My story.

My name is Edward, I started this blog in 2022 February and quickly become one of my favorite blog after trying several other blogs. I believed in working smart and therefore, I didn’t want to use most of my energy to write and develop everything by myself.I tackled most articles with some experts in different fields.

I loved writing and this was my main motive in writing over 150 articles within a year. I started monetizing my blog just after 6 months and this has earned me over $500 with AdSense and affiliate marketing.

I realize blogging is not all about passion but business. I had difficult time in choosing my niche but through mentorship and watching 100 of videos on YouTube, I landed into software review, how to guide and blogging (Business related).

Before blogging, I managed digital marketing team for a remote company and recommended various software that made the company successful. Because i was ending my contract ,i choose to find something to do and this was blogging just to cater for the needs of my family.

Researching and writing about software was not an easy task but just because I had used most of them, I had an easy time to put all I knew into written form. This tells you that whatever, I recommend a software, be 100% sure it will help you sort your business issues.

In every successful story, there must be challenges. I was a blogger who could check my google search console everyday just to see if someone had clicked one of my article. My website took time to be indexed and I realized some malicious links had invaded my web leading to more urls redirected.

I hired a developer to fix the issue through my cPanel. Everything had to be perfect before launching my website. I had already shared some of my business ideas just to help beginners and many friends seemed to like the ideas.

Wait, I didn’t talk about affiliate marketing. I was first rejected by few affiliate network(I don’t want to mention them) because I had low amount of traffics. This made me to grid into keyword research, link building and guest posting.

Among all those tactics, link building was the hardest and took me more time and money to perfect it.Some websites could not respond to my guest post request but others were willing to offer(God bless them).

My affiliate marketing was successful after being accepted by and PartnerStack since I was in a software niche. I cannot complain about the amount am earning in affiliate marketing because I know I will be reaching 6 figures in few years.