7 Best AI Copywriting Software.

AI copywriting software will help you write and formulate your content within a very short time. Well written and optimised content are rated highly in the web industry and this is why this software is meant to help you reach your SEO goals.

Writing has been existing for a long time. Thanks to AI Development Tools that has enabled this activity to be smooth and less tedious. To write an outstanding article or assignment paper, you have to be proficient with the language and spelling.

But what if you are required to write more than 20 pages within a short time?

This will not only be difficult for you but also hard to write proper punctuated and fluent paper. After a thorough review to what could boost your writing to the next level, we identified some of the best AI copywriting software that will help you sort your writing problems.

Note that these software does not require any training but just need you to follow simple steps to get your writing work done.

The software is designed with the needs of the writers in mind and they know exactly what you want and how to get it. This software will improve your writing skills, speed and take part on development of your dream blog if you are upcoming blogger.


SoftwareOur RatingA.I. Technology UsedFree Trial or PlanPricing
Jasper5.0/5GPT-310,000 free wordsStarts at $29/mo & $59/mo
Writesonic4.9/5GPT-32,500 free wordsStarts at $15/month
CopyAI4.8/5GPT-37 daysStarts at $49/month
Anyword4.7/5GPT3, T5, and CTRLForever free (1,000 words)Starts at $19/month
CopySmith AI4.6/5GPT-37 daysStarts at $19/month
Rytr4.5/5GPT-3 + Proprietary AIForever freeStarts at $9/month
Closers Copy4.4/5GPT-3/OpenAILifetime deal.Starts at $49.99/monthly

What is AI copywriting and how does it work?

AI copywriting software use machine learning and natural language to process and generate a copy that fits a given topic, format and style.

Machine learning involves artificial intelligence algorithms way of learning through massive data gathering, patterns and processes.

It uses this information to generate content that is relevant to the inputs provided by the person using it.

Machine learning has enabled AI software to learn how to perform human related work and can produce written content that is naturally equal to those written by human.

Most common features of AI copywriting software.

  • Generate social media post captions, hashtags, ad copy, video scripts and tiles.
  • Develop website landing pages, meta descriptions and sales pages.
  • Generate content for blog post titles, outlines, introduction, conclusions and entire content.
  • Generate articles and blog summaries along with expansion and rephrasing of content.
  • They provide product descriptions for e-commerce business.
  • They send emails copy for marketing campaigns.

Tested AI copywriting software.

1.Jasper AI.

Jasper AI is one of the most popular artificial intelligence copywriting software in writing industry.

It allows the user to generate sales copy, blog posts, YouTube scripts among other writing related projects by just a click of the button.

It uses natural language and more complex algorithms to build its content preference and produce an outstanding SEO content that can be used by websites.

Its content is original and well-structured just as those written by human.

Key features.

  • It is user friendly and does not require any training to use.
  • It is more sensible and logical on the market.
  • It has been programmed with artificial intelligence that quickly learn from any writing style and preference.
  • It can be used to research topics while generating original sales copy from any website and make it perfect.
  • It uses advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to generate content that are engaging and readable.
  • Its ultimate feature allows the user to write faster with advance commands and unlimited word count.
  • It offers different marketing templates that allows users to create blog posts and well-written content.
  • It provides an SEO optimized content for bloggers that can easily rank their articles on search engines.


  • We found it repeating itself when producing long-form articles. In this case, some paragraphs were almost similar.
  • We could find some irrelevant paragraphs within other logical content.
  • It sometimes provides specific statistics and numbers with no citations which makes it difficult to checker whether they are valid figures.


With good research, we found this AI copywriting software being the best on the market. It uses AI to write press releases, ad copy, social media posts, post outline, SEO meta description, YouTube video scripts, blog posts among other content that human could input.

The software comes with PAS and AIDA framework that has been trained on best performing content from big brands.

WriteSonic gives the writer everything they need to know and based on its flexibility in writing, it is also easy to use this software due to its clean, modern interface.

A writer can create more sensible and logical content within minutes without leaving his web browser.

The software dashboard is not sophisticated because its layout is clear to allow users to choose the type of content they would like to create from relevant templates.

It is important to note that this software could accurately rephrase content.

Key features.

  • It can help you create sales frameworks.
  • It can help you create digital ads copy.
  • It can help you write website copy from landing pages to SEO headlines.
  • It can write an article for you.
  • It can generate YouTube copy and press release.
  • It can help you fix grammar and clear your readability issues in the article.
  • It is proficient with short content


  • It limits the number and types of templates.
  • Its social media templates were limited to LinkedIn posts and YouTube ideas, intros, outline and descriptions.
  • The blog outline feature was not clear and did not allow user customization at each step in the process.


