How to find a content writer for your blog.

When i first started my blog, it was difficult for me to find or even figure out where content writers are.I took much time to find a writer who will not just copy and past content to your website.

You need a content writer who will write good content that will drive traffics and helpful contents to your blog.Content writing is very important in business.

Do you have to make sure that content writing for your blog is good enough to elicit traffic to your site? The best way of going about it is to outsource content writing for your blog.

You can invite guest writers to do it for free but you should avoid it because ghostwriters don’t know your clients and audience and so they can’t relate with them in their blogs.

You need to be part of the content even if you don’t write the content yourself. You therefore need someone who has a passion for writing and the willingness and ability to be trained.

So if you have a writer who is following your vision and voice, that develops strong brand guidelines and therein you can find a writer who produces blog pages, landing pages content, emails, and marketing copy for your business.

You should ensure that since the content is theirs, the voice and the ideas are yours because the business is yours.

How to find for a content writer.

To find a content writer for your blog, you should consider the following:

  1. Look at your existing team.

You already have a team in place. You can look at the team and find that you have someone on the team with a passion for writing. That would be a better option because they already know your brand and have a passion for writing.

They can write something that would go a long way in making your brand marketable. By choosing one of your team members, you also enhance team loyalty because it shows that you are focusing on developing their talents and helping them to reach their potential.

But you don’t have to take a team member at the expense of quality. Make sure that whatever they write is good for the business.

  1. Check your social media accounts.

When you take time and analyze your social media accounts, you will find that some people comment on your brand and have a zeal for it. When looking at it, try to look for those who write lengthy comments and|or replies to what you have written about your brand.

That indicates that the person is both a writer and a fan of your brand. You can engage them and find out if they can be content writers for your blog.

Alternatively, you can use your social media account to advertise that you are looking for a content writer for your blog. When you get responses, you can get them and choose the most desirable one that fits your business blog.

  1. Reach out to experts in your niche

A content writer must be an expert in the field. Expertise is achieved and so you can’t fake it. When looking for experts in the field, bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be a full-time job for them. It could be a part-time job but provided they are experts in the field, they will offer the best content for your blog.

  1. Hire a content agency

When you hire a professional blogger, it has the advantage of enabling you to get content that can bring customers to your site rather than repel them. Professional blog writers know what exactly to write and can resonate with your customers.

When dealing with content writing for your blog, you don’t have the freedom to take chances.

  1. Post on freelance writing

Freelance writing sites provide an opportunity of finding a blog writer. All you need to do is post your projects, and when bids come in you accept them and weed through them to find the best-suited ones for your business.

You can then vet them and find out the best that can work as the content writer for your blog.

  1. Create a landing page

A landing page encourages people to work with you or partner with you on a guest post. The landing page is solely dedicated to content writing. There, you have all the information you need to find content writers and partners right there on your website.

The advantage a landing page offers is that after sharing your information with people, it directs people back to your website and so increases the awareness of your brand.

You can also go ahead and create blogging guidelines, and guest post practices or make a Google form for those interested in working with you to fill out. This helps you to choose from an array of contestants and you can determine those that are best suited for your business which can save you a lot of time.

The landing page can be listed on blogger forms, blogger job directories, or freelance writer boards.


You should have authoritative content for your site and so you need an expert in that industry. The writer should be able to write about that niche topic with all the confidence that it deserves.

The writer should have a passion for writing. Some people write long comments or essays on social media or write books just for fun. These are the people to go for. The content writer should have the willingness and ability to learn and should be good at emulating you because what you need is an echo of what you stand for because you know your brand better.

All these are the skills that a content writer for your blog should possess.You can now vet them and give them a writing assignment to see how best they can deliver.A good content writer should be able to make traffic come in from organic search based on the content that is in the SERPS.


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