How to build big valuable traffic on your small blog niche.

Fix the site first, don’t lose a customer.

Making ensuring your website to be user-friendly and leak-proof is a must if you want to build big valuable traffic. Here are some suggestions on how to make your website simple to read and entice people to return.

Besides,there are several website builders that can also help streamline your website look and make it more appealing.

  • Beyond the Fold

What belongs at the top of your website and what should never go below the fold?

  • Make new visitors become devoted readers

Here are some suggestions for ensuring repeat business.

  • Up the conversion rate

A little article about how being trustworthy can enhance conversions has received 250 comments.

  • How Amazon draws customers in

Another article describes different methods for on-site capturing

 Please share any blog posts you have published regarding maintaining the cleanliness of your website or blog in the comments.

  • Research keywords carefully

If you’re a blogger, Market Samurai should be used to properly investigate your keywords. A trickle of traffic and a flood of traffic can be distinguished by one or two small words. Aim for the best keywords that receive the greatest traffic and the least amount of competition.

Here is an illustration. Imagine you are a dog collar vendor. You might wish to focus on “collars for huge dogs,” so you create your website with that term in mind. But if you look in Market Samurai, you can see that “big dog collars” receives twice as much traffic.

  • Log on to YouTube

Bloggers need to start broadening their horizons and thinking beyond the box. Although content is still king, the king is beginning to struggle. And if you look at the distribution of internet traffic nowadays, you’ll notice that a lot of time is wasted on YouTube and other sites without any original content.

Oh, and YouTube receives almost 2 billion views per day!

  • Start Podcasting

By developing authority and trust, podcasting can help to build big valuable traffic. Currently, iTunes receives a ton of unrelated traffic. Because all you need is a microphone and some free recording software, now is a fantastic moment to start a podcast. I have been doing some of them here.

  • Develop a resource and give it away for free

Create a free resource that greatly enhances the value and then distribute it for free. Google ranks blogs with tools higher in its index than blogs without them. For instance, the top fitness websites feature tools like body mass index calculators and calorie counters.

The most valuable freebies improve people’s lives and help them save money or time. It may occasionally take the shape of a tool that you commission the creation of, or it may take the form of an eBook, report, or even a customized e-book. There is a good likelihood that whatever you create will be spread if it improves someone’s life.

  • Get offline

Print, radio, and television are some of the offline media that may be used for some of the best internet marketing. A tiny, ongoing agreement with one or two schools could have a huge impact. Some suggestions for The Study Gurus include creating a brief advertisement that might be published in newsletters at schools and colleges.

Even in a relatively small niche, you may drive a significant amount of worthwhile traffic if you have a solid concept and a website that works well for offline marketing. Now, you need to be careful about this because, if you don’t know how to stand out, you could squander time and money rather rapidly.

  • Get social and intelligent

If done properly, clever social media marketing can drive a flood of profitable traffic. Sadly, the majority of people’s Facebook and Twitter marketing efforts just sort of fade away. To prevent that, you must:

Set yourself a goal.

What goals do you have for Twitter and Facebook? We’re talking about exactly how many sales, followers, and conversions.

Know the specific benefits of using your social media profiles.

Why should they share your content? What will compel them to engage? How are you encouraging them? It is not enough to merely discuss issues. Concerning your product, you must figure out how to use social media to improve people’s lives.

Connect immediately but cautiously.

In social media, who you follow in terms of peers and customers is equally important. Find influential people who will occasionally spread your content. You need to establish a friendship outside of social media platforms and gradually offer favors in exchange for requests for favors.

  • Get other people to sell your stuff for you

If you have a product that another person can market for you, affiliate programs are a great concept to build big valuable traffic. To attract as many vendors as possible, make sure to collect all the data (emails, etc.) and provide a 60% or greater reward to your sellers.


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