13 Best Alternative to youtube downloader.

Alternative to youtube downloader are widely used.YouTube is one of the popular platforms that helps users to share, download, upload their videos.

The platforms has also generated income to its monetised users. Videos can be uploaded via desktop, smartphones, tablets, laptops among others.Learning how to download YouTube Videos using these platforms will save you more time and get the video you want.

This page will help you discover some of the most used application or software to download YouTube video in any format for free.

Best Alternative to YouTube downloader.

Note that some of these downloaders are free and other require payment.


This is the best Alternative to youtube downloader software for Android, MacOS and Windows PC. The software is will help you to download any format of YouTube videos and convert it to MP3, MP4,4K and HD MP4 videos.

The software also allows you to convert your downloaded videos to MP3 (Audio) along with downloading the entire playlist and manage several downloads.

The software also supports several video and audio formats. Furthermore, the software automatically finds for TV series and movies that appear online for subtitles when downloaded.

The great news is that the software can help you download videos not only from YouTube but also Netflix, Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, the BBC among other platforms.

Pros for iTubeGo.

-You can download batch of videos using desktop version.

-The software supports more than 2000 online video platforms.

-You will be able to convert MP4 or MP3 formatted videos.

-The software supports downloading 4K and 8K videos.

-If some websites are blocked in your country, you can set up the proxy that allows you to download videos from these websites.


-It is not free to use software.

-Setting proxy might not be easy for computer illiterate individuals.

2.YTD Video Downloader.

The software is best for converting the entire playlists and complete channels. It can also convert videos to MP3 and allows you to convert the whole channels and playlists.

The software is user friendly and easy to use.Furthermore, you will be able to save videos from any streaming site such as Vimeo among others.

All video format can be downloaded from this software and also allows you to select the quality, location, start and end time among other options that you might require.

Pros for YTD Video Downloader.

-The software has in-built video player free from Ads

-The software provides a side show that monitors video downloading/converting activities.

-The software will resume its downloading activities during connection issues.

-The software can convert your downloaded videos in android or iPad format.

-You can download 8k,4k,2k and other high definition 1080P videos.

-The software can support MP4,3GP, MOV, MP3, FLV and AVI.

Dislikes for YTD Video Downloader.

-The software show advertisement in free version.

-It only supports windows platforms.


This software is among the best YouTube downloader available for free for only registered users. The users can download all YouTube videos including unlisted, private and public videos.

The software provides powerful YouTube videos download function with the ability to acquire all videos from YouTube without the loss of quality.

The software is compatible with all type of YouTube content. Furthermore, you can set proxy to access YouTube videos that are restricted from certain regions.

The software provides the analysis of playlists and channels and is able to download and convert bulky YouTube videos at once with its 6X faster abilities.

Apart from other software, this piece has the ability to detect high resolutions delivered on YouTube platform. The resolutions include those ranging from 480p to the 8k.The software gives options to users to download the YouTube videos offline.

Pros for VideoHunter.

-It provides free downloads for all registered users.

-It preserves high resolutions such as HD 720p,2k,4k and HD 1080P.

-It has a proxy setting that help users to bypass restrictions while downloading.

-It can perform 6X faster during downloading process.

-It can download all YouTube videos/playlist/channels.

Dislikes for VideoHunter.

-Free users can only download videos of 480p max.

-The price is slightly expensive for starters.

4.By Click Downloader.

This is software is the best for downloading live videos. It’s popularity increased as many users found it easy to download videos using this software.

This means that the software is user’s friendly. It provided advance features such as live video download, subtitles, playlist downloads among others.

Just after watching a video from your browser, the software provides you with a link that will download the video with a click.


-The user is able to download the entire YouTube playlist.

-You can download videos with 720p,1080p,4k and 8k.

-You can convert your videos into MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, AAC among others.


-It only supports windows while Mac and Linux are not support.

5.Free YouTube Download.

This software is the best for downloading music, videos, playlists and channels from YouTube in up to 8k resolution.

The software is easy to use and one can download high quality videos from YouTube and convert them to AVI, MP4, MOV and MP3.

The software have an interface that gives advanced features such as downloading channels, playlists, YouTube shorts, Subtitles among others. Furthermore, it can transfer YouTube content directly to your iTunes playlist.


-You can convert videos to AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3 among others.

-You can get full HD,4K,8K YouTube videos.

-You can transfer your YouTube video directly to your iTunes.

-It supports all the videos format.

-It supports both windows and Mac.


-You cannot download videos from other websites apart from YouTube.


This software is well known for compressing any video with ease. Despite this, it can maintain the quality of the video being compressed.

Therefore, its main use is to manage the videos compressed. The converted videos can be downloaded to MP4 and MP3. The software has the ability to edit large high-quality videos at a breakneck speed without losing its quality.


-It can save all media from different resolution and format.

-It provides full GPU acceleration.

-You can download all your favorite content at once.

-It supports MP4 and MP3.

-It can handle high sized and HD videos.

-It provides a media converter that supports about 400 formats.


-Downloads are somehow slow.

-The software has no mobile version.

-It only allows users to convert only 5 min of each video or DVD.

