9 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business.

What is invoicing software?

An invoicing software small business a coded platform that generates billings for services and products.

In details, the software streamlines the process of giving your business an accurate flow of its finance, enhancing liquidity and flexibility and contributing a healthy financial process.

Invoicing software can help small businesses to avoid payroll errors and run their financials trucking smoothly.

Best Invoicing software for small business.

1.Square Invoices.

A cloud-based invoicing and billing administration solution called Square invoicing software small business assists companies in streamlining operations related to invoice production, payment monitoring, electronic signature capture, contact management, and other tasks from a single platform.

It enables employees to send invoices through SMS, email, or payment links and take payments made with credit cards, ACH, gift cards, wallets, and other methods.

Team members can use Square Invoices to send estimates to clients, draft clauses for digital contracts, amend and reuse them, and turn estimates into invoices.

It enables users to create a customer directory that includes information like name, email address, and phone number. Both free and recurring monthly subscriptions are offered.

Key features for Square Invoices.

1.Digital estimates: Square Invoices simplifies the process of evaluating work for prospective clients. It enables you to offer a bundle to your clients’ that includes various estimations, letting them select the one that works best for them.

Digital estimates that have been approved can be quickly and easily converted to invoices with just one click.

2.Square Invoice is a useful tool for supporting retail. Customers can be charged directly for custom products you make or things from your showroom.

A useful point-of-sale (POS) capability that enables you to handle transactions from your physical retail locations is also included with the application.

3.Client Services: A central console provides a toolkit for consultants as part of the client services. From one area, you can manage all open invoices, share progress updates, and book new projects and estimates.

Receipts may be issued through text message or email, and the interface also includes a virtual terminal that makes it simple to collect consumer payments online around the clock.

4.Field services: The functionality of general contractors are supported by a strong field services platform.

Recurring invoicing, tools for managing cash flow, and automated reminders that make sure you remember all of your crucial deadlines all help to reduce administrative responsibilities.

5.Web designer: The program aids web builders by enabling you to email clients detailed estimates in PDF format, which can subsequently be quickly converted to bills.

It also makes use of real-time reporting capabilities, giving you ongoing access to information on how effectively your business is run.


FreshBooks invoicing software small business is a all-in-one invoicing and accounting program.

Invoicing and receipt scanning are routine procedures that are automated so that users can quickly get back to their high-priority work.

Among its indispensable accessories are accounting, invoicing, time monitoring, estimating, and reporting.

Key Features of Fresh Books.


Personalized invoices and thank-you emails can be created using the invoicing tool. Users can ask for invoice deposits at the beginning of a project so they’ll have enough money to support the project financially in its early phases.

2.Expense Management.

Link your bank and credit card accounts to Fresh Books rather than manually entering information into the expense module.

Users can see real-time data displays to see where their money is going right away.

3.Time Tracking.

Manage project and job durations with the help of the time tracking feature. It has a timer built in that precisely records a time log of tasks that can be seen on invoices.

Users may also view how their staff members use their time, from tasks done to issues that need to be resolved before they get worse.

4.Project management.

Keep important documents and attachments in the centralized project management tool so that teams can quickly locate what they need and return to high-quality work.

Users can assign due dates for tasks, share data and photographs via Fresh Books, and even assign rates or labor hours to specific projects.


In addition to establishing a project’s scope, timeframe, and essential deliverables, create flexible proposals.

Users may easily convert quotes into invoices and give their clients the option of online quote validation. Additionally, this tool enables users to add discounts and submit invoices in several currencies.


Receive accurate assessments of profit and loss and easily communicate with accountants about crucial financial information and reporting details.

This module simplifies bank reconciliations by integrating and organizing financial transactions, validating or amending automated matching suggestions, and creating and exporting summary reports that are compatible with Excel.


Using the reporting property, you may color-code spending breakdowns and get profit and loss statements.

Financial reports can be printed, exported, and even saved by users for their accountants. Because it stores important information like earnings and taxes that have already been paid, this application also helps users avoid headaches during tax season.


Use the payment tool to start a variety of payment methods like Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX.

This technology also rapidly produces payments, gathers reports, initiates simple bank transactions, initiates deposit requests, and offers payment schedules and partial payments for client flexibility. Additionally, it automatically delivers receipts to customers.


An accounting ERP for freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses is called Zoho invoicing software small business.

Through the internet, users may create complex invoices, instantaneously remind clients to make payments, and receive funds more quickly.

It specializes in workflow automation, template personalization, and seamless teamwork. Its key functions include payments, estimations, time monitoring, and expenses.

Key Features of Zoho Invoice.


