Call Management Software.

Call Management Software provides the user with more insight on overall inbound and outbound calls.

In an organization, the platforms such as SMS Marketing software along with Call Management Software will help manage your business calls and messages efficiently via features like auto-attendant, call routing, click to call, autodialer among others.

The use of call management software will also increase your agent productivity and help them deliver superior customer experience. Furthermore, you will be able to track your business performance via automatic reports.

In most cases, Call Management Software are found as the inclusion of voice-over-internet (VoIP)service plan.

However, not all providers will offer the same functionalities at a given price. This is why this article is important to you.

We have researched, tested and analyzed the best Call management software in the market.

Common Call Management Software features.

There is no doubt that every business needs to fulfill and achieve its goals. But these goals require best solutions such as Call Management Software.

Each software provides various calling features that companies can use to achieve great customer experience.

That being said, there are fundamental feature to consider when choosing the best Call Management Software. These are as follows;

Automatic call distribution: All the Call Management Software should have this feature that automatically routes callers to relevant team members or departments. The enable callers to get relevant information and answers.

Call recording and call tracking: This feature allow businesses to record customer calls and monitor their performance. On the other hand, call tracking allow businesses to access vital information about the person calling and using this information to cover their business information when needed.

Interactive voice response: This feature allows businesses to interact, gather information and provide callers with relevant menu choices. The interactive voice response system performs actions based on caller voice response or according to their keypad inputs.

Call queues: This feature keeps on hold callers when the support agents are busy. It allows agents to use metrics in their dashboards to view call queues information and make decisions based on the data provided in real-time.

Call control services: This feature is also known as call processing. It allows businesses to route calls to proper destination.

Call monitoring: This feature allows managers to listen in all the calls as they are happening without the agent or caller knowing. Furthermore, it allows managers to understand how agents are responding to the callers and whether they have competent skills to keep them engaged.

CRM integration: Your Call Management Software should be able to integrate with other third-party applications. This allows you to use customer data stored in CRM solutions to deliver more personalized customer support while also allowing agents to choose their important integration.

Benefits of call management software.

-They reduce lost or abandoned calls: The software is able to collect data of all the calls. These include the most effective call routing and the one that were dealt efficiently.

-It improves agent efficiency and productivity: The software gather data used to manage staff levels and ensure customers are not held on call waiting at peak times. In this case, the intelligent routing ensures that the calls are routed to the most appropriate agent every time.

-It enhances customer service: With call routing, the software is able to put a caller in contact with the most qualified agent. The agent has access to all the records and information based on their previous interactions. This allows the agent to provide quicker and more effective customer services.

-Improved performance management: Both call monitoring and recording allow the managers to track and assess employees ‘performance, identify training needs and ensure accurate procedures are followed.

-Lower costs: Call Management Software increase your agent productivity. This allows them to have more customers as compared to when they do not use this software. Also, one agent call handles many customers at the same time which reduces the number of employees in this field.

Best Call Management Software provides.


Nextiva is one of the best Call Management Software that allow users to manage calls, faxes, voicemails, short message service text, video conferences and team messages.

This is software is very popular because of its affordable pricing. It offers up to 12,500 toll-free minutes which is regarded as the most generous services as compared to the other providers.

In addition, it comes with 250 participants limited on video conferencing and boasts an effective feature set that includes a multi-level auto-attendant and free professionally recorded greetings.

Key features Nextiva.

  • An effective VoIP option for small businesses.
  • It is a user-friendly software.
  • It offers 250 participants max video conferencing, screen sharing, video conference recording, chat and scheduling features.
  • It offers cheaper entry level plan.
  • It offers free professional recorded voice greetings.
  • It offers call pop which shows every caller detail before you pick the call. For example, caller experience, last survey response, sentiment and value.
  • If offers Call management features which includes multi-level auto-attendants, call groups and call recording.
  • It boasts unlimited calls within the U.S and Canada along with unlimited video call minutes.

Pricing overview:


  • They have fewer third-party software integration.
  • It lacks international local phones numbers and unlimited calls in overseas location.
  • Advanced plan is more expensive.


8×8 is another best low-cost VoIP services solutions a business can embrace because it comes with intuitive, unified communication features such as calls, team messaging and collaboration, video conferencing and contact center tools.

This software is also offering call management functions such as call queues, hotdesking, presence detection and call handling.

8×8 is has an affordable plan that offer you with international phone numbers and unlimited overseas calls only for 47 countries.

These feature makes it outstanding in the market. In this case, users with global presence can use this software to make generous offerings for international calls.

Key features 8×8.

