8 steps to create a profitable Mom blog.

You want to create a profitable Mom blog?Well, this article is for you.Just follow a step by step guide as we take you through this;

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

Your blog’s niche is the subject matter you’ll be blogging about. Choosing a blog niche will help you maintain the focus of your material and grow a dedicated readership. Under the broad heading of “mom blogs,” there are a ton of various subjects you can select from.

Step 2: Pick a Catchy Name

It’s time to choose a memorable name for your blog once you’ve determined your niche. People will see your blog name first, so make sure it accurately conveys who you are. Make a quick domain search to discover whether a name you like is available.

Step 3: Choose a Blogging Platform

It’s time to begin developing your blog once you’ve selected a blog niche and a blog name. Many mothers will be persuaded to select a free blogging platform. You have total control over your blog with WordPress.org and can monetise it anyway you like.

Step 4: Select a Hosting Provider

You must pick a hosting company whether you’re self-hosting or using WordPress.org. Your blog may “live” on the servers of a hosting company. Ask the hosting company about their speed and security, as well as any potential add-ons.

Step 5: Site setup and theme selection

It’s actually time to build up the website after the platform and hosting are figured out. Take the following actions if you choose Bluehost:

  • Register an account with Bluehost.
  • Input a domain name you may have previously acquired or enter your own.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Visit “My Sites” and click “Log in to WordPress.”
  • “Create Site” must be clicked.
  • The Bluehost WordPress Installation Wizard asks for the blog name.
  • After clicking “Next,” the installation process will start. Once it’s finished, you may start producing on WordPress by logging in.

Step 6: Create blog entries

Finally, we get down to the core of blogging: creating your posts! What should your initial few posts contain? Cover the hot subjects before returning to your blog’s niche.

If mother fashion is your specialty, you might want to consider writing about:

  • How to develop your unique style
  • Budget-friendly summer shopping
  • Tips for traveling prepared
  • Old clothes can be restyled
  • Are you still a little unsure on where to begin? Get a sense of the subjects other bloggers in the same niche are covering by checking out their blogs. Discover which posts are receiving the most likes and comments.

Step 7: Boost blog traffic

Being your own best advocate means actively promoting your blog. Here are some free strategies you can use to promote your blog.

Join parent groups: Perform a fast Google search to find local mom groups that you can join. However, don’t just leave your blog link everywhere without any context; instead, participate in the discussion, offer a few useful suggestions, and then include a link to your blog.

Share blogs on social media: Since we are in the era of social media, it makes sense to use it to promote your blog. By emphasizing it in a Facebook post or Instagram story, let your friends know about your blogging endeavor.

Write guest blogs: Guest blogging, or posting an article on someone else’s website, is a great method to reach a new audience, develop your authority, and attract high-quality visitors. Additionally, it will assist you in developing your email list—a terrific way to generate income.

Step 8:  Create Essential pages and logo

We’ve compiled a list of crucial pages and the blog logo you should utilize as you need to get your blog suitable for WordPress. One of your website’s most crucial sections is the “About” section, so be sure to provide it as much information as you can.

Brands and businesses will want to work with you as your blog gains popularity. Make sure your contact information is clear and prominently displayed on the page. Use this data to grow your email subscriber list so that visitors may sign up for your blog’s newsletter.

Free online privacy policy drafting is available, or you can hire a lawyer to write this and other legal pages for your website. The terms and conditions, disclosures, and disclaimers, as well as cookie policies, are all included on this page. Making ensuring you abide by the laws protecting your readers’ right to privacy is crucial.

You need to design a logo for your blog right now. Your blog will become more recognizable to your readers and help you build your brand if you have a professional-looking logo. You can make a logo in a matter of minutes with the help of resources like this free online logo maker.


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