Allow digital signatures on invoices to prevent forgery or tampering; the invoicing system must also comply with ESIGN and eIDAS e-signature rules.

Additionally, users can give customers hard copies of their invoices. Even better, Zoho Invoice can professionally print, seal, and mail them to customers.


Quickly charge clients’ credit cards on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis by saving their credit card information.


Select and edit estimates from the library in the estimates module, then allow clients to digitally sign them. To accept or reject estimates, make advance payments, and provide comments and feedback, users can also invite clients to the client site.

4.Client Portal.

Using the client portal tool, you may control customer transactions. Be informed instantly when customers view or pay invoices. Users can also share project data with clients so they can review specific projects, tasks, and track time that hasn’t been paid.

5.Time Tracking.

Provide customers with retainer invoices so they can pay for tasks in advance. With the time tracking accessory, the retainer payment is automatically delivered on the invoice at the time of invoicing.

Additionally, unpaid time and billable expenses are immediately added to invoices using this technology.


Create a recurrent spending profile to save time when creating periodic outlays. Manage spending by drilling down completely into fees in thorough pie charts for quick review.


For entrepreneurs and small enterprises, ZipBooks invoicing software small business is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing application.

It functions alone or in conjunction with licensed accountants who will produce monthly financial accounts for a user’s company.

It’s also accessible as an iOS app with features tailored just for the app, like time tracking, team management, machine learning, business listings, and credit card processing.

Key Features of ZipBooks.

1.Accountant Access.

Using the accounting add-on for ZipBooks, users may quickly share information with accountants and financial professionals.

Users of this program may easily keep track of everyday transactions and provide their accountants with entirely accurate data for tax filing, financial report preparation, and sensible financial advice.

The accounts receivable function gives users the ability to keep track of invoices and payments so that the money they earn and the debts they owe are updated as soon as possible in their accounts receivable reports.

Users can also check their clients’ past payments, unpaid balances, and the typical time it takes for them to make a payment. For complete correctness, non-ZipBooks transactions can be manually added.

2.Perform Accurate Bank Reconciliations.

Users can use the accounting tool’s bank reconciliation extension to automatically transfer transaction information into their ZipBooks accounts so they can always view the most recent account balance.

By checking off each transaction that appears on customers’ bank statements, this tool also enables users to categorize and analyze transactional data.

To keep consumers informed about their finances, ZipBooks will even keep track of unverified transactions.

Bank connection, auto-categorization, a chart of accounts, project accounting, and tagging are some of the additional expansions that come with the accounting tool.

Some reports are also included with this instrument, including aging, balance sheets, general ledgers, income statements, taxes invoiced, and trial balances.

3.Control Billing Processes.

The billing management tool offered by ZipBooks gives users the option of regular or subscription-based invoicing for ongoing billing to suit their requirements.

By adding logos, certain colors, and contact information, users can customize their bills.

Additionally, this application can track client payments, invoice histories, past-due balances, and tax collections, and it can notify users when an invoice has been paid.

Users of the credit card processing extension can accept payments from all major credit companies in about 22 different countries.

Square and PayPal can also be used by users to accept digital payments.

4.Concurrent Billing.

Users can set up future payments using the recurring billing feature and never again be concerned about them going to the correct customer.

Users can customize dynamic features to quickly and accurately autofill customer information into invoices.

This feature can securely store credit card data and instantly bill monthly credit card payments to customers.

The billing module also includes additional features like time tracking, estimations, invoicing, customer administration, mobile access, multi-currency, reminders, stored items, and invoices.

5.Machine Learning Insights.

The intelligence module of ZipBooks’ machine learning feature combines work and research to instantly select a category for each transaction, which is comparable to bringing a supercomputer onto a user’s team.

The machine learning technology will be able to automatically categorize as more users interact with it and the more it learns about how they record and organize their transactions.

Users can fix any classification errors, and the addon will improve in the future.

Every bank transaction that a user imports will also be classified by the machine learning function, which will also offer a confidence score based on the user’s prior experience and accounting knowledge.

6.Comprehensive Business Wellness Check.

Users can use the business health score extension to assess and improve the health of their company, which will help them make better business decisions.

This function can look for concurrent customers, on-time payments, sales growth, and recurring income.

The intelligence accessory also has other beneficial features like recommendations, smart search, and invoice quality score.

7.Deliver Review Invitations: The reviews extension in ZipBooks’ growth accessory allows users to manually or automatically invite customers to leave an online review of their company.

Customers’ reviews can be shared on a user’s website using the widget feature of ZipBooks. Users of this extension are also able to comment on consumer reviews posted on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other websites.