7.MP3Studio YouTube Downloader.

This software is well known for downloading songs using ID3 tags. It is user friendly and allow the user to select different file types and qualities while downloading YouTube videos.

Furthermore, it can convert the entire YouTube playlist by simple clicks. The software will allow you to preview downloaded songs and it can easily download audio files by copying and pasting the link.


-There are no restricted downloads.

-It supports wide range of platform.

-You can download ID3 tags.

-You can use it with smartphones, tablets or computers.

-It is supported by Windows, Mac and android.

-It supports different video formats such as 3GP, FLV, MP3, MP4, MO, WEBM.

-You can convert videos as you desire.


-You cannot upload more than 99 files at once.

7. Leawo YouTube Downloader.

The software unique feature is to allow users download live stream videos from YouTube. It helps users to search, play and download videos from various video sharing sites like Myspace, Dailymotion, iFilm, AOL among others.

The software allows users to download videos from more than 1000 sites. In addition, it provides advanced video loading technology and hardware acceleration technology.


-You can download videos or music from other websites.

-You can download video directly by use URL or using M3U8.

-The software is users friendly.

-You can download live stream videos from YouTube.

-It offers advanced video loading technology.

-It supports MP4,AVI,WEBM,ASF,FLV among others.


-You cannot convert your video to different format. It also does not have browser plugin.

-Does not support Mac.


The unique feature about this Alternative to youtube downloader is to let you download videos from a video-sharing websites like Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, YouTube among others.

The software is user friendly and makes it easier for you to download videos just by one click. It also allows you to download the entire YouTube channel and playlist and supports more than 10,000 websites.


-There is no need of downloading the entire video and then converting.

-You can have output files for Apple devices, iPhone, iPod and iPad can be directly added to iTune.

-It provides an in-build video player that allow users to watch FLV, MP4 and WebM videos.

-You can download HTML, HD, HQ and 4K videos from YouTube.

-It supports formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV and MKA among others.

-It supports both Windows and Mac.


-It does not have an automatic video download while watching.

9. Viddly.

The main feature for this Alternative to youtube downloader is to convert YouTube videos to MP3 at 128,192 or 320 Kbp.

It also enables users to download online videos and help convert video clips into MP4 or MP3 formats. This app offers an inbuilt search feature.

It can be used to store YouTube playlist by a single click. It also helps users to get subtitles of YouTube in any language and convert your files on your hard drive to any popular format.


-You can access your multimedia when offline.

-This is the first and lightweight software with in-build search.

-There are no annoying pre-load ads.

-You can convert files to a popular format.

-It supports MP3.

-It supports both Windows and Mac.


-This is software is very expensive.

10. Allavsoft.

This Alternative to youtube downloader is suitable for downloading videos and music from more than 1000 websites.

It allows users to save clips in HD 1080p,4k,4096p among others. It also allows users to download videos easily by one click. You can play music and movies via the software. Further, it offers a batch of downloading options.


-The downloaded files can be transferred to any storage.

-It does not download advertisement.

-You can convert any video to any format.

-It supports MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV among others.

-It supports Windows.


-The output files are restricted.

-It does not support Mac.


The unique feature of this Alternative to youtube downloader is that it resumes downloads right from where you left. It can download various formats such as 3GP and FLV.

In addition, you can integrate it with browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer and Google Chrome among others.

The software allows you to fully download YouTube categories and private videos perfectly. It provides an option of batch downloads and allow users to save both time and effort.


-It supports saved playlist videos.

-You can separate audio and video downloads.

-You can resume download after network loss.

-Downloads are made easy by this software.

-Friendly user interface which brings convenient and effectiveness.

-You can convert YouTube videos into MP3.

-It supports both Window and Mac.


-You cannot download videos from other websites.

-You can only 2 videos with free version.

12.Video Grabber.

This Alternative to youtube downloader has a unique feature that users can edit downloaded videos. It allows downloads of videos from YouTube and other websites.

It supports HD videos and user can use YouTube downloader APK to download videos without restrictions. In addition, it is among the downloaders that offer free YouTube saver tools that helps in converting videos for android, iPhone, iPad among other support devices.


-You can download a video from any website.

-You can use it to record webinars, video chats, tutorials and games.

-You can convert videos to any format.

-You can edit downloaded videos.

-It supports Windows.

-It supports popular video formats.


-This software is very expensive.

13.Any Video Converter.

This Alternative to youtube downloader software offers unique feature of converting videos to audios.

This is one of the best YouTube video downloaders for PC and supports wide range of video inputs like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung among others. It’s latest version of this software allow users to burn videos to DVD.


-Videos can be converted to MP3.

-Offer 30 days money back guarantee

-It comes with in-build converter that convert videos to audios.

-It has user friendly interface.

-It offers multiple download options with background downloading abilities where you can download videos while doing other activities via your phone or other related devices.


-You cannot download 4k formatted videos.

-There is no batch downloads.


Millions of youtube users would like to download videos or audios from the platform.Despite using Best YouTube to MP3 Converters,Using the above software will help get any of these without much requirements.Since youtube might require more verifications, alternative to youtube downloaders were made to simplify youtube downloads.


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