4 Types of blogs that make money.

Blogs that make money ? Ooh yes, the appeal of blogging is that it offers a creative platform for expressing your distinct viewpoint to a global audience. In addition, there are countless opportunities.

Just what is a niche?

A blog niche is a specific subject or area of interest that you can choose to write about. Suppose your area of expertise is fashion.

If so, you can write on any fashion-related subject, including beauty advice, attire, etc. You might also write about the greatest vacation packages, travel spots, etc. if your focus is travel.Knowing how to choose a blog niche will save your time and money.

Blogs that Make Money.

1.Fashion and Beauty.

In this self-conscious era, the fashion and beauty niche is one of the best niches to start a blog in.

Fashion bloggers write about fashion trends, makeup tips, tutorials, best collections, etc. On top of that, they also tell their audience about fashion shows and brand sales.

What are some of the trending topics in the Fashion and beauty niche that you can use to help your readers stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends?

  • Various attire for both men and women
  • Tips for DIY (Do It Yourself) makeup at home
  • Affordable fashion advice
  • Greatest accessory lists for men and women
  • Themed attire and makeup applications
  • Advising people to watch fashion events, follow celebrities, and subscribe to magazines to stay current with trends.

2.Food blogs.

If you love to cook and take pictures of your food, then this might be the perfect niche for you. Food blogs are among the types of blogs that make money.

You can also write about restaurant reviews, cooking tips, and anything else related to food. Domestic ladies enjoy reading food blogs.

Important Advice for Blogging about Food:

-Make sure your food photos are of a high caliber because people enjoy viewing them.

-Try to come up with something original because there are countless recipes available.

-Create interesting and educational posts

-Make sure to spread the word about your food blog on social media and other websites.


The need for travel blogs will continue to grow because traveling is a way for individuals to escape their daily lives.

Possessing a passion for discovering new locations will help you learn more while writing for a travel blog, and posting your photos to the site will increase traffic.

Bloggers who specialize in travel writing about the hotels and restaurants they have visited. Along with reviewing travel accessories, they also inform their readers about the top travel offers.

Trending topics in the travel niche:

  • Safety precautions for outdoor travel
  • The ideal weekend getaway for workers
  • Vacation destinations abroad for families and business groups
  • Student travel on a budget
  • Deals and promotions for holidays from hotels, airlines, etc.
  • Advising travelers on the top travel accessories
  • Foods in specific locations that you must try
  • Travel wish list
  • Travel checklists for specific locations
  • Travel budget tips


What is a lifestyle niche?

A lifestyle niche is writing about all aspects of one’s everyday life that are relevant to a certain group of readers.

For instance, if you work in IT, you can write about the diet that IT professionals should follow to keep healthy.

You can also discuss what they should dress to appear professional in your writing. You can also write about movie lists, weekend holiday picks, and other topics that speak to and appeal to them.

Simply put, you can write about anything that occurs in a group of people’s daily lives as a lifestyle blogger, from A to Z.

Trending themes in the lifestyle niche.

These are some of the topics that are popular right now and that you can write about in your articles.

  • Every aspect of Pregnant Women’s
  • Parenting Advice
  • Relationship Advice
  • The entirety of vegan culture
  • Some advice for freelancers and temp workers
  • Entrepreneurs’ growth strategies
  • Employee advise for finding a work-life balance
  • Investigating student career options

5.Health and Fitness.

Recall the saying, “Health is wealth”? Health is the most crucial aspect of everyone’s existence, as stated. Internet searches about health and fitness make up 72% of all searches.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise because more people are attempting to break their bad eating habits. And a lot of individuals are getting more worried about their physical fitness and health.

Health and fitness bloggers discuss weight loss, home workouts, diet and nutrition regimens, and other topics related to health and fitness. In addition, they write about health and wellness in terms of both physical and mental fitness.

Current events in the Health and Fitness Sector.

These are some of the hot themes in the health and fitness sector right now.

  • How to be wholesome and powerful during a pandemic
  • Advice on Home Workouts
  • Yoga and contemplation
  • How to create a decent sleeping routine
  • Tips for enhancing mental health
  • For those over 40, some fitness advice
  • Advice for employees on how to maintain their mental and physical acuity
  • Exercise’s importance
  • Low-fat, vegan fare


Before starting a blog, you should decide on a specialty in which you feel competent and enthusiastic enough to publish posts that address the issues of your audience.

Switching between niches is discouraged because you risk alienating your possible target market. Spend some time reading through the list again, then choose a topic and begin writing about it.

Now that you know Blogs that make money ,just know a blog’s income is based on two factors: the first is the topic you’ve already selected, and the second is the volume of visits to your site.

Running adverts, not only on websites but also on social media platforms like Facebook, is another typical method of attracting visitors to your website.


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