Xero invoicing software small business is an accounting program created with small and expanding businesses in mind.

Xero gives small business owners immediate access to their financial situation and links them together with their valued advisors.

Since Xero is a web-based program, it can be accessed from any computer or device with an active internet connection.

Small businesses can examine their cash flows, transactions, and account details from any place thanks to the sophisticated accounting tools offered by Xero.

Every bank transaction is automatically imported and coded. Online bill payment facilitates budgeting and timely payment of bills, fostering stronger ties with the suppliers of essential company supplies.

Personal spending can be controlled using Xero as well, with mobile inspection and approval of each item.

Key Features of XERO.

1.Software on the Cloud.

Users can access cloud-based programs like Xero from any location that has an internet connection.

2.Control your user.

You can choose to give users access to the data you want them to see in the Xero program.


This invoicing software offers you with option of printing or emailing clients your invoices.


All data you enter into Xero is securely saved online using technology akin to that used for online banking.

5.Auto Updates.

Xero will update your software without charging you for it automatically.

6.Mobile access.

You may monitor your company’s financial situation with the Xero apps on your smartphone.

7.Support for Add-ons.

With add-ons, third-party developers can extend the capabilities of Xero.

8.Backup method.

By routinely creating a backup of your financial data, you can avoid losing it in the event of hardware breakdowns.

Xero operates in the cloud, therefore allows multiple users. Multiple people can access the platform at once and change the necessary information.

9.Attach files to Xero.

Xero also enables you to upload and attach files to particular invoices. Because of this, it is simpler to keep track of any document.


Bill.com invoicing software small business is a provider of cloud-based software solutions that streamlines financial operations for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The management of accounts payable and receivable is streamlined, and tiresome data entry and manual errors are decreased through the application of AI and machine learning.

It links companies with clients and suppliers as an end-to-end solution to help them manage cash inflows and outflows.

Key features of Bill.com

1.Automated Cleaning House Network.

Get paid and receive payments more quickly with cost-efficient, quick, and safe ACH payment processing. Digital payments reduce the likelihood of paper check theft.

2.International Payment.

Processed local and international transactions for more than 130 countries to improve workflows and send and receive payments from all around the world.

3.Automatic Data Synchronization.

Bills in US dollars and local currencies can be synced with popular accounting programs including QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

4.Software Integration.

Connect to the currently-used accounting software and enable data to move back and forth between systems to maintain everything current. To keep them current, export data using templates and import bills and invoices.

5.Invoices can be automatically imported into accounts payable.

Utilize the many payment methods and tracking services to gain control, flexibility, and visibility.

6.Accounts Receivable.

Create and modify expert invoice templates for recurring clients. Automate account receivables by charging and paying for things automatically. Track the status to quickly learn more about the receivables.


Independent contractors and small enterprises can make invoices and estimates, collect payments from clients, and produce performance reports with the aid of the accounting management tool Invoice2go invoicing software.

Using such invoicing software small business helps customers to can get customized invoices via SMS, email, or other messaging services by adding brand logos, layouts, or credentials badges.

Key Features of Invoice2go.

1.Templates for invoices.

Choose from one of Invoice2go’s many pre-made templates to quickly and easily produce a customized invoice. You can upload your company logo in addition to using Invoice2go’s visuals.

2.Immediate estimates.

A standout feature of Invoice2go is its instant estimate functionality, which enables you to assess a potential work, create an estimate, and then give it to your potential client. From there, the client can evaluate, discuss, and approve (or reject) your estimate on-site.

3.Expense tracking.

Tracking your costs can be done either manually or by snapping a photo of your receipts.

4.Time tracking.

Track your billable hours and export them directly to your invoice with time tracking.

5.Sending invoices.

You have the option of sending bills to clients by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

6.Accept payments.

Invoices have a “Pay Now” button that allows your customers to pay right away. Invoice2go can accept payments made with major credit and debit cards as well as payments made through PayPal thanks to its interaction with Stripe.

Your invoices update automatically following payment, and it normally takes one to two business days for the money to appear in your bank account.

7.Tracking of invoices.

You can see when an invoice is sent when a client opens it, and when it becomes past due. You also have the option to enable unopened invoice notifications and payment reminders in Invoice2go, saving you the burden of having to manually email your clients to remind them to make payments on time.

8.Client features.

With Invoice2go, your clients may view and pay their invoices online. Additionally, you can enter and save your clients’ contact details and preferred payment options.

9.Performance reports.

Invoice2go generates reports of your yearly and monthly sales, revenue, and balance automatically.

8.Quickbooks enterprise.

