Paperless Board Meetings Software.

Paperless Board Meetings Software are platforms that enable businesses or organizations to communicate essential information rather than pulling up documents.

If you are looking for the best Paperless Board Meetings Software then, you are in the right place.

This are well-researched and tested software.We all know that board meetings are crucial activities in every organization.These meetings can be done to discuss hiring process, operational policies and scaling plans.

To do this right, companies have to require a high-quality Paperless Board Meetings Software that will help them cover all business needs and allow them to do remote team collaboration.

In this article,we shall look at best Paperless Board Meetings Software in the market that will them you conduct remote board meetings effectively.

Best Paperless Board Meetings Software.


Govenda source.

Govenda is a secure board portal program that was created by experts in corporate governance to revolutionize how businesses interact and work with their boards.

Companies improve productivity and save time by offering a comprehensive solution for organizing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, e-Signatures, and more.

More than 10,000 board members trust Govenda to provide a seamless and enduring connection between company management and its board of directors.

Key features for Govenda Paperless Board Meetings Software.

1.Security: Security, availability and privacy are three essential solutions that form the foundation of BoardBookit data storage.

The GOVENDA board portal’s processes are quick and secure for everything from keeping electronic board records to giving information to compliance executives.

GOVENDA uses a wide variety of servers dispersed across numerous regions, including disaster-resistant ones. According to SSAE 18 criteria, third parties audit the property. The following security aspects of BoardBookit will be advantageous to board members of all kinds of organizations:

  • Control and access settings for extremely rigorous approval processes.
  • Double-factor authentication.
  • Administrative permissions at three different levels.
  • Unknown methods of data encryption.

2.Collaboration: Govenda produces a centralized, independent solution for messaging, live chat, video conferencing, and voting.

Since it enables enhancing business performance while taking necessary board liaison procedures into account, improved connectivity is usually a sign of leading firms in any industry. With the use of solutions like these, BoardBookit supports effective board relationship management.

  • Survey and reporting tools for open accountability.
  • Discussion threads automatically vote.
  • Chat-based interactivity regardless of device.

3.Document control: The combination of volume and various levels of confidentiality is one of the drawbacks of widely used board documents.

BoardBookit makes it simple to compile numerous documents in a secure setting for simultaneous reading and intake from the necessary board members.

The best method to meet rising corporate compliance, adapt to societal and business changes, and collaborate on the growing company vision is through quick and safe access to board portal documentation. Among Govenda’s document management tools are:

  • Various document categories accept secure e-signature.
  • A variety of document templates, such as board packets suited to certain industries.
  • A large document storage facility.

4.Tools for organizing meetings: The effectiveness of the board as a whole is mostly attributed to the administrators.

BoardBookit helps them by providing a number of tools that make board books, convey current and past focus points, and guarantee board directors will show up to required meetings and receive the required papers on time.

Several practical meeting planning tools are available on the Govenda board platform, including:

  • Agenda management with reminders and notifications.
  • One sign-on for numerous boards.
  • Precise announcements and permits.

5.Track tasks; Reviews claim that during lengthy discussions, board members find Govenda’s work management features to be especially helpful.

The program enhances board performance for internal and independent directors by providing a platform for a long-lasting structure for board relationships. Among the task management resources available to board members are:

  • A directory of the board members with thorough bios.
  • File storage synchronization in interactive presentation mode.
  • Accessibility to files offline.

6.Remote entry: BoardBookit enables company governance offices all around the world to efficiently contribute whenever it suits them.

Administrators of board portals can quickly issue user permissions based on a user’s location and preferred device, ensuring that everyone uses the board portal software in the same way. The remote access options offered by Govenda diligent boards include:

  • Internet-based access.
  • For Windows and Mac computers, desktop add-ons.
  • Programs for mobile phones running iOS and Android.


Diligent Board source.

A content management system called Diligent Boards allows users to collaborate, produce, and distribute board meeting materials.

Diligent Boards, a tool created for both small and large businesses, assists in producing digital content to help any company with a board. There are choices for both on-premises and cloud-based implementation.

Key features for Diligent Boards.

1.Aspect of security.

Instant digital signatures allow you to configure permissions and sign significant papers within the board portal without ever leaving the platform.

Best security methods and adherence to international privacy standards support diligent information management security.

2.Tools for collaboration in board meetings.

These include chat rooms that are both private and accessible in real-time and voting systems that are useful when conducting board reviews and questionnaires.

