Pipedrive vs HubSpot

When trying to figure out the difference between two powerful CRM Software like Pipedrive vs HubSpot, you need to be very careful so as you don’t have to waste time and money.

Good news is that both CRM Software have the best features and widely used in the market with other best CRM Software in the market.

Key difference.

-All plans offer unlimited contacts, sales pipelines and custom fields-You have to upgrade to scale your database.
-Best for visual sales pipeline.-Best for integration (Compatible with many third party software)

More details discussed below:


Hubspot crm software is a marketing, sales, and service platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and retain customers.

It does this through a single source of truth, intuitive UX, and a unified codebase. It also equips companies to better manage marketing, sales service, and operation efforts.

Hubspot CRM features

Automated emails and workflow- One can automate an email to send out every time someone submits a form on your website. i.e when someone downloads a white paper or gated piece of content on your site, Hubspot givers you the ability to send out an email with a link to the whiter paper PDF in an automated email.

This makes an easy way to impress web visitors. Allows you to set workflows that help marketers automate tasks such as email sends and contact list changes. You can set up a workflow in Hubspot to send a series of emails based on content that contacts interact with.

Workflows also help you to automate sales processes like setting up un-enrollment triggers.

Marketing reporting and Metrics – Hubspot changes gaming by housing all these marketing metrics in one place thus getting insight on what’s working and what’s not helping make data-driven decisions when marketing planning.

Built-in Service requests – Hubspot launched the Service Hub that permits businesses to attend to carrier and assurance problems inside Hubspot.

You can combine bureaucracy with the Service Hub so that after a person fills out a carrier request shape on your site, this routinely creates a carrier ticket. The service Hub additionally integrates along with your CRM so that you can see service tickets that the touch has crammed out.

CRM with deep insight into contacts – Hubspot hosts each of your internet sites and your CRM. This way you get extra perception into how contacts are interacting together along with your internet site and content material.

With HubSpot’s CRM, you get a breakdown of internet pages, your touch visited and emails you touch opened.   This offers your income crew higher records into what contacts are fascinated in. Marketing and income exist to assist capacity customers to resolve problems, and with Hubspot income, you may higher help contacts with in-intensity insights like these.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Marketing Platform – Marketing systems may be complicated. HubSpot’s platform is easy and intuitive throughout the board. Creating weblog posts, internet pages, touchdowns, and emails all occur on a nearly equal consumer interface so that you sense cushy at some point of the platform.


Finally, HubSpot gives consultancy and education from their professional teams:

  1. Inbound consulting – Month-to-monthconsultation with a advertising and marketing income professional, plus quarterly inbound reports at $400 a month.
  2. Inbound consulting ongoing –  Equal as above , however for 5 hours a month for $850 month-to-month.
  3. Technical consulting ongoing – 5 hours of session with a technical professional for $850 month-to-month.
  4. Premium consulting- 5 hours a month with an inbound representative and technical representative  for $1600 a month.

Hubspot pricing:

However, hubSpot CRM is completely free. Marketing Hubs, Sales Hubs, and Service Hubs are available in four plans with different features and add-ons. Free, starter ($50/month), Professional ($400-$890), Enterprise ($1200-$3200).


Pipedrive is a web-primarily based on total Sales crm software and pipeline control answer that allows organisations to devise their income sports and reveal deals.As one of the best sales forecasting software,it streamlines sales and gives accurate forecast.

With complete email integration, smooth import and export of data, and an open API, you constantly have the proper data – precisely in which you want it. Add an in-depth set of functions designed mainly for salespeople, and you’ve got the proper device that will help you near offers consistently.

Pipedrive features.

Manage leads and deals –     Lead control is a critical pastime for a hit income company as each lead wishes unique care and interest if they are going to transform right into a paying customer.

Mobile apps and integrations – Even in case your CRM Is a standalone system, it can nevertheless do higher if you could seamlessly join it with different applications. Integrations are chargeable for workflow among structures to empower numerous commercial enterprise functionalities and workarounds.

Track communication – Today’s CRM communications gadget is masses extra granular and bendy than in times past. They allow businesses to create optimized campaigns and address customers’ unique needs to win them over. A robust email technique permits you to hook up with your intended audience, nurture conversation with prospects and flow into leads all through the earnings funnel the use of talents like open and click on tracking, earnings templates, and email automation.

Automate and grow – Salespeople are frequently amazed after they find out on hours they place into administrative tasks. Luckily, today’s generation gives a few income automation solutions, such as committed software programs and synthetic intelligence, to mechanically develop the bite of these repetitive tasks.

With Pipedrive, you can automate pretty much any step in your income technique. Our AI-powered income mentor similarly boosts your overall performance by imparting personalized suggestions and recommending which Pipedrive capabilities and app integrations can do the grunt paintings for you.

Privacy and security – Your CRM is a goldmine of treasured and highly-touchy client statistics. Even the smallest safety breach should purpose irreparable harm with long-lasting effects. A dependable CRM must, therefore, guard your statistics and save it from falling into the incorrect arms by upholding the best requirements of CRM safety coverage on all ranges.

The price list for Pipedrive is as follows;

  1. Essential – This package has a 14-day trial version, which costs $9.90 per use per month.
  2. Advanced – There is  a 14-day trial period,  and the monthly fee is $19.90.
  3. Professional – $ 39.90/month and  14-day trial version.
  4. Enterprise – $59.90/monthly usage and a 14-day free trial. 


Now,here is where you should make wide decision.We have described the two platforms and it is time to summarize the main points.

When to choose Pipedrive:

-When you want to pay for a solution that is price friendly.

-When you value easy platforms to use.

-When you need a tools specialized for sales.

When to choose HubSpot:

-When you want to leverage automation and integrations.

-When you are just starting out and need a free plan.

-When you value a range of features in marketing, content management and customer services.


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