How to Choose the Best Niche Idea for your blog.

When I first started blogging, I spent more time searching for the best niche ideas or even best business ideas so that I be on good track. I watch more videos on YouTube and read many related contents online. But there is something I realized that no one will ever tell you.

Most bloggers will tell you that blogging is passion, write what you like, write what you know among other fun stuff.

This is not the case for blogging. To be honest, blogging is a business. A very serious business where one has to take it seriously and put more effort. That is why getting one backlink for your blog will cost you not less than $10.

Now, if blogging is a business, you have to think of what could make it more profitable and what can be done to attract more business opportunities.

I also came to realize that there are millions of blogs out there but the question remains, are these blogs making good moneys? Truth be said, many blogs get a huge amount of traffic but with fewer earnings. This is because they wrote something that could not derive more earnings.

When you think of the best niche ideas for your blog, what comes to your minds? Think of what will make a company, for example, amazon place their ads to your blog?,,off course the main aim of writing a blog nowadays is to get passive income. Some even go ahead making it a full time job and earn a decent amount.

How to search for best niches.

There are several ways you can use to find the best niches but we only have one approved way. Using SEO tools. There are the best SEO tools out there that will help you identify the best niche.

The SEO tools means search engine optimization tools that help you know how a certain word or phrase ranks on google.

What to consider when choose the best niche.

Search volume: Your niche should have a high amount of searches. You don’t want to get less than 1000 visits per month to your blog because the niche you choose has less interest to the online users.

CPC: This means cost per click. Do you remember what I told you earlier? Many bloggers have a high amount of traffic with fewer earnings. Therefore, you should find a niche with a high or reasonable cost per click. Do not waste your time and energy writing something that has no value. Again, SEO tools will also help you identify the average amount an advertiser will pay when someone clicks on your link and go ahead to click an ad from your website.

Competition: Now this is where the ride starts being even worse. It is important to know that some niches have been taken away by very advanced and established websites. This means that you might not rank on google when choosing these niches. Off-Couse the niche might have a high CPC but is very competitive. Consider choosing a low competitive niche.

Coverage: Well, this is awesome to talk about. Think about writing about “donkey”. How many articles will you write about “donkey”, very few rights? This is what I mean. Choose a niche that is wide and one that keeps on growing. With this in mind, you will have a niche will allow you to explore many topics and gather wide audience of the same.

Best niche ideas.

Technology: This is my best niche idea that I would like you to consider. With technology, everything keeps on changing and there are new inventions every day. This means that one established website will not cover all the new technologies introduced. This will give you a chance to rank the first page on google.

Cryptocurrencies: This is another niche that keeps on growing. This niche not only helps you gain a huge amount of traffic but also has a high cost per click. The last time I checked,1 click for crypto cost $100.This is great right?.

Software: This is my niche and I like it.This because there are every new software discovered out there. Ranking in this niche makes you earn more money even with low traffics. This niche does not only gives you AdSense earnings but also very effective with affiliate marketing.

Indoors topics: This niche can transform your blogging journey. This is because huge number of traffic try to find new ideas on how to enhance their indoor lifestyles. You can talk about decorations, cooking,furnitures,painting among others.

Outdoor topics: This is my last niche because it allows you to give ideas on what can be done outside doors. People like fancy lifestyle and your blog could be of great help to them. Outdoor topics include camping,diving,swimming,shopping,racing among others.


Now that you have learn how to choose the best niche idea for your blog, it is also a good idea to learn more about website builders so that you create a very impressive website that will enhance the quality user experience.


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