How to increase your blog backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are also referred to as inbound links. These are links that come from another website to yours. Knowing how to increase blog backlinks will save you time and money.

What qualifies it to be called a backlink is that it comes from another website. They are some of the best ranking factors for major search engines.

The importance of backlinks

Backlinks are important. In google ranking factors, they count as the most important because they are viewed as recommendations from other sources. This boosts the trust customers have in you. They also show the relationships between different sites and how sites are helping each other to grow.

How to increase blog backlinks.

There are several ways you can use it to increase backlinks. Here are some of the major ways.

  1. Reclaim unlinked mentions

This method involves keeping an eye on who is following your blogs. You can use google alerts or if you want to get the exact information like the number of shares or the domain authority of the website that provided the backlink, use SEO tools such as Ahrefs Content Explorer can come in handy.

You can also use this tactic to reclaim other links for other mentions that are related to your brand. This includes research reports and events that you organize. When you reach out to the websites where the unlinked mentioned came from, it’s not an intrusion because they had already mentioned you.

  1. Get contextual links

You need to find the best link prospect to reach out to if you are to get the key to contextual links. You get this by being mentioned in articles. You can reach out to publishers and explain why you think your brand is worth getting featured.

You can do this by using a personalized email. But when you recognizably earn backlinks, publishers will personally contact you to get to know you better and therefore feature you in their publications.

  1. Get on the list of the best

This is all about getting in articles that list the best products like the ones that you offer. It goes a long way in setting your product high up the market. It reinforces the quality of your product and encourages people to try it.

You can increase the chances of your products getting on that list by funding high-ranking blogs that write about your product or industry. After collecting relevant prospects from search engines, you can analyze them and then write to the bloggers and journalists and impress upon them the reasons that make you think you should be included in the list.

  1. Reach out to journalists

You need to make journalists believe your content is not irrelevant. You can look for a trending topic then try to associate it with your product and call journalists to report on it. Taking a topic that is trending widely allows you to get journalists aroused.

When you associate it with your product, however remotely, it makes you get backlinks because the journalists will include it in their upcoming article and link it to you and your profile pages on your website.

  1. Update old content

If you have an article that is outdated yet has many references, that means it was worth it. Do you just need to update it and then reach out to bloggers and journalists who have linked to the old version and inform them of the updated version?

  1. Build free tools

You can earn backlinks and even generate new leads by creating new tools such as generators. You can do this in every way.

You can start with keyword research and see what comes out for templates, tools, or generators in your industry, then check out what tools appear in the top ten search results for your keywords. You can then figure out which tool or generator receives the most backlinks and use that to come up with a better version of that tool.

  1. Publish ultimate guides

An ultimate guide is a guide that gives you comprehensive information about a topic. These guides are important because bloggers and journalists use them to reference a concept they mention. Such ultimate guides published by you are bound to get backlinks because they get traffic from social shares.

  1. Use images

The most common visual images that earn backlinks are infographics. But charts and graphs with original data, diagrams that explain complex concepts, and free photo galleries also go a long way in enhancing backlinks to your site.

  1. Broken link-building method

This method entails reaching out to a website that has a broken outbound link and suggesting they update it with a link to your site. You need to have good content to convince them to swap the broken link with yours.

This works for you because it helps webmasters by helping them fix an error on the website. But you need a good SEO tool to help you identify broken links.

  1. Make yourself a source for other publishers

When you publish something worth reading, it gets quotes every other time. When it’s quoted, you definitely get backlinks. This earns you high domain authority and increases your brand awareness as well as increasing traffic to your site.

  1. Use Directories

There are some up-to-date directories like Google My Business that can help your rankings and traffic. They help improve your SEO ranking and help potential customers find your business. Other general and niche directories can also help you increase your backlinks.


Backlinks should be authoritative and from an established website. They should be relevant in the sense that they are from a website that tackles a similar topic or are in the same niche.

They should be unique in the sense that if a backlink singles you from a list of competitors, it makes you stand out. And above all, the backlink should not be spammy.


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