Just like other AI copywriting software, Copy.ai is also powerful because it applies variety of ways to generate helpful and most logical content.

With this software, coming up with original ideas for posts or marketing materials will never bother you again. The software allows the user to control the tone and language style of their generated content.

First, the software will give you a free trial and see how it works and this get you going from a blank document to a well detailed and structured document.

All you need to do is to select the type of copy, describe the content in the copy or upload an image then click start and Copy.ai will generate a copy that is logical and unique.

Key features.

  • It provides unlimited AI writing.
  • It offers 24/7 email support.
  • It can help you translate over 25 languages.
  • It can help improve your content.
  • It can help create converting product descriptions.
  • You can change your tone of writing with this AI copywriting software.


  • It does not have user-friendly interface as compared to other tools.
  • The input options were limited and this hinders users’ ability in acquiring more relevant and adequate information.
  • The content generated was not consistent and need some final editing.


This is another wonderful AI copywriting software that you need to embrace. It provides you with predictive performance score and generate different copy for different requirements. It can write a complete blog post along with keywords incorporation.

What we can say is that Anyword is an intelligent engine for writing because it generates content based on user input.

It creates good content by searching through its database and checking the pre-existing articles and finds the best fit content for users.

The software also modifies the existing article by inserting keywords or required phrases and also adjust sentence length and paragraphs based on what the user need to meet all the SEO needs. Once this is complete, the user can go ahead and edit to his or her purposes.

Key features.

  • It helps the writer with ad copy.
  • It writes SMS and create engaging messages.
  • It can write about any brand voice including that of a writer.
  • It provides optimized copy that convey the intended message.
  • It applies natural language processing.
  • It provides activity dashboard
  • It can be used for sales team/organization.
  • It applies machine learning to generate content.
  • It offers collaboration tools.
  • It offers predictive analysis.
  • It can be used to generate ecommerce reports.


  • You need to pay to access more features.
  • It is expensive.

5.CopySmith AI.

This is special AI copywriting software that writes a copy for you by analyzing data provide to it and converting it into a written document or email to enhance your marketing content.

This software can be used to generate leads, generate long-form websites, create newsletter and sales reports.

The software also works well with any business that require high quality content in a short time frame. It saves both business time and money while providing customers with well-structured and engaging messages.

Key features.

  • It provides templates that help a writer to generate content for blogs, Ads, Branding and brainstorming.
  • Content rewriter
  • Shopyfy products description generator
  • Idea generator
  • AIDA framework
  • Helps in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Bulk generation.
  • Campaign builder.
  • Provide optimized e-commerce content.
  • It allows integration with other e-commerce platforms such as Google Ads, Shopify, Zapier among others.


  • It offers few templates as compared to other AI copywriting software.
  • They lack customer support.
  • It could not be used for longer copy and content.


Rytr is a great free AI copywriting tools. It uses GPT-3 and proprietary AI to generate content for more than 25 distinct cases which include unique creative offer like song lyrics and story plots.

It also offers content creation for marketers and marketing agencies, content creation professionals and sales development representative.

Key features.

  • It provides a browser extension that can be used in Gmail, Slack, Messenger, Word, WordPress and other API integration apps of your choice.
  • It offers more than 30 cases, tones of voices, custom use cases and templates.
  • It can be used as a SEO analyzer to find Keywords, optimize your content and create brief content.
  • It is user-friendly and less learning curve.
  • You can generate AI content and copy almost anywhere.
  • It is affordable.


  • Some of the characters are limited. Many users have mentioned that credit offered for limited plans runs quickly.
  • Some of its outputs are low quality. The AI Copywriting software struggles with naturalness and relevance. Unlike Jasper, there is no way to prevent the low-quality output from being produced.
  • Poor customer support.

7.Closers Copy.

Closers Copy is our last great AI Copywriting Software that own its AI rather than using standard GPT-3/OpenAI.It grew its popularity from producing quality outputs.

Key Features.

  • The software creates super-targeted content and save time.
  • It offers AI models for selling, blogging and storytelling. All these allows your content to have a style and tone.
  • It creates optimized content by allowing users to use fewer tools.
  • It is flexible to use and users can feed their sample data to the AI for more custom, targeted outputs.
  • It understands more than 120 languages. This feature makes the benefit of artificial intelligence widely accessible.
  • It offers lifetime deals.


  • It comprises of many features making the learning curve long.
  • It has limited tutorials and this limit users’ training.
  • Lack of build in-plagiarism checker.

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