6 most profitable digital products.

The world of digital products still exists and it is time to identify the most profitable digital products.

When talking about products, we based on products that can be sold online and help online communities.

The advancement in technology keeps increasing the need for digital products every day.

Digital products can be sold via social media platforms, blog, or any other platform that get high traffic. Not all digital products will give you the amount of revenue you need but you have to be strategic.

However, there are digital products that were launched in the past but still provide substantial income to the sellers.

You also need to understand more about digital marketing so that you can integrate the ideas with your digital product selling ambitions.

Let us discuss these products in detail;


This is not a new term to most of us. Software is a digital product that can be used to run several tasks depending on its specification.

If you are a software developer, then you might be lucky to get this digital product. This is because having your software will earn you more revenue as compared to selling another person’s software.

According to a report given by Software.org, this digital product contributes more than $1.14 trillion to the total U.S value-added GDP and has empowered more than 2.9 million people.

As this industry grows with advancements in technology, you will realize a direct impact on the U.S economy and the output of the new software will grow very fast.

All you need to know is that software can help users to solve any solutions or services that are powered by code.

If you find the right talent to code your product, you can develop desktop software, web-based application, templates, and mobile applications.

Software like CRM software is widely used by many companies. If you work on developing your CRM software that challenges the existing software, then you will be the next millionaire in the software industry.

You can also venture into the software industry which includes programming services, system services, open source, and SaaS.

These options enable organizations to streamline their operations and handle challenges related to product quality and proficiency. In this case, you cannot deny the growth of software in the manufacturing sector.

2.Audio files and music production.

Okay, guess what! This digital product contributes to 3% of the total U.S value-added GDP and its growth is extremely very fast.

Audio has always been a powerful mode of communication. Given that most customers prefer the use of video and audio for demonstration, it is clear that this digital product cannot fade in the market.

There are diverse ways in which audio files and music can be generated and this has helped the youth among other talented experts to sell their skills to commercial industries.

Using audio editing software, you can create an amazing audio track that can be used for different purposes.

This does not only apply to audio but also to video editing software. Among popular audio and music production videos are DJ mixes, audiobooks, recorded lectures, music samples, and sound effects.

For example, companies such as inMusic have developed music production software that meets the increasing demand for audio assets. You can upload and sell your music using the company’s platform.


Thank technology for bringing out eReaders and smartphones that have skyrocketed the demand for eBooks.

There are people out there who love reading books and these make their day. Among other hobbies, reading is one of the most mentioned hobbies. In today’s world, readers no longer carry books again.

The emergence of applications that can support different types of reading materials has propelled the reading habit.

On the other side, we have authors who write these books, if you are one of them, then you will be lucky in this digital product platform. You can sell your interesting eBooks to different platforms.

Amazon has a platform for eBooks and you can sign up and enroll. eBooks can earn you at least $1000 per month. Selling eBooks needs you to be strategic. The most sold eBooks include business, stories, finance, health, and theories.


Have you ever played a paid online game? You will see the difference between a paid online game and a free online game. This requires you to have gaming programming skills.

If you still do not have these skills, you can enroll in one of the online course platforms to learn more about game development and programming. Gaming is one of the popular hobby people embrace and some can go ahead to purchase the one they like.

You can benefit from selling your games directly to customers. Remember, this is a digital product that does not fade away, and all you need to develop more advanced games that are worth paying for.

Just take a tour and visit the google store or apple store and search for paid games. You will find developers sell their games even for $500.


Photo editing software has made passionate individuals create very amazing photos. There is no doubt that this is a digital product that will give you passive income.

Photography is the art of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.

The trick here is editing these photos to impress your viewers. You can create a blog that just sells photos. These photos can be used as wall art, screensavers, and wallpapers among others.

Furthermore, the wide use of images in web design and blog publication increased the demand for these images.

Based on the fact that millions of blog publications are made every day, you can be able to make passive income via sell of these images.

All you need to know is photo editing by use of photo editing software. Identify one software that will do this for you and learn how to use it to produce amazing pictures and images.


The last highly profitable digital product is video production. Many amazing videos have been used for marketing purposes and others have been used in movies, cinemas, and advertising.

The existence of video editing software has made this easy as one can create a very interesting and strategic video for commercial use.

Most customers prefer advertisements that involve video illustration and this is important for audience demonstration.

The idea of using video to advertise your product is received widely and reaches the target audience. Therefore, it is easier for a viewer to get through the content via video since they only need to click play.

Since videos are very effective, people and companies will be more than willing to buy them. Selling videos online can be done directly or through a platform. If you want to create your platform, learn how to start your blog with simple steps.


Digital products are online products that are used online for various purposes. Selling the above products will earn you not less than $1000 per month.

These are tested products and we did a cross-examination of individuals and developers who sell the above products.

The average earning was $1200 per month. It is time to achieve your dreams by embracing one of the digital products and start making money today.


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