Board members can interact through private chats, inviting pertinent directors, and starting group discussions to explore additional input following a meeting.

Directors and executives can securely and productively communicate with all of the partners and members thanks to improved communication tools.

3.The software for managing boards is easily accessible: With both an online and offline mode, Diligent is a highly secure on=premises solution and cloud-based software.

This makes it ideal for using access to board books, files, and calendars not just from fixed devices but also from your phone or a tablet even if you don’t have internet access.

4.Simple user interface.

Even if you’re a first-time user with no prior knowledge of board portals, the platform’s user interface is cutting-edge and elegantly designed, and learning how to use it doesn’t take much time.

This makes the administrative staff’s transition period swift and simple.

5.Document control.

Users of Diligent can submit papers, annotate them, generate minutes, and manage agendas.

The minute tool enables you to record all significant problems brought up during the board meeting, ensuring that essential details are never overlooked.

Using templates, it is simple to build and distribute board resources, and a simple search may be used to locate a certain file among uploaded materials.

While keeping sensitive information hidden from other users who aren’t working with hose documents, you can rapidly exchange files with a specific board member.

The boarding site also allows for the creation of archives with a lengthy history of all meetings.

6.Tools for reporting and analytics.

Diligent software provides real-time business and industry data, allowing you to monitor the team’s and board members’ progress on various duties and identify areas for performance improvement.


Wrike source.

Wrike is a piece of project management software that makes team communication easier so that members can work together on projects and complete them.

On a centralized dashboard, both local and remote work teams can communicate their progress.

The solution features connectors with more than 400 third-party software suppliers and also enables users to manage resources using Gantt charts and visual kanban boards.

Wrike is a cloud-based application that can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS mobile devices.

Key Features of Wrike.

1.Collaboration software.

Youronsite and remote teams can effectively collaborate thanks to the collaboration platform Wrike.

By enabling employees to communicate updates and criticism from a single spot, it fosters communication.

2.Assign work.

The method assists you in organizing your duties into priority order by giving team members a specific assignment to do.

It is simple to manage resources from a comprehensive and intuitive interface thanks to a central dashboard that enables you to construct graphical kanban boards and Gantt charts.


To guard your staff and working environments against expensive cybercrimes, Wrike comes with a comprehensive security toolbox.

It protects your operation with encryption features that mutilate your data into meaningless letters and numbers, making the task useless to anyone lacking an encryption key.

4.Roles and permissions.

The application allows you to assign roles and permissions, which helps to safeguard the identity of your users. This feature restricts access to private data, such as financial or personal information, to only trusted personnel.


The product is completely integrated with more than 400 outside software programs to create a more efficient and well-integrated workflow.


Boardable source.

Boardable is a strong board management platform that helps board leaders do more. It is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

With Boardable, you can easily host meetings, create and share agendas, take minutes, manage and sign documents, assign tasks, cast electronic votes, and more.

Give your board more authority to improve productivity, streamline communications, and increase involvement.

Key features for Boardable.

1.Free mobile app.

Mobile apps that are user-friendly and appropriate for all operations systems. Make sure you can quickly and easily access crucial content from any place and device.

2.Builder of agendas.

This tool makes creating agendas simpler than ever. Use pre-made templates to create agendas in PDF format, and then publish them safely to the public viewing area.

3.Minute’s maker.

Another tool that makes administrative work simpler, which makes it easier for you to create, update and conclude minutes.

4.Boardable spotlight.

No matter the structure of your meetings, Boardable Spotlight will increase their effectiveness by giving you access to assistive technologies, a virtual conference room, and more.

5.Electronic signatures.

By enabling board members to quickly sign documents from any location, electronic signatures speed up any processes that call for their official signatures.


Boardeffect source.

BoardEffect, a diligent brand, offers an agile board management solution tailored for governance leaders of nonprofits, higher education institutions, community healthcare organizations, and credit unions.

It provides the necessary tools, analytics, and insights to promote more effective, transparent, and secure governance.

BoardEffect provides the preferred solutions for board management to meet the needs of administrators, executives, and directors while fostering efficiency at every stage.

Key features for BoardEffect.

1.Board portal.

Online Meeting Books from any location and on any device offer Real-time access to agendas, board books, meeting minutes, and more.


For any forthcoming board meeting or impromptu event, scheduling a meeting and promptly collecting RSVPs will help maximize participation.


Through a board portal, approve board meeting minutes, new members, and policies while on the go.