  • It offers 30 days free trial.
  • It has enabled third-party security and compliance certifications like Health insurance.
  • Unlimited international calling up to 47 countries.
  • International virtual presence direct inward dialing and toll-free numbers.
  • Low-cost base plans.
  • It offers enterprise grade cloud private branch exchange with unlimited calls, texts and faxes along with other call management such as call handling and analytics.
  • The software offers you with video conferencing features up to 100 active participants. Some of the features include content sharing, virtual backgrounds and chat.
  • You can perform team chat using this software when you need to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. For example, you can launch slack or audio calls with just one click.

Pricing overview:


  • Not user friendly.
  • It has limited features in the entry level plan.
  • It limits calls from countries locked by the premium packages.


Despite the above VoIP providers, RingCentral is a unified-communications as a service software that provide users with the most comprehensive call management functionalities.

As compared to other providers, this software provides unlimited calls and texts. It has advanced features such as real-time analytics, whisper and barge.

Based on its complexity, it allows users to integrate with other 300 third party apps. Therefore, it is a powerful platform that allows users to make more optimized communication experience through open APIs.

With wide range of prices in the market, Ringcentral’s pricing can be affordable and reasonable. There is no doubt that this is an impressive VoIP provider.

Key features RingCentral.

  • It offers top notch call quality and it is also reliable.
  • It provides open application programming interface and popular integrations.
  • It offers advanced call management and call handling features such as real-time analytics.
  • You can manage your calls and phone system administration such as answering rules, call logs, call screening, call park, call forwarding and call transfer.
  • It provides open APIs where users can create their custom applications for more automated workflows.

Pricing overview:


  • You have to purchase more expensive packages to unlock more features.
  • Unlike Nextiva, there is no custom voice greeting.
  • It is not user friendly to small businesses.


Vonage is our fourth best VoIP provider which comes with UCaaS platform that cater for small-to-medium size team.

The software will help manage your customer experiences in a single platform. Vonage provides you with unlimited calls, text, team messages and call management features such as busy lamp field, call blocking, caller ID and call screening.

Furthermore, Vonage is impressive when it comes to team collaboration features such as call announce, call groups, call monitoring, paging group, conference bridge and video meetings.

Key features Vonage.

  • It offers full communication channels suite.
  • You can integrate the software with other popular software.
  • Robust team messaging tools.
  • You can manage calls by forwarding, flip, follow me and routing.
  • It has cost-effective plans.
  • It offers auto-attendant feature.
  • It offers a base plan.
  • It offers call announce feature that whispers the custom tag related to the phone number just before you pick the call.
  • You can transfer calls from your mobile device to your desk phone and vice versa without the caller consent.
  • You will get complete call management control. Here, you will get full calling experience that lets you hold, park, queue, forward, monitor, route or continue calls as required.

Pricing overview:


  • You can only get advance feature after purchasing an expensive plan.
  • Features such as automated attendant only works with premium tiers.
  • As you get more advance feature, it becomes more expensive.
  • It is difficult to know which base features are included in every plan.


You can never go wrong with Grasshopper virtual phone system. This is because it allows you to transform your personal smartphone into your business phone.

This software is suitable for small business which are eager to have a separate phone line and straightforward system for business communication.

Grasshopper require users to connect their business phone to their existing phone line just like google voice. Unlike other VoIP providers, this software provide access to all its features in all plans. However, its number of phone and extensions are limited.

Key features Grasshopper.

  • It provides all features in its all plans.
  • It includes greetings and instant responses for better business credibility.
  • It allows average call volumes.
  • It is user friendly since there are no extra equipment required beyond a phone mobile.
  • You can block specific calls, screen callers and customize schedules for business hours.
  • It provides instant response by allowing users to send an automatic text to your callers when you are away.

Pricing overview:


  • You will have unlimited calling unlike 8×8.
  • You need an existing phone line like Google Voice.
  • Its plans are expensive as compared to a more comprehensive competitor offering like Nextiva.

6.Google voice.

This is our last outstanding VoIP provider which comes with great features. The software utilizes google apps in their workflow and offer free virtual phone number and basic call management features in all of its plans.

The software was only made for users with low average call volumes. Therefore, if your business is looking for a robust VoIP or UCaaS platform, you can apply this platform.

Key features Google voice.

  • It is user friendly because it is easy to set and use.
  • It has a free version and low-cost plans.
  • You can integrate with other google applications.
  • With Smart AI, you can filter spam calls, automatically transcribe voicemails and configure PBX.
  • It supports other desktop or mobile hardware. Besides, it is compatible with Polycom devices.

Pricing overview:


  • It is unreliable especially when dealing with voice-to-text feature.
  • You cannot have emergency callings in the free version.
  • It lacks advanced call management capabilities unlike other Call management software.


Call management software offer you with exclusive features to manage your business. These features range from basic to advanced depending with their prices.

While each of the software has its unique features, it is important to carefully read their advanced features that made them top in the list.


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