What job can you get at 14 years old.

Seeking jobs that hire at 14 years old is very important.It helps the young generation to be a responsible in future.Many jobs have a minimum age requirement of 16.

In most states, 14 is the minimum age required to work in non-family and non-farm jobs.As as a work at home parent, you might need to keep your 14 years busy or make them more aggressive.

Although most companies start hiring at 16, some companies give offers to 14-year-olds.

Here are some of the jobs that hire at 14 years old.

1.Amusement parks.

One of the jobs that hire at 14 years old at an amusement park can be cashier, admission or a service team member, or a retail clerk. When on the job, you can learn several skills. You can learn skills in job handling, customer service, communication, organization, and food handling.

Aside from being a fun place to work, you can get perks like free tickets and in-park discounts on food and merchandise.


This job at 14 years old is associated with this job are entertaining and protecting children, preparing meals, cleaning up after the children, and helping the children with their homework.

The skills you acquire here are skills in childcare, child development, tutoring safety, and development skills.

The jobs are normally available when you talk to friends who recommend you to their family members in need of babysitters or other friends.

There are other groups like churches and websites that would employ the 14-year-olds but the downside is that they have to run background checks, which can’t be done on 14-year-olds.

3.Dine-in restaurants.

In a dine-in restaurant, a14 year old is expected to work as a host, bidder, dishwasher, or cashier.

The skills to be acquired include customer service, communication, cash handling, organization, and working as a team.

Although it’s legal to work as a waiter or waitress at 14, most restaurants prefer 18-year-olds because the law allows them to serve alcoholic drinks to customers.

However, dishwashing and bussing make 14-year-olds eligible.

4.Fast food restaurants.

When employed in a fast food restaurant, you are expected to run a cash register, clean tables, restock condiments and silverware, take out trash and make food preparations.

When in a food restaurant, you acquire several skills. These skills include cash handling, teamwork, multitasking, and food prep.

There has been a labor shortage and though companies prefer experience and skills, they have opted to hire 4-year-olds to fill the gap.

5.Farm work.

The type of job expected of a farm hand is to clean out stalls, feed animals, milk cows, clean produce, hoe weed, water plants, and generally tender to the animals.

The skills that you learn in your job are physical labor, using farm equipment, animal husbandry, and agricultural practices.

Although age doesn’t allow you to operate heavy agricultural equipment, there is an array of small duties that you can perform that makes you eligible for the job.

The upside of this opportunity is that most farmers prefer hard work and enthusiasm over skills and experience and you therefore stand a chance to get a job if you show those characteristics

6.Golf courses and County clubs.

When you land a job here, as a 14-year-old you are tasked with carrying golf bags, cleaning golf balls, estimating yardage work in a pro shop, and cleaning golf carts.

The skills that you acquire by working here are various. They include physical labor, customer service, and precision.

If you are a 14-year-old and not a golfer, you need to watch a few YouTube videos to get acquainted with golf and what it entails.

When going there in person to apply, ensure you are dressed in golf attire which is khakis, a belt, a polo shirt, and white shoes. That gives you an advantage because you look like you belong to the group.

7.Grocery store.

To work in a grocery store, you are expected to stock shelves, carry out groceries, and clean.

The skills that you learn by working in a grocery store include organization and customer care.

Grocery chains do advertise that they could hire a 14-year-old while others don’t specify the minimum age. It’s however a requirement that you be 16 to run the register but positions for cart wranglers and stockers are in plenty.

8.Ice cream shops.

In ice cream shops, you are expected to run the cash register, clean tables, restock toppings and ice cream and clean the premises.

The skills that you learn as a worker in Ice cream shops include customer service, food prep, cash handling, and organization.

Many chains hire 14-year-olds while other stores like Cold Store and Baskin Robbins don’t have an exact policy but you can go in person and convince the manager that you are able to work in the store with the older boys.


The type of job expected here is cleaning and fuelling boats. You are also expected to prep rental boats.

The skills to be learned include trying knots, customer service, and attention to detail.

This job is especially for those who enjoy boating and water issues. You can ask to be a dock and at the local marina if you have such a passion.

Although some jobs require a license, most of them just depend on your ability to shoulder the demands.

10.Movie theaters.

The employee is expected to sell tickets, sell concessions, tear ticket stubs, clean the theater, and stock supplies.

When in this field you learn the following skills: customer service, operating point-of-sale equipment, and cash handling.

Although some theaters require that you be 1, AMC has several locations that hire crew members at 14.

All you need is to learn to control access to the theater, stock supplies, and check IDS, among other things.

11.Sports referee.

In this job, the employee is expected to referee games, coordinate schedules, and communicate rules to players and coaches.

The skills learned here are decision-making and composure. This job is best suited for assertive 14-year-olds because landing such a job cultivates their decision-making skills and the ability to stand firm even when under pressure.


Times have changed,So has the labor market. Many companies have jobs that hire at 14 years old and this is the best practice to embrace young generation. This has been done due to legal and liability reasons. But getting jobs at the age of 14 equips juniors with skills that will help foster their livelihoods later.


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