Board members may set reminders and perform tasks by using the task tool.


Meeting materials and minutes can be easily accessed at any time on any device through the library.


Using surveys and polls that have customized layouts, administrators can gather opinions, evaluate boards, and learn preferences to encourage more members to participate in strategic updates or changes.

7.Board policy manuals.

Keep all of your crucial board documents, including the strategic plan, policies, and procedures, in one place so that board members may access them whenever they want, from anywhere.


Onboard Source.

An innovative technological approach to managing boards is called OnBoard.

This Paperless Board Meetings Software enables C-level executives, board members, IT specialists, and other board-related staff to streamline complex processes and enhance governance inside their firms.

The OnBoard board portal provides flexible and well-equipped options for managing board meetings across numerous sectors.

Making informed, long-term decisions is made possible thanks to OnBoard computer extensions and globally accessible support.

Key features for Onboard.


With the aid of many cutting-edge techniques, OnBoard secures client information, business prospects, and future plans.

Because the program is housed on Microsoft Azure servers, it has all the relevant compliances and certifications for data protection for the majority of sectors. Key security elements of OnBoard include:

  • Two-step verification
  • Specific permissions.
  • Encryption with RSA 4096 bits.
  • IOS device biometric authentication.


Customers may contribute and connect with ease using OnBoard’s built-in features and third-party integrations like zoom.

Teams have the option of communicating privately or in groups using a secure messenger. Additionally, OnBoard collaboration tools include:

  • Notes and highlighting in a document.
  • Surveys of evaluations.
  • Display mode
  • Auto-save

3.Document control.

Boards are assisted by OnBoard in managing huge document volumes during and after meetings.

The software enables every team to access all relevant files in a single source, regardless of the kind of organization or approach to board administration, and complete their job obligations more quickly. Customers who use the portal can make use of features like:

  • Electronic indication.
  • Search words across the platform.
  • Support a variety of file types.
  • Mass uploading.

4.Tools for organizing meetings.

Simplified board meeting planning will be beneficial to any organization. Using a variety of tools, administrators may communicate more effectively, speed less money, and free up directors to focus on pressing issues.

The following OnBoard includes guidance for organizing board meetings:

  • Construct a book using drag and drop.
  • Attendance metrics and RSVP.
  • Reminders for agenda management.
  • User creation in bulk.

5.Tracking tasks.

OnBoard enables the board and any other staff inside the organization to collaborate on a variety of tasks, including due diligence, the onboarding process for new clients, and routine day-to-day operations.

The most notable OnBoard task-tracking capabilities are:

  • Analytics of participation
  • Access to numerous forums from one location
  • Managing roles
  • Elections and approvals.

6.Remote entry.

Customer research indicates that mobile access is essential for all kinds of software. The gateway offers a thorough method for making data accessible and safe on OnBoard computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

The remote access capabilities of the platform include:

  • Remote access over the web.
  • Applications for iOS and Android phones.
  • Desktop add-ons for Linux and Windows


Private enterprises can manage and communicate with their share-and option holders using the cloud program Carta (formerly eShares).

The seller claims that businesses may simply issue stock certificates to investors individually or in large numbers and that shareholders can conveniently receive and view their shareholdings across all private companies on a single screen.

Key Features of Carta Paperless Board Meetings Software.

1.Management of cap tables.

A cap table, which is similar to a balance sheet, contains data on ownership positions, vesting schedules, purchase charts, and other things.

Notable characteristics include:

  • Digital certificates are given to investors and employees.
  • Shareholder’s agreements with digital signatures.
  • Export in Excel and PDF formats that can be quickly customized.
  • Users have the option to configure alarms and email notifications.

2.Modeling scenarios.

For an instantaneous snapshot of what the cap table would look like if a deal went through at a specific valuation, a company can employ scenario modeling during fundraisers or exits.

In a matter of minutes, numerous scenarios can be modeled to provide a thorough understanding of how the shareholding of different existing and potential investors will develop.

Their circular modeling has some benefits, such as:

  • Important elements like investor information.
  • Convertible rate options to improve the pool of stock options.
  • There are numerous variables for the pre-money and post-money valuations, the investment data, and the investment amount.
  • The cap table has a new iteration.

3.Assessment (409A).

