.

Where to get cheap travel insurance in the USA.

Seven corners:

The insurance company will provide you with a customised this insurance solution along with a medical cover that runs 24/7. The company also administers healthcare benefits selected US government programs. The company is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

IMG Travel insurance

The company has been providing travel insurance for over 20 years. It offers a health insurance plan among other plans that are important to the insured.

AXA Assistance USA

The company also provides this insurance services, assistance services, and third-party administration services.

AIG travel

This company provides its clients with travel tips and covers extensive risks experienced by their clients. The company accommodates every travel depending on their budget. This implies that the company cost flexible.

Other cheap travel insurance include;

  • Allianz Travel insurance.
  • General global assistance.
  • Nationwide insurance.
  • Travelex insurance services.

The best insurance for USA domestic travelers.


  • John Hancock Insurance Agency.
  • Visitor coverage.
  • Seven Corners Inc.
  • AARDY.

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