How to sell on Facebook.

Facebook not only provide a social platform but also act as a marketplace for most entrepreneur.Seeking on how to sell on facebook is one of the most asked question in the internet.

Facebook marketplace is a platform that came into being in 2016. It quickly established itself as a platform to sell items to local buyers.

When selling on Facebook you get zero charges when you sell them locally. Only 57% is charged for shipping expenses.

How to sell on Facebook.

This is how you can sell your products through Facebook.

1.Open a marketplace account.

You need a Facebook marketplace account to sell goods on Facebook. Once you have a Facebook account, you can just open a marketplace account and your products can be sold on Facebook.

2.Products to sell on Facebook.

You can sell virtually everything (digital products) on Facebook. When you look at your garage , house or attic to see if there’s anything worth being disposed of. This includes old furniture, old electronics, video games, old appliances and other goods. Keep in mind what other sellers have put on the market as you create your own listings.

There are different ways to focus on the products to sell on Facebook.


The categories in marketplace are diverse. It includes apparel, musical instruments, and pet supplies.

3.Product research

If you wish to build or enhance e-commerce business through Facebook, it’s important that you do thorough research on the product to make sure what you are selling will be profitable.

You need to establish the competition in your niche and the level of sales of your product. Though business tools like Jungle Scout that analyze sales data to reveal the level of sales are built for Amazon, the insights they build are transferable to Facebook marketplace. You should look at these aspects when doing product research.


Since there is no listing and referral fee, you don’t have to factor in the selling fee on Facebook. The shipping payment of 5% just cares for the payment processing for using the checkout system.


You have to turn to Amazon and eBay to get an idea of what you are selling because Facebook doesn’t give any data. A high sell-through rate indicates strong demand and that means a large percentage of products listed are being sold.

You can use the database to set custom filters and view popular products in any category on amazon, and view monthly search trends for particular keywords. You can then use opportunity finder to discover high-demand and for low-demand product ideas.


You are expected to optimize your listing with a key rich descriptions and photos that are up -to -date to on top of the competition.

To narrow your product search you need to keep an eye on new releases on popular items. You should take advantage of product releases that are high in demand and also stay on top of new trends while also thinking of things you can buy in different seasons.

You can sell household items like furniture, cleaning and other products on Facebook marketplace every day. The demand is always there.

Where to source products to be sold on Facebook.

Now that you know the kind of products you want to sell on Facebook, how do you get your hands on the products?

There are several ways you can get the products to sell on Facebook. Here are some of the sources.

Resell products from retail stores

If there are local people in your area looking for items, you already have a market. You can resource goods from your retail stores and as long as you price your arbitrage products in a business way, you can make good sales.

Sell your own private label products

If you happen to have your own concept of a private label product that’s new, that’s an opportunity on Facebook just as it is on Amazon. The advantage of the private label model is that you can create your own unique product and brand and when selling something that unique you can save money by selling something from supplies outside of the US.

Visit your local thrift stores

When you look deeply and in earnest, you can find vintage or designer clothing, used but functional video games, furniture, and other valuable items at thrift stores. You can convert those into products to be sold on Facebook.

Source from garage sales and estate sales

When a homeowner has I tend and wants to move, they tend to declutter and so they let the stuff go at a relatively cheap price. It is a hit or miss because you can’t always rely on such a way to acquire items but if it happens it’s a goldmine.

How to list your items.

After product research and sourcing, you now need to create your listing and start making money. You can list products from your phone.

When listing, you ought to begin by optimization by making the product more visible and more likely to be clicked by customers. The more detailed information and keywords you include, the higher the chances of the customers viewing your product. Include all the relevant keywords to improve your SEO.

After choosing exactly where to list your product, whether on marketplace or marketplace plus local selling groups, your product is now on sale on Facebook.

All you need is to download the Facebook messenger app on your phone so that you don’t miss out on messages and fail to reply to your customers.


When selling on Facebook, just ensure you answer messages as soon as possible to increase chances of sales. You should ignore rude messages because they are bound to be there.

You answer messages through your phone if you are not on your computer, and use your negotiation skills to get customers to accept the price you bid. Be firm but reasonable in your pricing.


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