Instagram private account viewer app.

The private Instagram viewer apps are basically tools that will allow you to see anyone’s Instagram profile even if you are blocked by them.You can also download videos from there accounts using specific apps.You don’t need an Instagram account to stalk them. You just need these tools to view any profile, even if it’s someone’s private account.

The tools are easy to use and free of charge. If you are using the sites, you just jump into the domain and you will see a text box. You can now enter the username of the username account that you want to stalk. You then click submit or go. Whatever term is written on the ok button. After a few clicks, you get to see the pictures that they have posted.

Here are a few private Instagram account viewer apps:


This is a private Instagram viewer app. that is considered the best and trusted. It allows you to view someone’s private profile. It primarily focuses on the extraction of information from the target account. It then provides you with information that includes the posts they share, their comments and whoever follows them.

The features in this site include the fact that it’s an independent website, it has a protection bypass, it has a perfect security setting and it’s an online-based tool. It can also provide information for a lost password.


This is viewed as the best tool for spying and hacking Instagram accounts. It has a simple user interface and it’s safe to use. It’s legal to use without fear of any malware or a virus. When you visit the instalooker, all you do is click on the link.

The first screen on the website will open and in the middle of the screen, you see the ‘spy now’ option. You then click on it and reach the next window. There you find a box and type the username of the private account that you want to spy on and hit the ‘start view’ option. You will get the results within seconds.


This is a great app in terms of hacking. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. All you need to do is install the MSpy app and it enables you to see anything that happens on someone’s account. You can monitor all their activities. The target can never know that someone is spying on them. You can see the target’s text messages, call logs, and other social media activities.


You can use this for viewing someone’s Instagram account without using your own IG account. This tool happens to be compatible with iOS, OSX, and android operating systems. It helps you identify people’s Instagram accounts that are completely anonymous.

5.Private Instagram viewer

This app has no survey. The site works on any platform and is compatible with many operating systems. You just visit the site then enter the username and click on the IG account of the person you wish to look at. You will get the option to unlock and view the photos on the next screen. This prompts your page to become unlocked and gives you access to view all the user’s profiles.

6.Spy Human

This app is capable of providing many tracking services. It is a private Instagram viewer app that can be used by anyone. It allows you to check the IG conversations, pictures, and videos that have been shared by the person you are stalking.

It can even provide you with the contact numbers that your target communicates with.

7.Insta Grammies

This is an easy instagram private account app that enables you to check someone’s IG profile without them knowing. The sure can be used on any browser and its efficiency is commendable. You just need to write the username in the textbook and all the pictures and posts appear on the screen. All the posts seem to be in hidden mode at the beginning so you just click the arrow displaying just next to the pictures to unlock them.

8.Insta Grab

This private Instagram viewer app has no survey. You can easily download anything you want. All you need to do is visit the Instagram tool and paste the link on your post. The stories of the person you wish to see will appear.

9.Like Creeper

This is one of the easiest instagram private account apps that can be used to view private Instagram accounts. You don’t need to install anything to use the Like Creeper. You are not requested to fill in any personal details. You just visit and use it. You only need to enter the username of the profile that you want to view and click on enter. The data will creep in almost immediately.


With this viewer, you can access the private accounts that you wish to view without logging into Instagram. You can also explore the data into a zip file and auto-check the updates. It is a bit lagging in the provision of its services but all you need to do is open Watch Insta, then type the username of the private account. You then tap ‘view profile’.


All the instagram private account viewer tools are efficient and easy to use. Checking on someone’s Instagram account is fun but addictive when you begin.


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