Best cache clearing app for Iphone and android.

Cache data can start to pile up. It eventually takes up storage space on our devices. It therefore decreases the performance as the app tries to load all of the cached data every time it is opened.

It’s therefore important that you clear the cached data periodically. It leads to a good website and phone speed optimization.

There are the best cache-clearing apps that enable the cache on your iPhone and Android.


Clean master

It’s one of the most popular iPhone cache-clearing apps. It is trusted by a million users of the iPhone to clear the devices’ junk files. The design is meant to clear the iPhone. You can download the device from the app store.


This also happens to be one of the best cache-clearing apps for the iPhone. It gets downloads of over 800 million and usage by over 800 million people. All in a day. It’s an easy-to-use device that works quickly to clear your cache and improve the performance of your device.

Smart Clearer

This is ranked as the best and most complete cache cleaner for iOS devices. It’s capable of clearing all kinds of web browser caches, apps, systems, and the rest. It’s a device that is easy to use. All you do is launch the app and tap the ‘clear cache’  button and your device’s cache will be cleared. It can also be used on Android devices.

Cache Cleaner Pro

It is also one of the best-designed clearing apps for iPhones that helps improve the performance of your device. Cache Cleaner Pro has several features that make it stand out from the rest. It’s the best app to clear your iPhone’s cache and has unrivaled efficiency. It’s also easy to use.

Click Cache Cleaner

This is the easiest and most effective clearing app for iPhones. It’s capable of clearing apps for iPhones. Click Cache Cleaner is the only app that can clear the safari browser cache on your iPhone.


There are five different ways that you can use to clear the cache on your android device. They’re discussed below:

Norton Clean

Norton clean for Android is an app designed specifically for clearing the cache on android devices. It has over one million downloads. It’s designed to clear the cache on your android device and speed up the speed of the device by clearing the junk files. It therefore optimizes the performance of your device. It is a free app and you can download it for free on the google play store.

Droid Optimizer

This app is also used to clear apps for Android. It’s capable of helping to clear app caches and data very quickly. It therefore boosts the performance of your device and frees up storage space. Droid Optimizer also has a one-tap boost feature that helps increase the speed of your phone and its performance by just a single tap. It’s a free app that is available on the google play store.

Ace Cleaner

This cleaner is the best choice for android users who want to clear their caches. It’s a free and easy-to-use app that’s able to quickly and effectively clear your cache. This process helps to free up space on your device. It also offers other several features that include a memory boost, junk file cleaner, and a private protection feature. When you have this device, you can keep your android device running smoothly and effectively.

SD maid

When it comes to cache-clearing apps, this one ranks as the most famous one because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It can be used by novices in the field. The app is also available on the google play store for free and can offer a wide range of features that include your app cache, deleting of temporary files, clearing your system cache, and boosting your phone performance. It boosts your phone’s performance by freeing up storage space.

AVG Cleaner

This offers an easy way to clean your cache and free up space on your device. All you have to do is open up the app and tap ‘clean’ to start clearing the cache. There are a lot of other features that are offered by AVG Cleaner that keep the device running smoothly. It has a junk file cleaner that removes all the files that are unwanted and clears up space. There’s also the startup manager. The app starts when you turn on your device. A battery saver to help you extend the battery life is also available.


You can decide the best clearing app for your android or iPhone based on how you use them.Most cache are piled after you have downloaded many videos on instagram, youtube and done alot of browsing for a long time. For example, those that require a lot of features use CCleaner. But you should clear the caches regularly to help the device run smoothly. Most of these applications are free to download from play store and safari. You also don’t need much technical knowledge to use them.


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