The fair market value (FMV) of a business is established via a 409A valuation. In general. It entails three steps:

  • Calculate the company’s value (also called the enterprise value).
  • The FMV for the common stock is calculated by dividing the enterprise value among all equity classes.
  • To imply that the stock is not publicly traded, a discount is applied to the FMV. As a result, the company is shielded from an audit.

4.Interactive dashboard.

Companies offering an interactive dashboard do a good job of reducing the danger of inaccurate data and enhancing the accuracy of financial modeling.

The dashboard also includes crucial metrics like multi-factor authentication, security, notification for convertible rounds, vesting, valuation changes, one-click conversion of convertible notes, CCPS (Compulsory Convertible Preference Share), and CCDs (Compulsory Convertible Debenture).

The dashboard unifies workflow in an intuitive user interface, enabling founders, CHROs, CFOs, and qualified workers to access the software.

5.Accounting and Reporting.

At all times, the administration of accounting and reporting needs to be made simpler and more efficient.

The comprehensive solutions assist with equity reporting and accounting, including the key elements of the ASC 718 regulatory framework including dilution, SEC disclosure, corporation tax, expensing, and valuation.

Businesses can produce industry-standard reports that can be customized to meet any unique needs, including stock option management regulations.

Also aided by the platform are:

  • Financial reporting is more straightforward.
  • Lowering the risk potential.
  • Spreadsheet elimination.
  • Realizing substantial cost reductions.

6.Azeus Convene.

Azeus Convene is a conference solution featuring native apps for the iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Convene may be used for paperless meetings at all organizational levels and has been shown to boost productivity.

It can be set up to function as a Board Portal for board meetings, project management, and team meetings.

Key features of Azeus Convene Paperless Board Meetings Software.

  1. Encryption, authentication, and authorization at enterprise-grade are used to protect data.
  2. Give each role a different set of access rights.
  3. Utilize audit trails to track revisions to meeting materials.
  4. Examine the resolutions, minutes, and actions.
  5. Document annotations with the option to share or label as private.
  6. Data integrity is guaranteed by nightly automatic backups.
  7. When between meetings, assign and monitor action items.
  8. Instantly update meeting attendees on new information.
  9. Does not require conversion to PDF; supports typical document formats.
  10. Annotations and page viewing are coordinated.


The most user-friendly option for digital paperless board management is BoardPAC. This software is a widely praised option that streamlines and digitizes secure meetings for your board of directors.

It was created for corporate secretaries, board members, and IT administrators alike.

Key Features of BoardPAC

1.Agenda management, meetings, and resolutions.

A major factor in the widespread adoption of BoardPAC in large businesses has been the meeting and resolution management capabilities with simple agenda setup and agenda item posting.

Board secretaries, business secretaries, and employees of corporate offices who are frequently busy can schedule meetings quickly and easily using a variety of intuitive agenda features.

2.Minutes of meetings and tracking of actions.

Throughout the meeting, options for tracking actions and tasks are available, as well as meeting minutes.

Duties are assigned before the board meeting, updated during the meeting, and then followed up on after the meeting. One of the main advantages of the meeting minute module is the assignment of tasks and automated reminders and follow-ups.

3.Presenter control.

At the board meeting, many divisional heads are required to speak, and their allotted time for speaking can change.

The BoardPAC makes it possible for presenters to be informed of their upcoming time slot and the system delivers warnings regarding the situation.

Through a brief message sent from the BoardPAC application, the meeting coordinators and company secretary can connect with the next presenters without leaving the board meeting.

4.Facilities after the board.

The meeting minutes, outcomes, and approvals, together with the time needed to accomplish these tasks after the meeting, become hard in a normal situation.

Whether it’s internal emails with pre-made templates and integrated inclusion of the results, direct access, or tracking of communication between the divisions and the Board organizers, BoardPAC helps with communication compilation.

5.Voting, approvals, and surveys by the board.

A convenient feature is the ability to immediately set up board voting. The board can conduct such votes and approvals using its standard board site.

The BoardPAC survey module can be used directly from the BoardPAC application for the board and executive surveys that include a larger number of questions and answers.

For busy members to compete for reviews and approvals on the go, board voting, approvals, and surveys are available on all devices, including Smart phones.

As a result, it is considerably simpler for the organizers to get the findings from the participants with less manual follow-up needed.


With all being said, technology has done it again.It now allows companies or groups to carrying their meeting by using Paperless Board Meetings Software.

There is no doubt that this is a good idea to save time, cost and offers a flexible meeting environment for all board members.What are you waiting for?Grab your software and get it done today.


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