One million customers, vendors, and inventory items, 100,000 classes, 45 custom fields, and a maximum of 40 users are all possible with QuickBooks Enterprise invoicing software, an accounting ERP.

Users can control bookkeeping, inventory, reporting, price guidelines, task costing, time tracking, and more.

Pricing, job costing, hosting, field service management, order management, and more of its important features are listed below.

Key Features of Quickbooks Enterprise.

1.User Permissions.

Enable one to forty concurrent users who work on this solution, and start user permissions to protect sensitive data.

For new users, choose from one of 14 predefined roles to specify which users can examine, modify, or delete specific customers, suppliers, or data.


Infinite checks can be created, direct deposits can be started, payroll taxes can be sorted, and W2 forms can be produced. Users can set up calendar reminders to remember payroll tax due dates.


Select from more than 200 editable report templates that are appropriate for specific industries, or write your reports.


To stay informed about financial results, keep up with revisions, and immediately assign expenses to banks. Quickly match, attach, and record credit and ACH transactions done in QuickBooks.

5.Time Tracking.

Track progress and compare budgeted hours against actual hours using time tracking. Distribute duties. Finished timesheets and projects can be easily validated by managers and clients using mobile devices and the digital signature capture extension.

6.Bank Management.

Improved payee, account, and class matching allow bank management to arrange transactions more quickly. Utilize batch editing and better regulations to reduce data entry and to identify and correct problems.

7.Payment Receipts.

Create custom receipts with company logos and more to provide customers with messages in a polished and uniform fashion.


Big-time invoicing software is a collection of cloud-based professional services management tools designed to handle project management, billing, and tracking.

It is intended for accounting firms, government contracting, advertising agencies, legal, construction companies, engineering, government contracting, and IT services.

Teams can use these features to complete billable work on schedule and under budget. It assists users in tracking, billing, and time management by providing a 360-degree picture of employee schedules, client engagements, and client engagements.

It provides invoicing, expenditure management, DCAA compliance, and workflows and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, it permits on-the-go entries using iOS and Android devices. Managers can define activities and tasks, track statuses, and allocate assignments using Big Time’s extensive project management features such as;

Time tracking, mobile timesheet applications, task and engagement tracking, advanced reporting, an integrated billing and invoicing tool, expense tracking, costing, budgeting, workflow management capabilities, and seamless integration with QuickBooks and Lacerte Tax are just a few of the key features available.

Key Features of Bigtime.

1.Tracking expenses.

Expenses are associated with chargeable customer projects or internal project files. Users can log equipment use, mileage, and costs for external or internal projects.

Additionally, users have the option to classify expenses as service fees, reimbursable, chargeable, or non-billable.


Its flexible invoicing features increase revenue by paying for work that is still being done on a project.

Bills submitted can be evaluated right away for approval and payment. Additionally, users have the option to organize or display entry data. Additionally, they may mark up costs for things like recurring service fees and equipment use.

3.Time and Materials Invoices.

Big Time’s automation features make calculating expenses simple. Users can recalculate bills when entries are erased and send their clients a complete bill.

Invoices with options to display personnel, tasks, departments, project responsibilities, or labor codes can also be provided for more thorough accounting.

4.Lookup Fields.

For speedy timesheet recording, it contains intelligent lookup fields that eliminate scrolling and cut down on clicks. It may auto-complete fields as user’s type and only displays required fields.

5.Credit Card Charge Capture.

Charges from Credit Cards Can Be Assigned To Specific Projects for Billing In QuickBooks, Users Can Assign and Record Charges From Credit Cards. Billing fees to customers is possible, and QuickBooks may assist with bank statement reconciliation.

6.Work-In-Progress Management.

This software program aids users in controlling time and unpaid bills to enhance cash flow. The WIP can be selected by date period and it offers total visibility.

7.Task and Budget.

Users may manage all of their activities, create them for each project, and assign spending budgets while keeping track of their work and tracking their budgets. Giving managers individualized access privileges allows users to oversee safe information.

8.Visual task management is facilitated by Gantt charts.

Users can plot their projects on a timeline to understand how the various elements work together, emphasizing crucial paths and relationships.

9.Workflow management.

Managers can designate due dates for tasks and assign them to staff using workflow enabled features.. They can track timetables and employ personalized assignments and statuses. To access project details, they can also sort, group, and filter.

10.Resource Allocation.

This invoicing software dashboard displays the personnel who are available as well as the amount of time that can be allotted to each of them. Users may decide when more staff is necessary and cut down on planning time.


Invoicing software is the way to go when you have a business and you want to run accurate financial processes.

Successful businesses would want to associate with these features for reliability and effective billings.All you need to do is to find your best invoicing software for your business.


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