Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Have you been trying to find the difference between the two digital marketing platforms that seems to have the same face? Well worry no more.

When I started my journey for Landing pages, I found it rough and hard to differentiate between various platforms. Good news is after a thorough research, I made it easy for you to know more about these two platforms. The major difference between the two platforms would save you more time and money.

Key Difference.

-All in one platform for building online business.-Only for generating leads and make sales online.

Overview between Kajabi vs Clickfunnels.

  -The platform will help you create and sell content  based products such as online training, online courses, eBooks among others.   -Mostly for people who would wish to launch a pure online business.      -The platform will help you to sell any physical or digital products.         -The platform is for wider audience since it allows you to sell both physical and digital products.
The user have complete control over all the element pages.No complete control for pages. Users will choose the pages based on their goals
Users have more than 100 templates to choose.Less templates available.
Easy to customize.You can customize your landing pages by click and drag feature.
No automation of pages.A thank you page is automatically created.
Sends emails to your customers just by a single click.Capture leads automatically and send emails to customers via a single broadcast.
No analytics.Provide the right analytics to monitor customers behaviors.


Kajabi is an online based platform which course builders use to create, market, share and sell their online courses to companies worldwide or students.

Selling courses online is a thriving business for educators and thus Kajabi has created a platform designed to make this a reality for course creators who have limited resources and knowledge in technological advancements in the world of coding and web design.

Kajabi key features.

  • Account opening and Sign in

Kajabi has built a platform for trainers and teachers to post their courses online and have accounts for every student or client who wants to access the trainers’ content.

If you have a content that you would like to sell on Kajabi such as a workout manual all you have to do is go on to Kajabi website and create an account with them and you are ready to start selling your course which will be managed by the Kajabi staff.

They offer a 14 day trial period for clients to check how their platform works for them but they need your card details at sign up. This site has one of the easiest to use platforms which helps amateur trainers ease into the business.

  • Kajabi Assistant

In the website there is assistance on learning the basics about using the platform where you will be given a step by step guide on how to create your online course, how to market it online and how to sell it.

They will also guide you on how to setup a online website for your clients. There is also access to Kajabi university on the tour where you will be given constant updates on new features and how to use them.

  • Course Builder

 This website builder offers unique features which can be customized to how the trainer will want his website to look like and you are usually given various templates that you can choose from.

These templates will include different designs and various variety of colors. IF you lack the financial capacity to hire experts to help you with coding and business analytics then you should not worry because this is where Kajabi comes in to help.

The site comes with an easy to use short course modules to teach you how to build your course and make it as attractive as possible.

  • Offers and offers checkout

These are the pricing methods associated with the courses on the platform used to link courses or products with one or more price offers. Offer checkout are the negotiated terms of agreements used when changing details about a particular product such as the colors or added features such as offering an upscale.

  • Payment Feature

Payment here is acceptable in third party apps integration such as PayPal and Stripe. Unlike other platforms where they cut a percentage off of every course sold Kajabi allows trainers to keep all of the money they earn on the platform while they only charge a monthly fee no matter how many subscriptions you get.

On the part of their refund policy they do not have a strict policy on the issue but they leave it upon the course builders to freely decide what action they prefer.

  • Marketing

Kajabi offers a variety of marketing options such as email marketing, pipelines which create automated messaging funnels for spreading information about the courses and step by step guidelines on how to join and start learning the courses online.

Recent update: There are eight new versions of templates available now such as Sales page OVO, Zoom webinar OVO, Freebie and a blank template that can let you create your own page from scratch and many others.


ClickFunnels provides users with a web designer oriented around creating a sales funnel quickly, with the lack of coding skills to enhance user experience. The sales funnel builder was created with entrepreneurs in mind as it allows a tailored journey for brands to make profits.

ClickFunnels Features.

  • Follow-Up Funnels – This feature allows ClickFunnels’ users to create simple-but-powerful Follow-Up Funnel.
  • A two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel- This tool allows users to use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.
  • CllickFunnels facilitates a live webinar using third-party software like gotowebinar or zoom.
  • ClickFunnels is used to customize the registration process and increase conversion and sales.
  • Order Forms- This feature allows users to create an easy, non-confusing check-out process for customers and reduce cart abandonment. The landing page builder offers the traditional style order form or the unique 2-step order form, which captures lead information to market to those who abandon their cart.
  • Membership Areas- This feature allows users to create a member’s page that hosts training material or subscription content. It ensures customers can create a login and instant access to posted content. It does not need a third party, Learning Management Software or another tool.
  • The Automation Tab – this feature allows ClickFunnels users to set up email messages and sequences to reconnect with their audience.
  • Affiliate Centers – This tool allows users to quickly add their affiliate program to the back of ClickFunnels sales funnel with just two extra pages. Users can change commission plans and affiliate types inside the affiliate area, do payouts and create affiliate areas for affiliates with easy-to-download banner ads and example copy.
  • One-Click Upsells – This feature enables users to dramatically increase their cart value by adding pages that offer additional products or services to customers after they buy.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Payment/Checkout gateway

There is wide difference when it comes to payment integration if you compare Kajabi vs Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels will allow integration with Stripe, Paypal,Authorize.net,Infusionsoft and other major payment providers. However, Clickfunnels does not allow PayPal for one-time offers or one sell.

Kajabi will only allow integration with Stripe and PayPal. There are no restrictions on using either payments for membership site subscriptions or one-time payments.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels email marketing.

Email marketing plays a big role in every business and these carries more value in High ticket digital marketing strategies. Both platforms offer exclusive features that help users to reach their target audience.

However, the difference is that Clickfunnels allow integration with other third-party platforms such as Actionetics that helps segment users email list by location, gender, age and engagement level.

Therefore, the user just has to build an email funnel and Clickfunnels will handle the rest.

Let’s see Kajabi.

Kajabi scores high because the email autoresponder service is available in Clickfunnels only when the user subscribe to the premium level which could cost them $300 per month.

Also, Kajabi provides unlimited emails in their base plan which users says its worthy the value of their money.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Dislikes.

Kajabi dislikesClickfunnels Dislikes
Their email delivery system is very poor  ClickFunnels is an expensive option for users with cheaper alternatives in the market.    
Their customer service is very poor    The backend functionality is quite complex and requires a steep learning curve to master its use.  
  They have a very limited customization options.  Customer service is quite challenging, with users finding it cumbersome to receive help when needed.  
Designed only for digital products.There are limited options for style and UI use, making it less attractive.  


Now here is the best part of these two platforms.The question remain which among the two will you choose? Here is the summary.

Choose Kajabi when:

1.You want to launch a pure online business or share your knowledge to the world.

2.You want to create and develop a content based business where you can offer premium content to subscribed members.

3.You want to create a community online that shares same interests.

Choose ClickFunnels when:

1.You want something flexible to sell both physical and digital products.

2.When you are focused with digital marketing but not content.

3.You are on budget and you want to explore more about online marketing.

4.When you want to reach a wide audience.

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