10 Best Live Chat Software.

Live Chat Software comes to existence with the digital age.Businesses are finding it imperative to connect with their customers at every juncture as they establish consumer engagement approaches that lead to better sales just like chat gpt which gives answers to every question asked.

After creating an impressive digital agency probably by use of website builders, finding the best live chat software is therefore important to achieve comprehensive interactions with one’s target market.

The following list details the best live chat software based on users’ needs:

  1. LiveChat.
  2. Freshdesk.
  3. Gorglas.
  4. Tidio.
  5. Intercom.
  6. Olark.
  7. Sendinblue Conversations.
  8. LiveAgent.
  9. HubSpot Live Chat.
  10. Zendesk.

Why use a live chat software?

  • To streamline customer engagement
  • Automate repetitive tasks in customer information data entry.
  • Provide customers with assistance when not at the workplace.
  • Encourage team productivity with collaboration features.
  • Deliver excellent user experiences for more profit gaining and customer loyalty.


As a multi-channel customer support service, LiveChat is best suited for big work teams. The software has e-commerce platforms with functions to enhance coordination between customers and agents.

LiveChat is easy to use and the numerous integrations enable better communication with colleagues. Moreover, the contextual tags make it efficient for directing customer conversations.

Key Features for LiveChat.

  • Chatbot – allows automation of customer services with ready to use templates for designing advanced workflows specific to the user’s business.

  • Integrations – allows over 200 integrates with applications used in everyday business operations. Users can also create a personalized hub for managing all customer interactions.

  • Reports and analytics – allows users data summary, agent reports, customer reports and filters, among other tools to manage customer and business interactions.

  • Security – allows encryption, credit card masking, single sign-on and compliance.

  • Chat tools – allows file sharing, chat transfer, chat ratings, message sneak-peak and other features.


Freshdesk is a live chat software compatible with large corporations’ needs in remote and online modes.

As a customer service solution, Freshdesk includes unique products that enable suitable organization in complex teams and organizations.

Key Features for Freshdesk.

  • Collaboration tools – allows team engagement to quickly resolve customer problems. Team Huddle, shared ownership and linked tickets support collaboration across different dynamics.

  • Omnichannel support – allows unification and management of all support-related communications on a single platform, with channels such as email, phone, chat and social media allowed.

  • Automation tools – includes features such as intelligent ticket assignment, time-triggered automation, omniroute and event-triggered automation which are suitable for enhancing team productivity.

  • Field service tools – allow the management of end-to-end field service operations with service tasks, service groups, scheduling dashboard and customer signature supporting this.


Gorglas is a live chat software offers detailed sales tracking and customer reporting. It is suitable for e-commerce operations with integrations allowing real time engagement with customers.

Key Features for Gorglas.

  • Automation features – allows automation of interactions with tools such as automation add-on, macros, intents & sentiment detection, self-service and rules.

  • Support team support tools – allows users multistore capabilities, with the customer sidebar and order management tools enabling users to empower their agents or support teams.

  • Reporting and analytics – allows users reports from analysis of data with tools such as satisfaction survey, live statistics, revenue statistics and support performance.

  • Chat – allows centralization of customer interactions especially involving live chat, social media, email. Voice, and SMS.


Tidio is a live chat software especially suited for small businesses. The software is focuses on enhancing customer engagements with sales and customer satisfaction tools.

Key Features for Tidio.

  • Integrations – allows integrations with different applications (Instagram and Messenger.

  • Ticketing – allows users to prioritize, monitor, and assign customer requests on the same platform. Additionally, users can organize their support team for quicker responses.

  • Multichannel tool – allows users to connect with Instagram, Messager, Live Chat and email inboxes with management tools for communication.

  • Share inbox – allows users to respond to customer requests at a go with collaboration tools allowing team engagement in real time.

  • AI response bots -allows users to understand customer engagements and develop conversation scenarios for more efficient interaction.


For users engaging in SaaS businesses, Intercom provides suitable features to encourage better functionality. The software is loaded with self-support functionalities for enhanced automation tasks.

Key Features for Intercom.

  • Management tools – allows users better organization of customer interactions on one platform.

  • Customer data platform – allows users to leverage their customer data and personalize interactions that lead to more positive consumer engagement.

  • Apps and integrations – allow users integration and extension with more than 300 applications.

  • Business messenger – allows customer support and engagement with messages, chat and other communication tools.

  • Support bots – allow resolution of customer issues with automated functionalities.

  • Campaign builder – allows users to develop cohesive messages across a platform for better customer engagement.


Olark is a live chat software that has sustained a focus on persons with disabilities, enabling unique features to help them operate their businesses better.

Key Features for Olark.

  • Integrations – allows interactions with different software and applications to help support marketing, support and sales processes (Hubspot, Zendesk, Help Scout, Wikipedia, Google Analytics and Salesforce, among others.

  • PowerUps – allow users specialized features for increasing sales and customer engagements.

  • Live Chat – allows real time engagement with customers uncovering more leads.

  • Customer chat box forms – allows users to equip their support and sales team with templates to seek and collect information easily.

  • Transcripts – allows users actionable product information and feedback with a user-friendly interface for sorting, searching and filtering information.

  • Live chat analytics – enable monitoring of customer satisfaction, chat volume and agent activity in real time.

  • Automation – allows automation of customer conversations to speed up workflow.

7.Sendinblue Conversations.

Sendinblue Conversations is a live chat software that provides comprehensive business solutions for SaaS companies, start-ups and small businesses.

With robust, intuitive and reliable tools, Sendinblue Conversations makes it easy to use.

Key Features for Sendinblue Conversations.

  • Live chat – allows users to connect with their customers and leads in real time, with access to different communication channels facilitated by the multichannel chat application.

  • Email campaigns – allows users to promote their brands and grow their businesses with beautifully designed emails using the Sent Time Optimization feature.

  • Marketing automation – allows users to automate sales and marketing processes easily with capabilities to develop time-sensitive offers for customer engagements.

  • CRM – allows users to organize and manage teams as they interact with customers, enabling insights for creating sales pipeline and track deals which increase revenue potential.

  • Transactional Emails – allows users to enhance their transactional emails’ features with on-brand designs and reliable deliverability.

  • Reporting and analytics – allow features to improve sales and customer engagement, especially with real-time statistics, Send Time optimization, A/B testing, email heat mat, open & click-through reports.

  • Convert tools – allows better engagement with customers using tools like landing pages, Facebook ads and signup forms to facilitate this.


LiveAgent is a live chat software that provides robust features for comprehensive engagement with customers.

The software is suitable for large businesses with its features enabling diverse business interests all over the world. LiveAgent has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it quite strong for front desk operations.

Additionally, with the comprehensive ticketing and social media integrations, it is aligned with the needs of the modern business.

Key Features LiveAgent.

  • Ticketing system – allows users to handle all their customer inquiries from one platform.

  • Live chat – allows users real time and interactive engagements with customers with tools like real-time typing preview, and proactive chat invitations.

  • Chat button – allows customization of the LiveAgent chat button for easy use and functionality.

  • Chat button animations – allows users to animate their chat buttons for better aesthetics when audiences browse the business’ website.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – allows gathering of information and directs automated responses that met customers’ needs.

  • Social media help desk – allows users to integrate social media conversations allowing agents to save time in engaging with customers.

  • Customer service reporting – allows an overview of all customer activities including requests, orders and support. The reports generated include time reports, agent reports, department reports, agent availability reports, SLA log reports, tag reports, SLA compliance reports, complete analytics overview reports, and performance reports.

9.HubSpot Live Chat.

HubSpot Live Chat is a live chat software best suited for businesses with large or small sales teams.

The customer service software helps users enhance customer relationships with better efficiency in team and front desk performance.

The software’s Service Hub is linked to a CRM platform that makes it easy for users to deliver authentic customers and prioritize their customers.

Key Features for HubSpot Live Chat.

  • Live chat – allows users to help customers in real-time with automated routes ensuring customers meet the right agents to resolve their challenges.

  • Inbound calling – allows users to receive calls from customers while tracking them in the live chat software ensuring that resolutions are reached faster than ever with all the data in one place.

  • VoIP calling – allows users to call their customers directly on the platform ensuring that data is collected and analyzed for better customer support and engagement.

  • Shared inbox – allows users to link Facebook Messenger, live chat, email and other communication channels to one platform that encourages unified messaging.

  • Conversation intelligence – allows users to automatically capture details from customer interactions that encourage better future interactions.

  • Conversation APIs – allows users to manage routing processes and enhance their customer interactions.

  • Integrations – allows integrations with more than 1160 custom applications from SurveyMonkey, JIRA to Facebook Messenger.

  • Help desk automation – allows users to spend less time on collecting data with a platform that centralize and prioritizes key issues.

  • Fully integrated CRM – allows users to understand contexts in which their businesses are thriving or failing as they can track customer details and interactions.

  • Knowledge base functionality – allows customers engage with a business better by understanding their needs and providing them with effective services to reduce time used. FAQs and videos explaining how to use the software come in handy to increase customer engagement.

  • Customer feedback and custom surveys – allows users to deploy CES, CSAT, NPS and custom surveys that are useful for gathering customer feedback and enhancing their experiences.
  • Customer portal – allows users to empower their customers by gaining ownership of their experiences with a business platform. It tracks customer issues ensuring they are resolved immediately.

  • Omnichannel messaging – allows superior customer experiences across all communication channels with users able to switch between different applications easily.

  • Slack integration – allows uses to receive live chat notifications from the platform

  • Playbooks – allows users to develop a library of guides and resources that support the customer service team’s approaches in customer engagement.


Zendesk is a live chat software that provides comprehensive customer services solutions that are easy to use and enable scaling of businesses.

The software provides comprehensive features for managing customer engagements with boosted agent efficiency supported by the collaboration tools and artificial intelligence software.

The software is lauded for its functionality in responding to real-time consumer needs. Notably, the powerful chatbot function is practical when away from the office.

Key Features for Zendesk.

  • Help center – allows the creation of an integrated help center and community forum that allows customers to resolve issues at their own behest, reducing resolution times for one’s agents.

  • Messaging – allows support anywhere, as users can reach their customers in whatever form they choose to communicate in (messaging, live chat, social, voice or email.

  • AI-powered bots – personalize experiences for customers as the user scales their operations. The feature enables more content for the business, negating the need for repeated customer information requests.

  • Live chat – allows users to connect with their customers and leads in real time, with access to different communication channels facilitated by the multichannel chat application.

  • Ticketing system – allows users to easily track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets.

  • Chat bots – allows users artificial intelligence tools that automate customer interactions and ensure the relevant conversations are engaged.

  • Reporting and analytics – allows users data summary, agent reports, customer reports and filters, among other tools to manage customer and business interactions.

  • Customer service software – allows users to develop customer relationships that lead to better sales and performance of the business.

  • Community forum software – allows users an online platform to develop a community between the brand and its customers ensuring it can enhance its popularity.

  • Security tools – allows users security features to protect business and customer information.


Live chat software has made business life easier.With the rise of advance technology, these platforms have evolved to perform AI generated chats.Some of the businesses that use live chat software include Amazon, Namecheap, Inmotion, Casetify among others.


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